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Ice while it lasted: Outlaws fold their hockey team

January 21, 2013

The final message came when Trevor Karasiewicz, poked his head into the locker room and told the remaining players and staff to pack it up....

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Jan-21-13 2:22 PM

What a bummer. Is there a contract? If not, why not? One might jump to a conclusion that many outlaws were "scabs" waiting for the NHL to get its house in order.

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Jan-21-13 2:50 PM

The whole league is going under....I think your right Richardson

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Jan-21-13 3:06 PM

You will be missed. There is not a lot to do here is Williamsport. Then when we do, people tear it down. Dont be a hater. If you supported the city instead of ***** about it, things would be better.

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Jan-21-13 3:48 PM

Well, this sounds like some people didn't dot their i's and cross their t's. Are these bills going to get paid by the taxpayers? Don't be a hater, what kind of statement is that? Who is responsible for this mess is more the question.

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Jan-21-13 3:55 PM

I do not fault the city for the collapse of the team. What does concern me is that I thought the $20,000 was supposed to be paid up front. And I never knew, I don't think it was ever in the paper, that the city would be liable for utility costs incurred by the team. I would like to know more about the original agreement.

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Jan-21-13 3:57 PM

No one should be surprised. In three years several of the teams went bankrupt. We are in a position where we are considering cutting the police force and roll the dice that Williamsport can support a team in a failing league playing outdoors. Unless the city's intent was to be suure Pickeler went forward, this was a very foolish decision from day 1.

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Jan-21-13 4:00 PM

Didn't Campana say "a hockey team is not my priority"? or something like that? i hope he sticks by that rather than sticking the taxpayers with the unpaid bill.

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Jan-21-13 4:03 PM

Magic: The whole league is going under Richardson's right what? Arm? Leg?

I am a big NHL fan. I've ben involved in the hockey program at the YMCA for 11 years. I can tell you many of us at the YMCA who have been playing, coaching, refereeing and organizing hockey events over the last decade, had no input or consultation with "professional" hockey here in town. The outdoor venue was a great novelty for a few games and the all-star game, but after that it should have just been open a few hours in daylight for skating and other rental opportunities. Ticket prices started out too high. NHL in lockout left only die hards wanting to see hockey locally. You can see roughly the same caliber hockey at any college level hockey at the Williamsport YMCA for free. I'm quite certain the Outlaws owners just couldn't afford to put the team on the road the rest of the season with such a poor paid attendance for home games.

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Jan-21-13 5:34 PM

Some might think im "hating" which i am not.... but Williamsport isn't a hockey town... Not enough hockey fans to support a team. I thought and said it was a bad idea from the time it was announced.... Hope tax payers are free from this debt.

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Jan-21-13 6:06 PM

Alot of people knew from the get go this was going to fail! Gabe would not stop crying unless we got this hockey team it won't cost the taxpayers nothing sure!

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Jan-21-13 7:01 PM

Hey magic you've been to all the meetings right and you know outlaws hockey in and out. So who is getting stuck with the utility bills. It better not be the city taxpayers. You said so in several other posts.

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Jan-21-13 8:04 PM

Who would have thought it? This whole hockey league was a joke from the beginning. It make me laugh. Just another great failure by Baby Gabe.

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Jan-21-13 10:14 PM

So the outlaws came to town and ripped of its customers, interesting. I thought this was going to generate revenue, not tax the cities purse? Someone didn't do their research it would seem.

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Jan-21-13 10:57 PM

It's outrageous that people are jumping on the Mayor over this. He is the only elected official in this area with the guts to stand up and fight to make this region a better place.

The Crosscutters did everything in their power to undermine this team because they were afraid of the sponsorship competition. They have a terrible product and can't win games so they jumped on the Outlaws. This is a real shame for our community.

Hopefully the Mayor will keep fighting for hockey and will find a new team. While he is at it, maybe he can find a baseball team that can actually produce a winning season as well!

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Jan-21-13 11:08 PM

Good lord... Find a new team = failure I promise ya now.... It won't work in Williamsport But TRY AGAIN!!!!

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Jan-21-13 11:12 PM

Btw... I am a fan of NHL ... But there isn't gonna be enough of us to support a team ..... Sad truth, indoors or not ...200 fans outdoors equals 300 indoors.... Not gonna fly

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