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Hear us

March 10, 2013

I do not feel like our voices are being heard. Perhaps a letter to the editor would help the White House hear our concern....

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Mar-10-13 1:14 AM

"He(Obama)truly has the ability to save the U.S"

Ms Kopchinski you are dreaming and/or suffer from extremely poor judgement. The only ability Obama has is in DESTRUCTION of the U.S. and it's Constitution.

Not actually sure whether you would call it an ability, or just plain hate spurring him on.

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Mar-10-13 6:21 AM

Obama wants the sequester to be as painful as possible for political reasons. He has no negotiating skills (or leadership skills for that matter) and thinks that doing this and blaming the republicans is the only way he can get things done. The republicans, however, won't be bullied. Like the budgets they've put forth, the Republicans have put forth bills to give some leeway to the sequestration but they will never see the light of day nor will the Dems or Obama put forth any counter offer. It's hardly the GOP that is the party of NO. Not surprisingly the dolts from the left can't see it for what it really is; Obama making sure the most people suffer for perceived political gain.

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Mar-10-13 6:33 AM

Just think where we would be if Palin and McCain were in their second term!

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Mar-10-13 6:54 AM

Hi mike- the reason we have sequester is because republicans insisted on spending cuts during the last debt ceiling debate, despite the fact that they raised the debt ceiling 8 times with no preconditions under gw. They would have some credibility on this issue if they wouldn't have raised in 8 times under bush, but they did. So, now that sequestration is upon us, which the r's voted for, their tactic is to simply put forth bills that reinstates the funding for only the programs they support. And you think this is a reasonable strategy because..? The dolts from the left? It is a segment of the right that believes the earth is 10k years old.. this despite all the scientific evidence to the contrary, including the discovery last week that modern humans are over 340k years old. It is a slice of the right that disbelieves in global warming despite the strong scientific consensus. The party of no? The ornstein and mann book examined this topic and reveals why this is accurate and true..

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Mar-10-13 7:27 AM

The country is NOT on the verge of collapse.

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Mar-10-13 7:29 AM


Your argument holds no water.

If your bank keeps raising your credit card limit until a certain point, do you blame the bank for not continuing to expand your line of credit or yourself for borrowing more than you can pay back?

PS: It was President Obama who wanted a "balanced approach" of tax increases and spending cuts.

He got his tax increases and resists the spending cuts....just as Republicans knew he would. THAT is why they agreed to the sequester.

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Mar-10-13 7:43 AM

Hi erik.. it's not an argument that I presented, it's what happened. Better stick to curious george, mi

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Mar-10-13 7:44 AM


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Mar-10-13 7:48 AM

Buff, you're as full of dung as Obama is. In exchange for a tax increase and a debt ceiling increase the Republicans asked for spending cuts. The sequester was put in as a way to bring about real negotiations over those spending cuts. The GOP negotiated with the Dems and gave them their tax and debt ceiling increases with the agreement that spending cuts would be put in place. Now that it's time for those spending cuts, Obama and the Dems are reneging on their part of the deal and, worse, blaming the GOP for it. Those are the facts. And only the dolts from the left can't see it.

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Mar-10-13 8:39 AM

Hi mike- from president obama has cut over 1t in spending through the budget control act, an additional 590b through additional cuts to entitlements, totaling nearly 2t. Since you're so worried about cuts, how much did gw cut? Obama has eliminated 77 duplicate programs, cut funding for another 52, including 16 at D of Ed, 10 at HHS, 4 at D of L.. how many did gw cut? Don't forget to include the source for your info, the resounding logic ' those are the facts' does not provide validation. Lastly, if the party that believes in science are dolts as you claim, what does that make the party that does not? Intelligentsia? Perhaps you could borrow bobbies curious george from erik when hes finished. Sorry for being less than my usual polite self, had 3 people I know die or suffer deaths in the family and I'm admittedly irritable..

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Mar-10-13 8:55 AM

*cough, cough*, bs, *cough*

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Mar-10-13 8:56 AM

Bush spent about $3.3 trillion in his final year. Obama called him unpatriotic and irresponsible for that, then spent at least $3.8 trillion in his first four years.

Obama acknowledged that the biggest driver of the debt was entitlement spending and promised reform. Instead, he ignored SS, took money out of Medicare, and rammed through a huge NEW "entitlement."

He was rewarded for all the lies with reelection. Until the majority of voters care about the truth, none of this matters.

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Mar-10-13 8:58 AM

Nothing was cut from current spending. All of the cuts were made from the projected rate of growth increased spending over the next 10 years.

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Mar-10-13 9:08 AM

"from whitehousedotgov"

Yes, and Andropov just has the sniffles.


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Mar-10-13 9:10 AM

Hi gavin.. I agree.. virtually everything the current crop of republicans claim is bs.. pity, too.. I would have given mitt the twit from 10 years ago a serious look. But now? No chance.. and neither does, evidently, a strong majority of the populace. It feels good to be on the right side of history in the making.. off to sams club.

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Mar-10-13 9:16 AM

Just remember BuffTrev1, without Republicans, there would be no budget cuts that the White House could then claim, only revenue increases.

"It feels good to be on the right side of history in the making." - BuffTrev1

You are more than welcome to come over and join it any time you want.

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Mar-10-13 9:18 AM

Interesting questions, too bad none of you are intersted in answering them. You just want to play the finger pointing game. Cough, drink, bs!

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Mar-10-13 9:20 AM

What are republicans good for, absolutely nothing!

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Mar-10-13 9:25 AM

Someday Chuck, you will grow up and be able to wear big boy pants and have an original thought, until then you may want to stay in the kiddie pool, the water is a little to deep for you here.

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Mar-10-13 9:26 AM

Please consider the full list of Federal employees. Who should receive a pay cut and who should not? Not all employees are making salaries that exceed the private sector. I think evaluating all the positions would be a better option. Where can the number of employees be decreased, what work (including paperwork) is duplicative? There is more to savings than simply cutting the salary of every employee.

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Mar-10-13 10:50 AM

The whole numbers game that comes out of DC is BS. Both sides manipulate the numbers to favor their agendas. The biggest driver of growth of the federal govt and our debt has been baseline budgeting, which has been in place since 1974 (I think that is the year.). The automatic spending increases that are mandated by that idiotic budgeting practice can then be massaged so as to tell people they are cutting spending when in reality they are just cutting a small fraction of the original increase. Anyone, liberal or conservative, who cannot or will not understand this insane way of budgeting is just another pawn in our pols' pockets. I hope you enjoy the warm fuzzy feeling of that pocket, because when the bottom falls out for the rest of us, it will for you, too.

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Mar-10-13 4:03 PM


The Whitehouse passed the single largest tax cut in US history in January.

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Mar-10-13 4:21 PM

So for all future reference, do we now label them the "Obama Tax Cuts" rather than the "Bush Tax Cuts"?

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Mar-10-13 4:42 PM


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Mar-10-13 4:55 PM

Now you know I am going to have some fun with that on these boards.

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