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NCAA sued over sanctions

January 3, 2013

STATE COLLEGE (AP) — In a bold challenge to the NCAA’s powers, Pennsylvania’s governor claimed in a lawsuit Wednesday that college sports’ governing body overstepped its authority and “piled on” whe......

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Jan-04-13 1:29 PM

I'm guessing everyone clicking disagree is an Ohio State fan ;)

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Jan-03-13 5:55 PM

The Govener isn't smart enough to stop tracking doo doo after he stepped in it. He needs to stay out of this mess and let it die down on its own accord. This will only make matters worse for him and Penn State.

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Jan-03-13 5:01 PM

He is either covering his own involvement or feels he has enough support to tell the truth. I am sure which ever it is, we will not be to shocked. The blind eye or the blind leading the blind is way to common now a days.

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Jan-03-13 2:46 PM

Your right BornHere, if Corbett would have taking care of this problem years ago, we would not be in this situation today.

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Jan-03-13 12:05 PM

I'm with rick on this one, there was 10 years worth of evidence against Sandusky, but he was never arrested.

And why did Corbett approve $3 million in a taxpayer-funded grant to the Second Mile knowing that Sandusky was under investigation for child rape?

The Attorney General's Office is to blame for letting this monster continue to hurt children, CORBETT is the one who should be being SUED!!

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Jan-03-13 11:27 AM

I would say the fact that the NCAA is a National Organization gives the federal government jurisdiction.

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Jan-03-13 10:26 AM

"I wanted to let you know about a new petition I created on We the People, a new feature on WhiteHouse . gov, and ask for your support. Will you add your name to mine?"


No I will not sign the petition since I don't see this falling into the constitutional responsibility of the Federal government.

This should be handled at a lower governmental and judicial level.

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Jan-03-13 10:15 AM

Like it or not Woolrich, the "league" exists within the United States of America, meaning they still have to adhere to the laws. Something they did not do when they took legal action against a football team and school for criminal charges against Jerry Sandusky. They had no business acting as the law. Which is the basis for the petition I posted below.

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Jan-03-13 9:32 AM

Like it or not, its the NCAA's league. In other words its their party and they can do what they want. If PSU doesn't like it, they can withdraw from the NCAA and still play their own ball. Others have done it. After all, PSU is about higher education and not football,....right?????

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Jan-03-13 7:43 AM

"Penn State accepted the sanctions so why is the governor doing this?"


When you are sitting there and someone is holding a gun to your head, you will agree to do just about anything!

Though all the reporting and published actions, there is still very little positive impact to the victims and their families. Instead of the NCAA lining their own pockets and an entire university being punished, the punishment should have been more focused at PSU. Conversely, the amount of funds going to the detection, prevention, prosecution of the crimes and restoration of the victims of child abuse in the state of PA should have been greater.

It saddened me to see various reports of teachers, businessmen, church leaders, and others arrested with child **** on their computers. We as a society need to show more personal restraint and consider more regulation of Internet activity to at least reduce this.

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Jan-03-13 7:16 AM

I am definitely with Governor Tom Corbett on this one. I've felt from the very beginning that the sanctions were far too harsh. I believe that Penn State accepted the sanctions because at the time, they were unsure about their 'public image', how fans would react, and whether, in disagreeance, the NCAA would make sanctions even worse. Penn State SHOULD have fought back. I believe Corbett waiting so long to research the legal side of things on this issue means he probably knows he is standing on very solid ground. Frankly, I expect the NCAA to LOSE this case. There may, at the very least, be a significant reduction in sanctions.

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Jan-03-13 6:43 AM

Penn State accepted the sanctions so why is the governor doing this? He should have done his job years ago and possibly avoided this whole thing.

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Jan-03-13 3:26 AM

Politics aside, I agree with the Governor on this one. Without due process, the NCAA made their decision and handed down their judgement before all of the facts were even in! The only people that were penalized by the sanctions were students that had absolutely NOTHING to do with the crimes that were committed!

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