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Corporate giveaways

March 17, 2013

Thank you for your coverage of the recent House Democratic Policy Committee hearing in Williamsport....

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Mar-17-13 7:13 PM

Corporations and businesses do not pay taxes of any kind. They figure any taxes levied as business expenses, which are all passed on to the consumers in the form of increased prices for their goods and/or services.

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Mar-17-13 6:22 PM

You are correct Buff. And yet when it comes to guns they want the government to fix the mental health issue, Right now I am watching the right fall apart on the gay marriage issue. Nothing to do with this but it is fun.

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Mar-17-13 3:08 PM

Hi phil.. yes, of course my partisanship is showing.. I said in my post I am a progressive. And, also like I wrote, yes indeed, both political parties are complicit.. but, again, republicans scarcely even pay lip service to the average person anymore.. it's always cuts to services for the poor, cuts to entitlements that people have paid into all their lives or programs that work.. all while openly serving the wishes of the rich, the powerful and the multinationals, or as mike pence so eloquently stated when asked about the subsidies for big oil, ' we don't want to upset the status quo'.. rotten.

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Mar-17-13 1:39 PM

Buff, I think your partisanship is showing. Democrats favor corporations at least as much as Republicans do. The problem isn’t Democrats or Republicans; it’s the system that encourages politicians to pass along favors and access in return for votes and support.

I’m not putting words in your mouth, just commenting on the content of your continuing posts.

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Mar-17-13 11:04 AM

sideliner said:

"DuPont, Goodrich, International Paper and Intel... none of these are LLC's and paid no net state income tax in one of the years between '08-'10. "

Who was governor during those years?

Oh, yeah, Ed Rendell - DEMOCRAT.

Both parties use the tax code for personal gain.

Support a flat tax with no deductions.

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Mar-17-13 10:41 AM

Not at all, phil.. I'd say thanks for not putting words in my mouth but that's what you seem to have done. The way I see it, politicians from both parties have given favorable treatment to their donors, ie businesses.. but one party, far more than the other, continues to make no pretense that their preferred constituency is the business community. Republicans seem to strongly support big business and often management, Democrats support a strong government and the working class.. a big part of the reason I am a progressive.. bribing companies to set up shop here is not freedom, as william wallace puts it, slaves are made in such ways..

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Mar-17-13 10:17 AM

Buff, PA has to compete unless you know of a way we can force businesses to locate or remain here. You seem to see things as unfair just because the other side is in control of things. If the side that uses their political capital to hand out benefits to individuals that will most likely vote for them instead of trying to improve the business climate and therefore jobs, then that’s quite alright in your opinion isn’t it.

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Mar-17-13 9:55 AM

Hi phil.. it's hard to believe that corporations are taxed to death when, as a whole, they're sitting on trillions in cash reserves, when stock prices are at an all time high, when ceo compensation is at an all time high, workers are more productive than ever and the gov is about to let them repatriate overseas profits yet again virtually tax free. Average workers salaries are likely not at an all time high, they are stagnant at best..

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Mar-17-13 9:20 AM

Let’s tax business to death so we can encourage more businesses to locate here; more magical thinking from the silly people.

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Mar-17-13 9:08 AM

DuPont, Goodrich, International Paper and Intel... none of these are LLC's and paid no net state income tax in one of the years between '08-'10.

PA leads the nation in tax laws that benefit the LLC structure. So Francine, your assertion may be true. There may be more LLC's compared to basic incorporation, but that also further validates the fact that PA tax laws favor big business, LLC or otherwise.

According to a study by PennPIRG, the use of offshore tax havens by PA businesses to evade taxation found that household tax filers in PA pay on average $464 in additional federal taxes to make up for what is lost to offshore havens.

The PA tax code is skewed in favor of big business regardless o corporate structure, and Corbett and his Republican allies want to keep it that way. Shame on THEM, Francine...

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Mar-17-13 8:51 AM

Excellent letter! Full of facts, data and information, the likes of which our party is renowned for..

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Mar-17-13 7:59 AM

There is a good lesson here, however.

It is true that the complexity of our tax code (at all levels) is intentional. Politicians use that tax code to repay loyal donors via loopholes.

That is why both parties need a house-cleaning. The lifetime political animals we have merely swap control of the money and tax code when they are in power.

A simple, flat tax with no deductions is the transparent and fair way to ensure every citizen (or company) is treated equally.

End favoritism!!!

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Mar-17-13 2:45 AM

Francine.....What else do you expect from a democrat? They never bother with "truthful" facts, they just make them up to fit whatever garbage they think will convince citizens to fall for their lies.

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