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Hundreds of jobs may be coming

February 26, 2013

Two projects in Lycoming County that transportation planners have their eyes on could bring more than 700 jobs in the next few years if plans go according to schedule....

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Feb-27-13 11:15 AM

I am starting to believe that most of the people in this area would complain if they were hit with a new stick. Only here would there be a story about new jobs being created and everyone complains that they are not the "right" jobs. Of course there are those that also complain about the rents and any story it seems is enough to start them all going.

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Feb-26-13 10:54 PM

more minimum wage jobs...even if the min wage is increased to 9$/hr that is not a living wage. Everyone gripes and complains that they r paying for theses social programs...the social programs will remain until the minimum wage is increased to a livable wage!

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Feb-26-13 6:36 PM

As the infrastructure to move the gas comes into place, the gas companies are coming back. Some of the drill rig companies are already bringing some of their rigs back from Ohio/WV. Both Gardner-Denver and Baker-Hughes have built brand new facilities to service the industry.

Decent paying blue collar manufacturing jobs are a thing of the past. The manufacturing that does return will be highly automated requiring a machine operator and not manual labor. Even many of those "green energy" jobs which are to be the new blue collar jobs require at least an associates degree to even be considered.

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Feb-26-13 2:40 PM

Look around Eric, the "boom" has already been reduced by half. Remember 2 years ago when there was nowhere to rent, now rentals are everywhere again. Even watch the lots at the hotels already here, plenty of parking at 11:00 pm, 2 years ago they didn't have enough parking. Must have nearly doubled overnight capacity in last 5 or so years already. Even up the Crick rd, they put on a whole second floor, just a little to late I am afraid.

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Feb-26-13 1:18 PM

I can only imagine these properties will be developed as KOZ zones so no tax revenue gets generated for years.

wonder what all these hotels are planning on doing when the boom is over? Can't drill forever...

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Feb-26-13 10:18 AM

I wonder if Mr. Welteroth will build this project if the residents of Fairfield Township do not approve a necessary referendum to go from a dry township to a wet township since he wants both a hotel liquor license and a stand alone restaurant license. If it stays dry, will he still develop the retail shops (note the number of empties at mall and Targert) and hotel and put a family friendly restaurant in. I'm thinking no.

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Feb-26-13 9:59 AM

If i am reading this correctly, the hundreds of jobs that they seem to be referring to are the jobs it will create building these endeavors. They will surely pay much more than minimum wage but also wont last forever either. Once built i agree with the rest of you. We'll be left with a hotel and restaurant full of minimum paying jobs while the owners line their pockets. I dont think the greater williamsport area needs another hotel. I am amazed that they are seemingly allowing this. Greg Welteroth is absolutely one of the richest men in the area and therefore he should receive not one dime TAX PAYER money to fund this little project of his. He owns that 12.5 acres so if he wants a hotel, restaurant, and bank there, then he should be financially responsable for building to suite.

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Feb-26-13 9:51 AM

oh and isnt 405 and 220 where it always floods and washes out the road? or am i thinking the other end of town. towards pennsdale? if thats the case at the other end of town, thats just insane. theres NOTHING there

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Feb-26-13 9:51 AM

What new business isn't started on speculation! Idiots!

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Feb-26-13 9:49 AM

"Harvey Katz, a Fairfield Township resident and member of the Coalition for Responsible Growth and Resource Conservation, agreed with Miele and said the development is being built on speculation."

What new business is started on speculation! Idiots!

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Feb-26-13 9:49 AM

why is it only hotels motels and similar that bring jobs.. why not discuss building something else. we are longing for a Dave and Busters in this whole central region. or an old country buffet....

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Feb-26-13 8:34 AM

Say goodbye to Williamsport,say goodbye to my baby!

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Feb-26-13 8:09 AM

more jobs more taxes higher income for are %^&$#%&& politicains

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Feb-26-13 8:09 AM

More minimum wage. Enough with the hotels and bars.

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Feb-26-13 7:16 AM

rick, I believe you need to understand that good manufacturing jobs are going to be difficult to produce. With all of the regs and govt intervention, there is very little incentive to build a plant, especially in PA--your heating bills are much more than down south (ok, so Tex and it's neighbors got belted this week, but that is unusual), you have a union presence here, you have to deal with weather issues 4-6 months a year that prevent employees from working and moving your goods and raw materials. Add to that we are in the Chesapeake watershed and you have some disincentives to manufacturing growth. I don't like it, but that is the way I see it.

However, I am upset that one of the wealthiest men in the area is using public funds to further his project. Hey, why is it that he is getting funding but a little guy can't? I guess it depends on whose palm you grease or who you know and what their cut will be.

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Feb-26-13 6:54 AM

Carl believes hes a solid businessman because he can sell beer in Hughesville, not exactly a difficult task. This however is the most asinine idea I have seen. A) There is no way a restaurant, hotel, truck wash could ever employ more than 50-60 people. B) there isn't nearly enough need for these in the hughesville area.

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Feb-26-13 6:51 AM

Wow, I thought when I saw the headline I was going to see some living wage manufacturing jobs coming to the area, but instead I see more low paying service jobs.

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Feb-26-13 5:59 AM

So another Restaurant and Hotel.. Okay that's great more minimum wage jobs. For people who need any job, I guess it's a step in the right direction. But for displaced workers in Williamsport, jobs in fairfield township and Hughesville don't do much. We need more jobs in the city of Williamsport. Furthermore we need good paying jobs, not minimum wage jobs. Heck at todays rent prices, if you're a single individual making less than about $13/hr you're probably struggling.

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Feb-26-13 5:00 AM

"It seems we're a little oversaturated with the business we're talking about," said City Councilwoman Liz Miele.

Gee, you think? I concur.

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