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Benefits for hosting natural gas drilling boom? Don't be shy

March 19, 2013

Ever since the advent of the natural gas drilling boom in our region, a legitimate concern of residents has been that the people of this area should benefit from being at the epicenter of the......

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Mar-20-13 7:03 AM

ACT 13 is for the areas of drilling not pet projects. Like 1 million bucks for the airport or for use in Philly. If they want gas they can pay for it. That is what the right believes. It is for private companies to make money.

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Mar-20-13 6:21 AM


We are talking about using ACT 13 funds. You know that pool of new money that everyone is trying to spend on some "pet" cause. Why not use it so that it helps people reduce their living expenses? Otherwise, it will be spent on some cash draining boondoggles and be wasted.

UGI, the gas utility company, has been here years before the gas drillers recent influx into the area. If you want to structure a deal so that the homeowners pay for the hook up to their house from the main pipeline that runs down the street or alley, that would be fine.

It is like someone saying that they have great topsoil in their back yard but can not plant a garden for low cost vegetables because it will detract from the beautiful view from the neighbor's upstairs bedroom. Instead spend money to drive to a store and buy vegetables from out of state or country.

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Mar-19-13 11:27 PM

Texas, the right constantly complains about tax dollars to spend on the poor. So for corporate it is OK now? If they want gas let the industry pay for the lines and let the people pay to hook up. Where the drilling is taking place they will never ever have gas unless the tax dollars pay for it. Your comment if full of false statements. To many to comment on tonight. 72 days and counting.

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Mar-19-13 10:41 PM

Why should those without access be denied the low cost energy?

Why should foreigners be able to use the gas when those in PA directly above the gas pockets be denied?

Why should those around Williamsport be denied the chance to eat out more often when their hard earned dollars go to more costly fuel oil when natural gas is in great supply under our feet?

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Mar-19-13 9:36 PM

Good idea.

Why shouldn't the residents in some of the boroughs in Lycoming Co enjoy lower energy prices by laying pipelines that would better service them? If all the residents in the county converted to natural gas, They would change the prices very much; they are not big enough users to impact the market.

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Mar-19-13 7:12 PM

Sorry everyone my plane was late getting into Casper, Wyoming and my sister was worried.

Thank you Sun-Gazette.

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Mar-19-13 3:47 PM

I'll wait.

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Mar-19-13 3:42 PM

Thanks, 35 more minutes I'll be there.

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Mar-19-13 3:20 PM

Excuse me everyone I have a message for my sister. Born, I dropped your car off at the airport, your phone is not working get back to me ok.

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Mar-19-13 9:19 AM

Sorry rick, I couldn't resist. LOL

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Mar-19-13 9:09 AM

"BOOM" ?????????

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Mar-19-13 8:39 AM

rick, Stop spouting falsehoods and innuendos you do not work in the industry!

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Mar-19-13 7:52 AM

Jobs are on the rise Bobbie, what can I say? Seems like I voted for the right guy. Maybe if we give more money to the rich...oh yea, that will make it better.

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Mar-19-13 7:18 AM

T minus 73 days and counting.

ACT 13 monies is to help the municipalities directly affected by drilling. Somehow paying to hook up lines to homes does not constitute that. Just away the industry can make more money and for the price of gas to go up. free market 101

And again why should any monies go towards people wanting natural gas to go to their homes? Use more gas the price goes up. As the price goes up the more the industry makes. The more the industry makes the more drilling they will do. The more drilling they will do the more land will be destroyed and the less there is to drill. The less there is to drill the end of the boom. The end of the boom there will be high gas prices but no jobs and a wealthy industry. No jobs, high gas prices, rich industry, people complaining and now we are right back where we started.

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