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Lycoming County commissioners say re-evaluation is long overdue

February 22, 2013

It’s been nine years since a property reassessment was completed in Lycoming County. According to commissioners, it’s time to do it again....

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Feb-22-13 2:56 AM

So, you didn't leave your job to join the gas industry? That's great! Loyalty is valued. I bet your wages haven't gone up much since then. Possibly not at all. Don't worry though, you don't have to work in the industry, it's going to benefit all of us working shmoes. Just because your pay stayed the same while your property taxes sky rocketed doesn't mean you're doomed. It just means you're living in boomtown 2.0. Congratulations! You win!

Now, in all seriousness, I think we should just start screaming about our points of view on abortion so we can solve this fiscal mess.

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Feb-22-13 4:26 AM

people we need to wake up take the old out and put new in

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Feb-22-13 5:46 AM

There is no need to do property reassessments, this is simply a way to increase taxes without raising the actual tax rates. Simply put it is a tax increase that doesn't have to be called a tax increase. Get a copy of the county's or any of the municipalities CAFR and get the real picture of how wealthy government actually is. If the county needs more funds, which they do not, then raise the monies from the non-profits in the area that seem to have more than enough to buy out taxable properties.

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Feb-22-13 6:03 AM

if any less than 2/3 raise in value after these assessments I'll be stunned.

I highly suggest, to those who can afford to do so, you get your home privately apraised as well.

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Feb-22-13 7:15 AM

You tell me how it is fair that someone who owns 30 acres and a nice home on it (and they do not farm), pays a lot less tax than someone on 1 acre and the same type home. This is a result of the last fair reassessment. I think we need another hockey team, or another prison, walking path, gym remodeling, raises for the county commissioners, raises for the judges, or a grant to study them. One can live outdoors if forced to do so!

This reassessment is not about being fair, just as the last one was not. It is about more money in the end and they know it. And the county commissioners are so friendly about it. I really like it when they say, "This reassessment is NOT based upon you're ability to pay it is based upon what the taxable value of your property is." In other words, if we raise it too high for you, get the h... out, we do not care, we want the money.

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Feb-22-13 7:17 AM

This clan of county commissioners is defiantly laughable! So many spending and pet projects that need funding right now!!

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Feb-22-13 7:44 AM

I can see the RE appraisers are going to be really busy.....

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Feb-22-13 7:52 AM

tax system is archaic and unfair,Everett and Mirobito need to fight for flat tax,totally Disagree with a reassesment go by past sales You couldn't give your house away in some of williamsport now There are junkie properties being offered for sale for $300,000,what are they paying in taxes? u can only apply for an appeal in July?Do it anytime, You are punished with higher taxes if u improve your home and slums are rewarded with a cheap ride.

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Feb-22-13 7:55 AM

last time I checked Penn Tech was assessed at 500 million should be paying 4 million in taxes but are donating $100,000 to our city, that"s fair, At least they stopped regifting the donated cop car they got for free from Ford and patting themselves on the back every year,

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Feb-22-13 9:09 AM

Since the real estate market has fallen, EVERY property had better be assest DOWN.

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Feb-22-13 9:46 AM

In theory it should Zippie, but it won't. You know*****well it won't. They had this planned from the get go. They raised property taxes and then, conveniently ordered a reassessment to expand who is paying those higher taxes.

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Feb-22-13 10:03 AM

They pretty much already said there will be a 5% increase so they they can pay about a million for the reassessments. All we can do is argue, complain and post comments on here but in the end we will pay. One other note. Why do they have their meetings at 10 am when most of the taxpayers are working. They should be changed to an evening so more could attend and voice their opinions. Should we start a petition?

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Feb-22-13 11:14 AM

THERICK - While a petition is a good start to change this it is only a start, How about a march and peaceful demonstration on the Commissioners office by homeowners in the area?

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Feb-22-13 11:34 AM

Hey this BOOM TOWN thanks to the GAS INDUSTRY! They got to built that new prison out on the farm and hire more Deputies to transport them back and forth wait and see!

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Feb-22-13 12:11 PM

A petition and a demonstration are in order...who will step up as the organizer. With a strong leader...I'm in!

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Feb-22-13 1:46 PM

TheRick, Carl, Francine, Andy, I'm with you 100% All the meetings should be held no earlier than 6:00pm in the evening, that gives even the 5:00 workers enough time go prepare for attendence. But they don't have the meetings at those times because they do not truly want us to attend. A demonstration, as andy suggested, would need a strong leader, I'm in when you get a volunteer of the right nature!

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Feb-22-13 2:09 PM

Keep this story alive and keep checking and posting. Start rounding up friends and family. If each can get to 10 and have those 10 get 10 more involved, before you know it downtown will be flooded with taxpayers who will stand for no more taxes, whether by reassessment or rate increase.

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Feb-22-13 2:48 PM

Hey guys, reassessment is primarily about improving fairness, so that if my property value is twice as another owner's property value, then I should pay 2x as much in property tax as he is paying. Over time, if we never reassess, then my property might become more desirable and be worth 3x as much as his, but I still am getting by paying 2x as much. Not reassessing would sort of be like computing your income taxes this year and then paying the same taxes forever even as your income rises and falls. That would not be fair to those whose incomes fell and not reassessing property is unfair to those whose properties don't rise in value as fast as others have.

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Feb-22-13 3:13 PM

It is time for clean and green to be gone for those large landowners who do not farm. It is not a fair system when a lot owner with a home pays more in total real estate taxes than someone who owns 120 acres and a home and does not farm. There are more small land owners than large ones in the county and it is time they change that system in this state. It is ridiculous.

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Feb-22-13 3:18 PM

To oldbilltown, you know darn well that few properties are going to go down in value. The premise for the assessment is the Muncy School District attempting to raise assessments on owners for the purpose of getting more tax money and the county does not want to be left out. That is the true motive and you must know that. It is NOT about being fair, just as the last assessment was not.

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Feb-22-13 3:23 PM

Of course few will go down in value, because property values have risen in the county since 2006. But they haven't all risen at the same rate, which is why reassessment is probably a good idea. The county hasn't increased taxes much, so if they really need the revenue, they could just increase the millages without reassessment.

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Feb-22-13 3:47 PM

Property value has not risen since 2006. That is a false blanket statement. You are unlikely to get the amount you paid if you purchased your home in the ten years prior to 2008. This may be true only if you live in certain select areas of the county. Try to get more than you paid in Williamsport. We are already paying massive City and School taxes in an unpreferred area. No one wants to live in most areas of the city. Why buy here when home prices are comparable in other areas of the county? I will bet you the $4300.00 we already pay, in an area far more marginal than 7 years ago, will get an increase!

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Feb-22-13 5:28 PM

The shale industry has caused rents to rise rapidly. Some houses that would have sold for 65K are at 80K now. This is the Commissions way of justifying the increase in taxes. Nothing. I mean, NOTHING ever goes down.

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Feb-22-13 8:08 PM

STARTING ON MARCH 4TH--I will be available to respond/meet individually to any concerns regarding reassessment..Please feel free to call me at the office---> 320-2124..Thank you..


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Feb-22-13 8:12 PM

Believe me, I know what my home is Worth and I know it's assessed value. I also know that in THIS town, I am S-K-RUDE!!

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