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Not pretty

February 19, 2013

The economic report for the city of Williamsport is in and it’s not pretty. Over the last year our unemployment rate rose from 7.4 percent to 8.2 percen....

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Feb-20-13 3:08 AM

Enigma, there are a lot of states that have a sliding scale, I just went with the highest percentage for every state. PA has a set rate of 9.99%, which is the highest percentage of any state, except, of course, Iowa's highest rate of 12%.

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Feb-19-13 8:26 PM

Mr. Weiss:

First off, let me say from the start, that I am appalled that you would actually have the nerve to write a "LETTER TO THE EDITOR" regarding this region's unemployment rate increase. This is brought on by the simple fact that you were a contributor to this statistic.



Mr. Weiss, you are a poor business man and you really should reconsider uttering anything in a public forum without first thinking of the consequences.

PS...I hope the Department of Labor has fun....

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Feb-19-13 5:53 PM

Where is expansion taking place?

Not too many places.

That is why Q4 GDP was -0.1% and Walmart is reporting February sales as "a disaster".

The nation's economy is bouncing along at near-recession levels.

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Feb-19-13 4:56 PM

OK Mike, Iowa does have a higher rate. The data I was looking at had their lowest rate listed which is 6%, but very few would pay that. any business worth attracting would pay the 12%, which would mean they're not getting any new business there. PA's rate is 9.99 for all business, which is outragous and we will never attract new business with that. Chuck can't seem to understand the differnce between corporate income tax and individual income tax. Probably because he believes that corporations are people.

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Feb-19-13 3:29 PM

Iowa is the only one higher.

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Feb-19-13 3:29 PM

Ala. 6.5% Alaska 9.4% Ariz. 6.968% Ark. 6.5% Calif. 8.84% Colo. 4.63% Conn. 9% Del. 8.7% Fla. 5.5% Ga. 6% Hawaii 6.4% Idaho 7.6% Ill. 9.5% Ind. 8.5% Iowa 12% Kans. 7% Ky. 7% La. 8% Maine 8.93% Md. 8.25% Mass. 8.00% Mich. 6.00% Minn. 9.8% Miss. 5% Mo. 6.25% Mont. 6.75% Nebr. 7.81% Nev. 0 N.H. 8.5% N.J. 9% N.M. 7.6% N.Y. 7.1% N.C. 6.9% N.D. 5.2% Ohio 0.00% Okla. 6% Ore. 7.6% Pa. 9.99% R.I. 9% S.C. 5% S.D. 0 Tenn. 6.5% Tex. 0 Utah 5% Vt. 8.5% Va. 6% Wash. 0 W.Va. 7.75% Wis. 7.9% Wyo. 0 D.C. 9.975%

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Feb-19-13 1:12 PM

PA does not have the highest corporate tax rate, as a matter of fact PA doesn't even have the highest overall state tax rate.

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Feb-19-13 1:05 PM

That would depend on which rate you are using there enigma, statutory or effective?

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Feb-19-13 11:06 AM

I frequently go the 'contact the mayor' page, not hard to find, and email Gabriel Campana.. he actually responded last time..simply saying "the roads that have been in terrible condition for 20 years is part of my plan to turn the city around."

But that's the problem isn't it? It's always "the plan" but in order for them to 'carry out' their plan, we've gotta reelect them 10,000 times..meanwhile they continue to raise our taxes and say "changes are coming".

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Feb-19-13 9:13 AM

The answer is simple. Taxes. PA has the highest corporate taxes in the country and the US has the highest corporate taxes in the world. That means that PA has the highest corporate taxes in the world. That trumps nearly any advantage that locating here might have. Until we fix that, the economy here will be slow, even with gas drilling.

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Feb-19-13 8:58 AM

People are too afraid to start anything new or to expand.

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Feb-19-13 8:56 AM

Couple of guys from work quit to go work for the gas company. They are not working locally. They are not even working in the state. They are working in West Virginia.

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Feb-19-13 8:40 AM

The only reason an attorney would pen a letter that includes economic development....would be ...maybe he is lacking potential clients due to low wages and a poor economic prognosis. Geez....I thought doctors and lawyers made out well no matter what the income know how they all live paycheck > paycheck...

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Feb-19-13 7:23 AM

Mr Weiss,

Is it, could it be the paradigm of some of the people?

Admittedly, I moved from the area 30 yrs ago so I probably don't have a clear picture so please indulge me.

When the gas companies were trying to grow and find workers several years ago, the things I heard (both from gas companies and a few local Lyco people who were raise on a farm) was that they could not find people to meet the demands of the job. Drilling activities and all the supporting services take place 24/7/365. Many people only wanted to work 8 hr days, 5 days a week. They were not willing to work nights or weekends. They were only willing to work on their terms.

Your thoughts.

Of course so many manufacturing jobs have gone overseas, where people are willing to get paid a pittance and work long hours in undesirable conditions. How does Williamsport area compete with that?

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Feb-19-13 5:57 AM

More government spending Francine. Lawyers are the one class that greatly benefits from government spending.

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Feb-19-13 4:18 AM


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