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Bids for work on elementary school OK’d

March 21, 2013

JERSEY SHORE — The Jersey Shore Area School Board took the next step in an elementary construction project as it awarded contracts Wednesday....

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Mar-23-13 2:15 AM

Laughin, these people DO Not care about who they spout their mouths off around, in front of , or to! They care about the cent value on EVERYTHING and scr%w our children. You are right about keeping the teachers out of it...I would never go after a child because of their parent!!!! Although, I have been enlightened as to how some of our teachers in the district have BULLIED, BASHED, GONE AFTER, ETC. students with a passion and have NOT been fired. This district thought they only had a student to student bullying problem....NO. Some teachers are bullys and are still teaching. Get a right to know form and find out who is a teacher bully.

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Mar-22-13 10:03 PM

My dinner was actually very nice, thanks to a local club in Jersey Shore. I would think that if some opinionated residents in the Nippenose Valley region had a problem with individual board members, they would maybe talk to them or get to know them first. I know for a fact that my representative answers my emails and if she doesn't have the answer, she gets it. I think some people should remember who is listening to conversations, it could be peoples children or grandchildren.

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Mar-22-13 6:32 PM

Heading out for my lent fish dinner, maybe I will meet up with some more retired colleagues. I would advise that some people keep educators out of their opinions on the Save Our School District website. For disgruntled community members to start handing over professional educators to back their nonsense is low. As part of a union myself, long before retiring, I would never have dreamer of battling my boss's in a public arena. This must be about money and skip the kids education. This show down is something else. KEEP THE TEACHERS OUT OF IT!

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Mar-22-13 6:00 PM

Concerned Citizens panel: Raye Bierly (Jersey Shore Teacher, Union President, taxpayer and parent); Doris Aderman (Jersey Shore Teacher, Union Vice-President, and Taxpayer USED); Bert Francis (Father of Mrs. Beirly, grandfather of educators, and REALLY USED); Merrill Sweitzer (retired maintenance supervisor, taxpayer and USED); Adrienne Stahl (Elder Law business owner, mother, taxpayer and petitioner for redistricting); Loren Koch (sister of Mrs. Stahl, mother, taxpayer USED); Kelly Wasson (mother, taxpayer and counselor USED); and Beth McClane (mother, taxpayer, SOD web designer USED). Voter redistricting needed to happen (I agree with Laughin) and now the plan is to get enough yes men in place to stop a school closing. The writing is on the wall folks! Is this about personal finances or for the greater good of childrens education? This entire ACT is quite selfish and some people should be SERIOUSLY ASHAMED of THEMSELVES!!! So this is all about money....

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Mar-22-13 5:18 PM

Almost forgot....WHO paid for that ad....did he foot the bill or did they all take up a collection...pass the plate...mam!

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Mar-22-13 5:14 PM

I would like to expand on the 80 year old man story. This poor guy was duped into taking a full page ad in the SG...fully equipped with false and misleading 'facts'. I doubt he wrote this 'editorial'...but rather, it was penned by someone with a bigger agenda. I personality witnessed this gentleman speak at a public meeting and it was painfully clear he has communication issues. Interesting of his best friends happens to be another older man that is outspoken at meetings [Mr.Francis] and whose daughter...coincidentally, happens to be the teachers union president [R. Bierly] and even more of a coincidence....happens to have a child that teaches in this district.....How many coincidences does it take to add up to conspiring?...Only the SHADOW knows!!!!....All of this is just my opinion...of course!

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Mar-22-13 4:33 PM

They (these faces) have managed to use an 80 year old man to sign an advertisement knowing that the information was wrong and outdated, and a 30 year old mother to create a website to promote false information.

Now, the more I read the posts on that website Andy the more I wonder who believes the underhanded people posting? It seems to me there is ALOT of back rubbing and ego boosting going on.

Is it the school directors or the entire Administration they would like to see go? It is very sad to view a board meeting where the solicitor has to answer all of the questions. Maybe the district should only have a legal team running its business? Is that legal? Can someone in the legal field check that out please, because it might be able to be petitioned in court at a state or federal level. BACK SOON

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Mar-22-13 4:19 PM

Finally home and the coffee is tasty (TGIF).

Okay, so now lets start adding things up! First, a huge real estate marketing tool will be gone if any outlying Elementaries are closed? Definately bad for SOME agents. Second, renters market compromised? I doubt that, there are 2 very nice new hotel/motels in the area for gas workers. Third, loss of teaching jobs in the district? My director told me that jobs will not be lost, only retirees will not be replaced. They also were very clear that the district is functioning well on a skeleton crew now. Principals, nurses, librarians, counselors are sharing buildings. They also said that the Assistant Superintendent has multiple jobs. Fourth, loss of bussiness to the Oval store? I doubt that unless someone buys the school and makes it a Sheetz. [Start connecting names and faces] And the M80 for last, parents who want the best education for their children getting taken for a ride by these faces. HOLD ON...

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Mar-22-13 3:04 PM

Who recruited the 4 school board members in 2006? Maybe...the public should be asking them each individually!!!! What personal agenda were they on? (I will post more on this subject in a while).

Something to ponder between posts...I talked to my school director and he specifically said that if a district wide consolidation happens, it is NOT a board decision but an administrative move. Was it to get rid of the ADMINISTRATION?

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Mar-22-13 1:36 PM

Thanks laugh.....answer to your comment ..."What will be hurt in our community by this closure might answer that question."

Why, of course, sales of real estate in 'the valley'...quaint little school has been a MARKETING tool for 30+ years by realtors. Isn't there a realtor posting on SOSD facebook page?????...Look around and see has has the agendas...L@@K !!!!!

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Mar-22-13 10:14 AM

"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime." -Chinese Proverb

District wide reapportionment was necessary, but I question the involvement of some individuals at this point. To rally for new representatives because a school will be closed is odd. What will be hurt in our community by this closure might answer that question.

What Federal and State mandates Andy? Nah, our district doesn't have any (LaughIn). "We the people want to take back local control"- Concerned Citizens


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Mar-22-13 12:13 AM

If anyone wants to see 'stupid' on parade....go look at the Save Our School District facebook page....specifically regarding the comments concerning the subject of this article. Can anyone explain how these people think that the public can vote on a board matter...Please, would the board consider a larger expansion of the JSE, so these people can attend a basic class in "How a School District is Managed"....BTW...please home school or cyber school your would be a shame to taint the innocent children in the district...

All of you big mouth fools should run for this thankless job...when you realize all the constraints of the State and Federal'll be singing a different tune.....the joke will be on YOU!

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