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Religion wars

April 2, 2013

Recently at a Florida university an instructor told his class to write the name Jesus on a piece of paper, throw it on the floor and stomp on it....

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Apr-02-13 3:59 AM

Francine, you may choose not to believe it, but it did happen. The university is Florida Atlantic University and the student's name is Ryan Rotela.

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Apr-02-13 4:06 AM

Yes, Francine, it absolutely did happen. When a Mormon student refused to stop on a paper with "Jesus" written on it, the Professor threw him out of class. The incident happened at Florida Atlantic University and the Professor was Deandre Poole, who also happens to be the vice chair of the Palm Beach Democratic party.

Google it and you'll find out it is true.

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Apr-02-13 5:56 AM

Francine it happened and originally the student was suspended. I believe the instructor, Deandre Poole, Ph.D., has been placed on administrative leave at this point, probably with full pay. What is really sad is that the activity was part of an exercise found in the instructor’s manual accompanying the classroom textbook. This is what you as a parent are paying for when you send your child into college.

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Apr-02-13 6:05 AM

If there's a Religious War, it was started by Christians, that I can assure you.

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Apr-02-13 6:05 AM

Yes, Carl, the exercise was designed to "demonstrate the importance of symbols in American culture." The school said the professor's suspension was "for his protection," not that he did anything wrong.

In Francine's defense, it does seem to weird to be true. Sad that only one student refused.

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Apr-02-13 6:06 AM

"If there's a Religious War, it was started by Christians, that I can assure you."

How so?

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Apr-02-13 6:11 AM

I assure you there would be more outrage if the professor had students write "homosexuality" on a piece of paper and stomp on it.

Which is a sad statement about our society.

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Apr-02-13 6:19 AM

Another example that people don't want to accept Jesus Christ as their LORD. They want to be their own God that bows to none other.

Many of the self-proclaimed atheists or agnostics I know are pretty civil people that explain why they don't believe in Jesus but in the end they don't care what the other person believes in; they say the decision is up to the individual.

Now some despise Jesus so much that they promote other people despising him instead of allowing them to gather their own data and make their own decision. Tolerance is only one direction in these cases.

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Apr-02-13 6:31 AM

"If there's a Religious War, it was started by Christians, that I can assure you."

"How so?"

Fair Question: This is simply an opinion, but I feel, given the influence of law making the "faithful" have had and continue to have, other groups of people, who do not share their faith, feel threatened and feel they are being forced into lifestyles not of their own.

It's gone all the way to protesting of funerals, which's probably some sort of illegal to tell you what will happen if you ever picket a funeral of someone related to me, it's gone to full on trials to take away rights of other groups, etc.

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Apr-02-13 6:34 AM

Texas, I want to make clear and I don't feel like you're talking to me, but I do have my reasons for no longer sharing your faith, these boards are not the place to share those reasons, that I assure you.

I also am not someone who wants to "be their own God", I want for me and my family, the same thing I want for everyone else, to be myself and be happy and that be okay.

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Apr-02-13 6:36 AM

Ritty, I'm also not saying that there is not unjust hatred coming from some within various 'non-christian' groups, specifically the entire entity of Aethiests but at the same time, that door swings both ways.

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Apr-02-13 7:30 AM

This is an interesting story, if anyone bothered to read it all. Don't read the FOX news one but read the article in Inside Higher Ed. This guy is even receiving death threats. Now that is Christian. Sorry but this one is a lame argument and you are just stirring the pot.

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Apr-02-13 8:24 AM

Threating someone's life over a cheap demonstration in a college class room is illegal and definately not the Christian thing to do, as threatening harm to someone that would picket the funeral of a loved one. Humans are ruled by emotions, some are easily understood, and some are not. I suppose it has to do with culture and where we are raised that influence our emotions. The professor might have taken into consideration that while it is perfectly legal to demand that your students write the name of Jesus on a piece of paper and have them stomp on it, emotionally, it might get your butt stomped even quicker!

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Apr-02-13 8:33 AM

Let's see what would have happened to the story if the instructor had told the students to write 'Muhammad' on the piece of paper and for everyone to stomp on it.

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Apr-02-13 8:50 AM

Hi steelers.. the difference may be the fact that the religion of Islam specifically prohibits the practice. If Christianity were to specifically prohibit it, I would not support. Such is the outsized influence and importance religion has in our society..

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Apr-02-13 9:00 AM

SF does have a valid statement and I actually believe in todays society there would be mixed feelings on what Erik said. Yes, GLBT communities would be outraged by those actions Erik and anyone (including myself) that supports them would be. But Christians would be rejoicing the action. Basically the exact opposite of what is happening in this situation. The Anti-Christian are praising these actions and the Christians are sending death threats.

SF said if you wrote Muhammad on a piece of paper and stomped on it what would happen? Very few would even turn their heads to notice the article in the newspaper, that's what would happen.

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Apr-02-13 9:05 AM

This is how people get things wrong.

Someone finally interviewed the instructor/professor. It was an exercise that goes like this on a piece of paper write the name jesus and then set it on the ground and step on it. Step not stomp. Only one student did, one student refused vehemently and the rest hesitated. Why this exercise, to discuss the meaning of symbolism. The student who vehemently refused did not let it drop and confronted the instructor after class and made threatening gestures by pounding fist into open hand say the instructor would get his. The incident was reported and the student was discipline. Apparently those who support the student think it is okay to threaten teachers. Everyone is talking to the student and ignoring the professor, the course instruction and the fact that this method was used previously without incident.

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Apr-02-13 9:28 AM

There are better ways to make the same point. For example, have students write the name of an important figure n their lives on a piece of paper. Then ask them how they would feel if they stepped/stomped on it. Another would be to have them imagine a postcard with a symbol on it that is important to them. Would it be harder to throw it out after reading the message on it than say, a card with a landscape on it? Would it make a difference if the card was sent by someone you loved, verses someone you know only casually? The exercise as reported here was an extremely poor one because the process by which the point was made was such a distraction. I am embarrassed to share the same profession with someone who couldn't see this exercise needed a lot of modification. Being a teacher, and that hallowed phrase "academic freedom", doesn't relive a teacher of the responsibility to show respect for those who sit at the small desks.

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Apr-02-13 10:05 AM

"relive" should be "relieve"

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Apr-02-13 10:57 AM

It is in the course instructions. If you find it objectionable then discuss it. That is not what is happening. Threats were made and continue to be made. Distortions are being accepted as fact. What has happen is that the symbol is more important than the facts and instructions.

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Apr-02-13 11:05 AM

I was not aware there was a war on religion. When did it start?

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Apr-02-13 11:30 AM

Buff, I don't believe that for a minute. Islam is the most intolerant religion in the world. Period.

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Apr-02-13 11:30 AM

Hey Jerry- Just try wearing a t-shirt that says Jesus in school. It's a war on the Christian religion, but not Islam. If Christians asked for prayer time in school, they would be ridiculed. But, there are schools that give the Muslim students prayer time 5 times a day. And a place for ritual foot washing. Sorry, the,"well they must have a large Muslim population" response won't work. The difference is a martyr showing up at the school with a suicide vest. They feel (know) they can push around Christians without any consequences.

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Apr-02-13 11:46 AM

Intercultural Communications Class (college level not high school)

Topic of the day: Dealing with the power of certain words

Maybe FAITH would have been a better choice? This incident is a sign of our culture today. Why can't "grown" adults debate fairly on any word or topic dealing with religion or politics without going postal?

---"the professor's lesson was offensives, and even intolerant, to Christians and those of all faiths who deserve to be respected as Americans entitled to religious freedom." Well, Intercultural Communications Class should be cancelled indefinitely because some people have a problem with their 1st Amendment rights interfering with their religious freedoms (or the other way around). This incident is a sign of the times. Maybe the professor should have just assigned a paper, had them read them and debate each individually? Relieve the University and go for the student on the topics word used? Role reversal! Get the student to do the T

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Apr-02-13 11:47 AM

Get the student to do the THINKING

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