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City needs extra cash to lure big name concerts

March 20, 2013

The city will need more cash than it has on hand if it wants to get musical concerts at Bowman Field....

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Mar-20-13 1:12 AM

Williamsport does NOT need another venue for concerts, especially the outdoor types. The Community Arts Center already does a great job of procuring and presenting quality concerts at reasonal prices. One can enjoy the program in comfort and the accoustics are superb. I challenge the city to match the CAC's appeal and ability to give the citizens a satisfactory concert. The one and only outdoor concert I attended at Bowman Field was in SEPT, 1983. The Beach Boys decided to squeeze one more season-ending show into their schedule as they were making their way home to CA. When you could hear it, the music was great. However, the music had to compete with the traffic noise. Williamsport, concerning concerts at Bowman Field...forgetaboutit!!!!

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Mar-20-13 5:11 AM

How about Disney on Ice?


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Mar-20-13 6:08 AM

Wait a the city is using taxpayer money to bring in concerts? My tax dollars are funding this then I have to pay to get in? Why the F do I have to pay so the city can have a concert?

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Mar-20-13 7:34 AM

Do something for the black community and book a Lil Wayne concert there. Rascal Flatts, c'mon. If you want a big venue, get Little League to use their stadium. Oh, thats right, Little League don't belong to Wmspt. anymore, only Original, which Wmspt, turned it's back on and doesn't include them in anything. You'all live in a loser city. Maybe one of those meteors will come and put you all out of your misery.

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Mar-20-13 7:52 AM

This is what happens in every city, county, state and federal agency.....they all keep expanding their reach without anyone noticing.

Meanwhile, they spend our tax dollars on recreation while telling us there is not enough for police or fire.

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Mar-20-13 7:58 AM

Anyhow, a concert at Bowman would ruin the grass and it would need repaired.

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Mar-20-13 8:07 AM

It would be nice if the area had a venue that you didn't have to sit in an assigned seat (general admission) but Bowman Field is NOT it.

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Mar-20-13 8:15 AM

You know where this is going right? More G.D. Taxes!

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Mar-20-13 8:18 AM

Cayman, I actually disagree with you. I do think we could us a venue for Concerts, here's the problem WE HAVE ONE! It's not Bowman field either. It's Brandon Park. They have the Shell there that they could fix up, it's basically an outdoor ampitheater. Fix up the seating and improve the shell there's no reason they can't use it for concerts, they used to do stuff like that all the time when I was a kid. It also wouldn't be 'assigned' seating, it'd basically be, first come first serve type of seating. It absolutely meansa more taxes, but the thing is, if they're using Bowman field, it's not just about taxes, it's about jacking up ticket prices to create revenue for Bowman field too. Because NO ONE wants to see the terrible Crosscutters play what is SUPPOSED TO BE baseball. They make it look more like little league try outs.

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Mar-20-13 8:27 AM

Lil Who? Go back to Philly!

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Mar-20-13 8:30 AM

Remenber, 3 Dog Night and Badfinger! Those were the days my friend, I thought would never end, those were the days!

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Mar-20-13 8:31 AM

If your going to bring in country bring the KING! Willie Nelson and Family!

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Mar-20-13 8:46 AM

Jeff, Willie Nelson was already in town, at the Community Arts Center, sometime last year I think.

I don't have a problem with Country or Lil Wayne even though there isn't another genre I dislike more than rap. I know they'll never do anything with Brandon Park because then they could make revenue off of ticket sales. But the reality is there are far more important things that need attention in this city than more tourist attractions.

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Mar-20-13 8:52 AM

I agree with converting bowman field to a concert venue. The cutters are dreadful and most of the attendees could see the same quality of play at a local toddlers T-ball event. Might actually bring in outside visitors instead of only local cutters attendees coerced in to attending through free nights or corporate giveaways

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Mar-20-13 10:37 AM

One of the problems with concerts at the bandshell is there is no parking.

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Mar-20-13 11:01 AM

It is also difficult to charge for concerts in the bandshell.

Why does our city feel the need to be in the entertainment business?

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Mar-20-13 11:05 AM

enoughalready, the bandshell (i can never remember that's what it is called) You're right, that is a VERY valid point. I do think there is something they could do about that (I'm not sure what, I just believe if they wanted to they could find a solution). In all seriousness, didn't Wendy's just close? I don't know if anything is going in there or not? If not, I know it's not exactly convenient but it's not that far of a walk, they could clear that building out and add parking there. That's not the ideal solution it's just a start, sort of. They could probably also rent some parking somewhere, perhaps the Lycoming College, for events. Again, what you brought up is a very valid point. In general, I'd really just like to see them utilize the Bandshell again like they used to. But I see all kinds of issues with Bowman field. First of all, I'd rather see them just get rid of the Crosscutters all together and convert the stadium to a "concert/event" arena permenantly.

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Mar-20-13 11:10 AM

EastEnd, I brought that up and you make a very good point, unless they put up a huge wall around the entire seating area, yeah, it's basically impossible to charge for tickets...UNLESS they're closing off the entire park and selling 'standing room only' type tickets. Would still be very difficult considering how many road blocks they'd have to put up, but it's also the only logical solution.

I agree with your other point, why does it always have to be a business? we used to have the 'ampitheater' or whatever it was called at that time next to the Court House downtown for years, all those tables and concession areas, in the summer the place was booming with life. The shops were up and running, life seemed 'great'. I was a kid so yea..there's that. When they cut a road into the middle of downtown (Pine Street) all of that disappeared. Life as we knew it downtown seemed to die. The shops now are a poor excuse for a marketplace. The politicians in this city have all but killed

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Mar-20-13 11:10 AM


What I think many of us might admit to having remembered as the heart and soul of this city.

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Mar-20-13 11:33 AM

I agree with most of ur points wwhicok....except for one I don't think the policitians destroyed the city, it's the attitudes of its citizens that displayed well on this comment board! "This is a bad idea", "it's different I don't like it", or "I think it's stupid". The thinking in this town is old, out-dated, and not progressive. And they wonder why people are leaving and crime is up,cuz attitudes like this force people out of the area. Thinking like that causes no growth or opportunities! And guess what? need that to survive in today's world. Until the attitudes and thinking change in our citizens theis city is in trouble.

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Mar-20-13 11:38 AM

let the big names come to the community arts center.. they arent whining about needing money to come here.. who will pay for this need??? the city residents?? arent they paying for enough stuff not so brilliant people come up with there in williamsport??? if you dont have the money, just like the rest of us, then go without. let the big names go to community arts center.

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Mar-20-13 11:48 AM

i think there may be some confusion here. big name concerts we would have to buy tickets for, and should be either seen at the CAC, or Lycoming college like they used to years ago. bowman field held smaller name concerts, you still had to pay for, but tickets were less and the concerts at brandon park bandshell anyone could go to. those concerts there would be for community special programs or local music group competitions. i dont believe a big name concert could be held at brandon park because you cant charge admission and the parking situation. and, LOL the bandshell would probably crumble as old as it is, with the loud amps these professional bands have..

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Mar-20-13 12:38 PM

East End-- I have no idea why the city wants to diversify into entertainment when they can't even do what they are tasked with now. No city that is cutting police and fireman should be using tax dollars to promote entertainment. There are professional event planners and promotors-- let one of those businesses do this. Wwhickok-- there is a new Stopper business going into the former Wendy's on Washington Blvd, but even so people wont want to walk that far to park. Lycoming doesn't have enough spaces of their own so I doubt they would be willing to rent any for events. There are so many stipulation on the Brandon Park land I doubt a parking lot could be built. Magic1- it's not that people think all these ideas are dumb or won't work (which BTW we have been proven correct on most of them) but the homeowners of Williamsport are tired of paying for these pipe dreams. As I stated earlier, there are businesses who promote entertainment, why is the City getting into this business?

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Mar-20-13 4:50 PM

It is ludicrous to think tax money is being used for public concerts.

I find that to be an impeachable offense.

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Mar-20-13 5:26 PM

Funny; and NOT in a humorous way. When I was growing up and able to make a buck, if I couldn't afford it I didn't get it. Same lesson I passed on to my little citizens. Strange now-a-days, to see a silver-spoon diva up in the Billtown Ivory Tower who wouldn't know want from hotwater soup!! BUT, by GOD!! The Tax payers will foot the bill, buy the tickets, and pay for the failure too boot! - MAYBE, Gabe can finagle Private Concerts in his garden right next to his personal Natural Gas Pump!!

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