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Legislator slams lottery privatization bid

January 31, 2013

Gov. Tom Corbett’s attempt to privatize the state’s lottery has been a shady undertaking that will most likely end up in the courts, state Rep....

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Jan-31-13 6:56 PM

Why is the State in the lottery business anyway? If they State shouldn't be in the business of selling liquor then what makes gambling any differt?

I propose the State auction gambling licenses just like our Governor wants to do with alcohol.

Lastly, I don't believe for a second that Tom Corbett gives two hoots about education.

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Jan-31-13 1:28 PM

Hmmm sounds like some backroom kickbacks going on here. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that. I think any gov't SERVANT, not official as they call themselves, that gets caught "backrooming it" should do Twice the maximum jail time for the crime. After all they are entrusted with OUR money and law making powers.So the more victims the more counts.Boy almost 13 million counts of fraud would put you away for a couple of lifetimes. Bet the corruption would end abruptly!

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Jan-31-13 1:03 PM

Rexjag, it is not a liberals responsibility to read and understand the constitution and engage in intelligent debate.

Their purpose here is to repeat the same misinterpreted talking points their heroes on low rated cable outlets spoon feed to their dolt audiences.

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Jan-31-13 10:33 AM

How can corbett award a 20 year contract to a foreign corporation? I don't care what party he belongs to. This is just wrong. Twenty years is a long time.

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Jan-31-13 9:43 AM

MimiLogue, the 2nd Amendment has nothing to do with hunting. The sooner you understand that, the better off you'll be.

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Jan-31-13 8:52 AM

Congress has a 9% favorable rating. Looks like this pol has even less. Maybe if these turds stopped talking all the time and actually did some work and did it in a manner so that it could be read and understood by the average high school graduate they would be better received. Since they write laws that are so big and convoluted that even they don't read them or understand them they have lost all credibility with the electorate. The biggest reason they do things as they do is so they can bury pet spending projects and freebies to friends in the bills. They all need to go, every single one of them. But, until folks stop thinking "their guy" is ok because he brings funding for something, we will have this nonsense continue.

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Jan-31-13 8:25 AM

the newspaper should have advertised the meeting it was on the radio, Mirobito is doing a good job here, The lottery deal is a one time cash infusion, lose lose for the seniors. And most hunters agree gthey dont need 13 bullets for that one shot

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Jan-31-13 8:13 AM

"Love the photo. looks like the packed house crowd is absolutely riveted by the discussion!" - eric88


'Tis true!

Mirabito should have advertised there'd also be a discussion o' the up-coming Zombie Apocalypse...and, the place would have been PACKED with (local) Tea Partiers!! (You'd have expected them, anyhow, if they'd heard The Redcoats were taking-over our Lottery.)

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Jan-31-13 8:10 AM

Should have known a Democrat would not be on board with Metcalfe's plan! Still have to read it??? It is one page long!!!

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Jan-31-13 6:27 AM

Love the photo. looks like the packed house crowd is absolutely riveted by the discussion!

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Jan-31-13 6:23 AM

A multitude of complaints about others policies from this legislator over the years is the norm. If he actually came up with and enacted a viable solution for the states problems on his own that would be a pleasant surprise.

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Jan-31-13 5:54 AM

Shady..politicians..hmm..sounds about right.

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Jan-31-13 1:54 AM

Getting Mirabito to commit on his stance on gun control is about like nailing jello to the wall, ain't it!

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