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‘Absolutely not’

Many oppose power plant

January 4, 2013

Numerous people Thursday night expressed their opposition to Moxie Energy’s plans to build a power plant in Clinton Township....

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Jan-04-13 1:54 AM

Progress. It's acomin. With the gas boom our kids can find jobs close to home. Makes me happy.

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Jan-04-13 3:28 AM

I'm glad your kid will have a nice high risk mediocre paying job with the gas industry close to home. Mine certainly won't. Perhaps you never read the PA Marcellus Workforce Assessment done by Penn State and Penn College of Technoligy that says 98% of oil and gas energy jobs are in the pre-production phase. But hey, don't take my word for it. Google it.

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Jan-04-13 5:36 AM

sad thing is it being built as we speak and has been for the past year and a half, it all about the Money. People have no voice.

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Jan-04-13 8:19 AM

Anyone foolish enough to believe this power plant or the natural gas industry itself is good for this are should start buying bridges too. In fact, I have some land in Florida for sale as well. This is an obvious effort by the natural gas industry to create need for their filthy fuel. The amount of false statements made last night by the DEP and Moxie were ridiculous. But hey, if we are willing to sacrifice our state and our local area to energize the rest of the world, so be it. This area is a sacrifice zone and we have no say in the matter.

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Jan-04-13 8:23 AM

With all this over drilled natural gas that seems to be sent out of PA and the USA, one would think that anyone in PA would have it available for their personal home use.

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Jan-04-13 8:32 AM

Everyone wants electricity, but noboby wants it generated near them. It's just not about the gas fired plant, remeber the windmills? Remember the "we need renewable energy, just not in my back yard" mentality? whinny crybabies

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Jan-04-13 8:33 AM

I can remember back in the 70s Miller brewery wanted too go over there and they got ran out, good union jobs for ever and they went up in New York State and everyone prosper.

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Jan-04-13 8:34 AM

Agree with Zipppie. It's about time these companies lay pipeline to my house so that I can burn with impunity. I currently keep my house at 60 degrees, but I would prefer to up it to 65. Don't worry residents, the company will compensate your township. just think, those wind turbines provide $36,000 a year to McIntyre Twp. Clinton township residents should be due for what?? $43,000 a year? According to the chamber of commerce, you should be thankful that the gas companies want to destroy your property value.

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Jan-04-13 9:04 AM

Maybe they can run a natural gas line over to my house on the way to the plant so I can stop burning wood and heating oil!

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Jan-04-13 9:11 AM

richardson, jobs are not everything...if they have bad health and die, what good is a job. DEP is a joke, we just spoke with a gas industry land man the other night and he was telling us that the gas industry has DEP right where they want them...they rarely get turned down for anything they ask for, so get ready Clinton Township, here comes the energy plant that you do not want. It is funny to me how the only people for the plant are the ones that don't live around it or care about the beauty of this area or the environment, and I say to you, SHAME ON YOU!

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Jan-04-13 9:14 AM

Arbogast, bet it is not going in your backyard or anywhere close to you!

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Jan-04-13 9:49 AM

pinecr, thanks for yet another insightful comment. Unfortunately, it appears we are outnumbered in this sacrificial zone that we used called home.

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Jan-04-13 10:14 AM

These jobs that everyone thinks that they can build a future on are only temporary.

Once the construction of this power plant is complete there will be 30 permanent technical jobs and that's it.

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Jan-04-13 10:44 AM

It seemed to me that most of the negative comments came from the Philly area. This Robinson guy said he grew up here in the same small development I live in and have lived in since 1972 and I have no clue who he is. If industry has hurt this area then why are home prices still up and why are those complaining not moving?

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Jan-04-13 10:49 AM

If you're going to build a power plant, I would rather see one that runs on natural gas not some coalfired plant. People in Clinton Twp. have had a gold nugget drop out their butts with already 5-6 companies moving in which come with jobs! I believe the so called impact will be a big plus for the area including a large "cleanburning" power plant. The people conplaining about air quality should take a ride by the landfill on a humid day,and get a nosefull of that "potpourri"! I'm getting to believe we're becoming a population of "Safety Nazis"! We here in Clinton Twp. have no land leases or royalities, I don't believe, but other Twps. have which might be a problem to some people, but the word JOBS, which is a rarity in a lot of communities is the plus side to all this chatter!

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Jan-04-13 10:50 AM

Pine Cr: I have a house along the Kettle. After the gas boom of the 50's and 60's compressor stations were built, pipelines constructed while the area more or less returned to its isolated state. Many locals can still call the Kettle home because they have jobs. As for the power plant: Combined cycles leave the smallest footprint while burning the cleanest fuel. DO you desire light and cheap clean power or would you rather live in the dark and return to Nature with your outhouses and smoky woodfires? I request that when you respond you leave your personal attacks in your outhouse. BTW: I spent 9 years of my life as a test engineer in the start up of various types of power plants, including combined cycle.

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Jan-04-13 10:52 AM

wortho13, you obviously do not look out your window and see a drill rig in your neighbors yard or have to live with the fumes from the flaring of a well. Many of us have children that we are raising and do not have the luxury of quiting our jobs and moving. Then there are those of us who refuse to sit back idly and watch this beautiful land get raped. And if you think home prices have held,go take a look at the houses for sale on Rt. 87....follow the pipelines.

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Jan-04-13 10:59 AM

mismac I bet you would be singing a different song if that well was on your property. That seems to be some of the biggest causes of complaints.

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Jan-04-13 11:06 AM

wortho13 it would never happen because I value the beauty of this land and potable water over money. I am not a whore.

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Jan-04-13 11:08 AM

MisMac, I own one of those houses for sale on 87 and no one will buy it because of the gas industry in that area.

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Jan-04-13 11:18 AM

This article reminds me of the following a couple of years ago:

"More than 500,000 acres in the Mojave Desert would be off-limits to wind or solar energy production under legislation California Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D) intends to introduce. California's Mojave Desert may seem ideally suited for solar energy production, but concern over what several proposed projects might do to the aesthetics of the region and its tortoise population is setting up a potential clash between conservationists and companies seeking to develop renewable energy."

"In a speech last year, Republican Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger complained about environmental concerns slowing down the approval of solar plants in California. "If we cannot put solar power plants in the Mojave Desert, I don't know where the*****we can put it," Schwarzenegger said at Yale University."

Da mned if you do and da mned if you don't!

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Jan-04-13 11:22 AM

One of the biggest thing that can be done to reduce pollution and encroachment on to people's property is to dig up all the paved roads and return them to fields and forest.

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Jan-04-13 11:56 AM

Hey Bobbie, my home is not in the flood zone and your comment about living in a teepee is rude being that I am a Native American.

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Jan-04-13 12:45 PM

I was at the hearing. Mnay of you posting here were obviously not. The Robinson kid could not be indetified by anyone in the room as being from Montgomery by several generations of MHS Alumni present. The article doesn't mention that one of the people against the plant, who doesn't live in the area, also alluded to pollution from gas power plants being the reason behind the mental illness of the shooter in Newtown CT! Why were there so many people at a hearing that were bussed in from Philly and Pittsburg?

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Jan-04-13 12:47 PM

I am a consultant for natural gas companies in the greater williamsport area as well as a lifelong resident. After reading this and many other posts on the subject there seems to be a lot of finger pointing at the state and the gas companies. People talk about "the awful well on their neighbors property", or "the loud compressor station over the hill". What people seem to be leaving out of the discussion is the fact it is on their NEIGHBORS' property, meaning PRIVATE LAND. The overwhelming MAJORITY of pipeline, wellpads, compressor stations, and generation facilities are built on PRIVATE LAND. The last time I checked, the state of PA is not claiming eminent domain and FORCING people to have these facilities on their properties, nor are the gas companies. The decision to have these facilites built are that of the LANDOWNERS on their own FREE WILL. If you want to blame someone, blame yourselves and your greed. If noone ALLOWED them to build on their land, there would

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