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Woman wants to see indoor arena and more winter activities

February 4, 2013

Jeana A. Longo sees the value of an indoor civic arena — the one that Mayor Gabriel J....

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Feb-04-13 1:53 AM

THAT IS GREAT NEWS that she is willing to front the money for a new hockey team to play "indoors" in Williamsport and pay for the outlaws debt for their failure in Williamsport

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Feb-04-13 2:17 AM

..... I mean, hear an attorney and the mayor are willing to front the money for an indoor hockey team in Williamsport because THAT will work, THAT is what is needed and THAT will bridge the gap between concerts and the river walk is very gracious.... I personally thank you !!!!!!

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Feb-04-13 7:28 AM

I think her point was an indoor rink might have worked and there are fewer winter activity options. Remember these "street" interviews also do not contain the full comment and nothing is in quotes.

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Feb-04-13 7:29 AM

(except for a very small partial comment)

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Feb-04-13 8:21 AM

get baseball back in billtown.

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Feb-04-13 9:49 AM

Where is the money going to come from? My guess, yep, we the taxpayers once again footing the bill for someone with money saying she needs more to do in the about staying home and spending time with your children - hey now thats a concept not too many people these days do!

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Feb-04-13 9:52 AM

mayor, this lady, and the Y should be fronting the bill for this then. there should be no putting it on the taxpayers, unless the taxpayers have a say, and a donation.. and for the baseball??? get real, no one hardly ever went to those games at bowman field anymore, or so another commentor has said..

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Feb-04-13 9:53 AM

I also see the value in an indoor arena. Not that this woman stated that it would be for a hockey team, we all know how that turned out, but it would be for the community to use. There is a huge whole in our sports community now that the Dome is no longer here for activities. Baseball, basketball, soccer, field hockey and lots of other outdoor activities need a place in the Williamsport area to use in the winter months. My family plays soccer all year round and the winter doesn't stop us. We travel all the way to Northumberland just to play a 40 minute game once a week. I hope this thought of an arena becomes reality!

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Feb-04-13 10:26 AM

Pinecr - Seriously. There are people and families who do choose to do more than stay home. Second, you seem to assume she has children with no mention of the same. Third, be honest, we do have many, many more activities available from May through October. If people who post do not use the CAC, that's fine, but most shows are sold out. I almost find it laughable that no one wants any actual "activities" but everyone seems to jam the chain restaurants to capacity on Friday and Saturday evening. No one is happy about the "outlaw" situation. Clearly better planning was and is needed. I don't think we should now reject every idea and all do not need to be a heavy burden on taxpayers. I imagine many of those complaining also favored not fixing the city pools or providing a bag lunch to kids in the summer. Economic feasibility is one thing, complete rejection of an idea that is not something you might like to do, is another.

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Feb-04-13 11:23 AM

Well said spike2, I agree with you completely. As much as I would love to see another hockey team in Williamsport I think the first step would be to get a stable indoor arena that we can do other events within. If done right we could have bigger concerts, conventions, maybe state high school basketball championships. There is a lot that can be done with an arena. Again in the future maybe hockey but everything else needs to be in place first. Every year our public pools cost taxpayers money to keep them open. It would be nice to have something else in the city that could produce tax revenue. An arena with events will bring people from outside the city just like the CAC does. The CAC concerts/events benefit local businesses so why couldn’t the local businesses benefit from an arena?

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Feb-04-13 1:46 PM

I agree if your not a drunk what else can a person do in Williamsport? Oh yea I almost forgot hang out and do drugs great choices please build something in this city besides a bar that I have to drive my car to drink alcohol then get behind the wheel zig zag back home maybe hitting a pedestrian or two.

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Feb-04-13 4:13 PM

Why did Irish need to ponder this issue from 1:53 AM, first post, until 2:17 AM. (second post)? Were you imbibing at a Super Bowl party or just bored in the middle of the night? I agree with SMID and Ray. We should not preclude everything because we as taxpayers will loose about $1.00 each of our taxes to cover the "Outlaws" bills. Am I happy, no. It is a lesson learned. Anyone else think a multi-purpose arena would add to our area?

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Feb-04-13 5:47 PM

Recently returning to Williamsport, the area would benefit by offering more activities. Staying indoors with your kids is great for family time, however, we also need to get out, socialize, and grow as a community. It’s healthy.

The city we moved from was voted as top ten in the U.S. in terms of growth. Reasons cited: Community based programs, live music, education, culture, and jobs. Williamsport is on the upswing and tracking along the same path. We can be a model for success. If we become complacent, we’ll only slip backwards.

Build an indoor arena and parents will volunteer to coach, children will make friends and grow socially. Indeed, we have awesome organizations such as the CAC. Let’s build on their success. Certainly an indoor arena will not fix all our issues but it will provide more opportunities for our youth, and community in general. We have a unique culture, live music, art, etc. Let’s now invest in our youth, give them opportunities and education.

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Feb-04-13 7:38 PM

I would like to thank everyone who thinks an arena would be a great idea.My first question to the negative people is did you ever stop by a public skate at the pond?All you needed to do was stop once on a weekend,and watch the kids and families enjoying themselves.Then there were the classes from mites hockey to special needs kids.If you have a heart at all it would have been warmed as you watched this happen here in our town. Our area needs this for our youth and i for one will do all i can to make it happen as others will do too.

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Feb-04-13 9:38 PM

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Feb-04-13 9:38 PM

Williamsport doesn't have a problem attracting people to this area. Literally hundreds of talented, intelligent, hard-working people, with potential to change the area for the better, come to this town every year to attend college. There's no problem getting them here. The problem is keeping them after they graduate.

Nearly everyone I went to school with at Lycoming has left the area, if not immediately on graduation, then within a year or two. Why? Because Victorian architecture, Little League baseball and the great outdoors aren't that appealing to 20-somethings. Most don't even experience those things anyway because students are here mostly in the cold months during which there is very little to do besides going from drink special to drink special.

This area seems like a pretty good place to raise a family. The problem is keeping young people interested in staying here until they're ready to start a family. If Williamsport could hold onto recent grads for even 3 or 4 years t

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Feb-04-13 9:39 PM

[t]hose grads may just put down roots, start families and bring real growth to the region. While an indoor arena isn't going to be THE solution, it is at least a step in the right direction for Williamsport.

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Feb-09-13 7:30 AM

why not put it in the new convention center ?

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Feb-18-13 9:07 AM

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Feb-18-13 9:11 AM

don"t we thave a track and large building the Bethune Douglas center which when willed to the community was suppossed to remain for the commuity and youth. The dollars would go farther remodeling this building and making it more user friendly to all youth. Like moving the money gate from Hepburn plaza did

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