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Operating loss?

January 9, 2013

In your article you state that the Jersey Shore Hospital had an operating loss of $770,000 this year. Mr....

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Jan-09-13 6:08 AM

Well James...that's how it heavy economics. I would love to see the real books of Susquehanna Health....another top heavy monster!

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Jan-09-13 6:36 AM

Maybe they need a union.

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Jan-09-13 6:56 AM

You'll never get any of these hospitals to open their books without a court order. Then I'm sure they will hide the many shakey deals going on in the Cayman Islands that they have.

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Jan-09-13 7:02 AM

It's the basis of society. Keep the rich rich and the poor poor.

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Jan-09-13 7:19 AM

Slick....hey...long time. You are so correct. SH is so corrupt..unfortunately it's the largest employer in this sorry county!

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Jan-09-13 8:23 AM

WW, you're slipping off the rails. This might be a bad symptom of business, but 'society'? Hmmmmmm......

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Jan-09-13 8:37 AM

You might be right but honestly...I unfortunately have not been acquainted with many rich people who aren't complete snobs that want to make sure you know that they're better than you. It almost seems Government and big business work in the very same way. Keep the 'little man down'.

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Jan-09-13 8:41 AM

Federal Government definitely wants to keep the little man down and keep em voting Democrat.

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Jan-09-13 9:31 AM

I'm not convinced voting Republican would have helped our situation right now. I see a lot of people attacking each other, using derogatory statements toward the other side, going back and forth but accomplishing nothing. Everyone thinks they're right, no one ever thinks their wrong. Is Obama the right answer? Not in my opinion, but was Romney? Not in my opinion.

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Jan-09-13 9:57 AM

The wealthy people I know just want to keep the money they have, and yes, make more. What's wrong with that? If they worked hard to get it, (sorry Kennedy's and Bush's,) why would they want to give it to the government to waste? The Bible says "you will always have the poor...." Living on government handouts guarantees that statement- spending the country into oblivion guarantees we'll all be there someday.

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Jan-09-13 10:23 AM

I actually agree with you JohnZook, but honestly I don't know many rich people outside of business owners or politicians, such as Jonathan Miller of Shopvac, who couldn't care less about the people who work for him. As for the higher taxes, etc, I agree we all want to keep our money, there was recently an article that said people who make over 30k will bring home $50 less a month and people over a certain amount will bring home something like $125 or something... Well that's unfortunate.. I guess I should be happy that I barely make half of the first margin so I won't lose any extra money on a monthly basis. Finding a job that pays worth while in this town have a better shot at winning the lottery. Good luck raising a family in Lycoming County on 75% of the jobs available for employment.

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Jan-09-13 12:45 PM

why not? AIG, "Gov motors" gave execs bonuses. And Gietner failed to pay his own taxes and was awarded a top cabinet position.

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Jan-09-13 1:09 PM

Business leaders will always maintain that employees are what makes a business; to state they don’t care about employees is little more than class warfare bs.

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Jan-09-13 8:52 PM

Nice of the S/G to take two weeks to post my LTE via the internet, not to mention edited to about half of my comments. Nothing derogatory, just the amount of the bonuses(100) and the supposition that the big wigs probably got a lot more!

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Jan-10-13 12:47 AM

This is what I don't understand about hospitals... I recently had emergency surgery and didn't have my insurance card on me when I was rushed to the ER. They billed me as self pay then I had to resubmit the bill to insurance company. When I got my bill back from the insurance company for my copay, I saw that the hospital billed my insurance company HUNDREDS of $$'s more than my self pay bill. When I called Susquehanna health about why, they came right out and said they charge less to patients who are self pay!!! No wonder insurance premiums are so darn high. This completely doesn't make sense to me how the same procedure will cost my insurance company hundreds of dollars more than if I were to just pay it out of pocket. When I asked the lady at SH why, she said that's just how they do it. Unbelievable!

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Jan-10-13 5:57 AM

Lady....I don't think the insurance companies pay the amount as billed. They pay are the one cheated if you pay as billed.

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Jan-10-13 7:09 AM

Andy, I saw the two different bills. The one for self pay was hundreds of dollars less than what they submitted to my insurance company for the same procedures. In the end I get screwed either way because my copay may only be $150 but my premiums are through the roof. I even took the bills into Divine hospital where the billing department is to get an explanation of why my insurance was billed so much more than if I were to pay out of pocket. They couldn't give me a good answer. It's just a shame because maybe if they charged the insurance companies what they would charge an uninsuranced person, maybe health insurance premiums in this country wouldn't be so incredibly high.

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Jan-14-13 4:02 PM

This is in response to the recent “letter to the editor” concerning Jersey Shore Hospital. Jersey Shore Hospital did not provide holiday bonuses to any of their staff (including managers) this year. In previous years, all full and part-time staff did receive a small, monetary gift during the holiday season. However, due to our recent operating loss, the decision was made to not offer a holiday bonus this year. While the decision was a difficult one, Jersey Shore Hospital must be economical and prudent in the use of our financials in order to continue to provide high quality care to our community.

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