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Council to contemplate new cruisers

April 4, 2013

City Council is expected to vote tonight whether to permit the city police administration to pursue the purchase of four new police vehicles....

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Apr-04-13 8:41 AM

How can we afford this?

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Apr-04-13 9:09 AM

Why aren't they buying natgas cruisers?

Speaking of gas, what the heck does "manage the ceremony" mean? Busting out the mayor's customized podium?

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Apr-04-13 9:51 AM

Oh man more money for cop cars with sex appeal when will the insanity stop. Next comes the article about refinancing city deht to pay for unneeded cop cars, then the article of being over budget, then the article about increasing property taxes to fund the defict of the police force the cycle continues

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Apr-04-13 11:03 AM

This is something I think is an obvious waste of money, they don't need even more powerful vehicles, their current cruisers are just fine.

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Apr-04-13 11:48 AM

At jeff33: "How can we afford this?"

First, the money has already been budgeted for the purchases, but still requires Council approval.

Second, you replace cars before their trade-in/resale value falls below their depreciation so "we" get the most for the trade/sale.

Third, the cost of maintaining older vehicles increases, whereby "we" start paying more to repair vehicles that have less value and decreased reliability.

Fourth, the City has put off for at least two years purchasing the standard allotment of police vehicles so "we" could have more streets paved and a person manning a street sweeper.

And finally, do you actually think about what you write BEFORE you write it?

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Apr-04-13 2:52 PM

Just because the vehicles are budgeted does not make it a good idea for their purchase. Walking police presence might be a better answer for both expensive cameras and new cruisers. Why doesn't City Council discuss purchasing motorcycles, bikes or scooters?

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Apr-04-13 8:24 PM

Police vehicles degrade faster because they are idled far more than a normal vehicle.

If they would focus on reducing idling, the vehicles would last longer.

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Apr-04-13 10:35 PM

It's all fine and good to mention reducing idling times but the damage occurs at starting an engine too. If it sits for awhile there is little lubrication on the cylinder walls at initial start up. Cruisers do rack up basically double the mileage of a normal car from idling so much. It's a double edged sword, do we turn the car off and when something needs immediate attention take the time to start and put it into gear and go or let it idle and be ready. I've ridden with officers on ride alongs and have seen both sides of that coin. Yes, it does take a couple of extra seconds to get started versus idling. A speeding car going by, 3-5 seconds more can mean alot.

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Apr-04-13 11:01 PM

more cruisers, yet they cant afford to pay the police to drive them. do you people have nothing better to do than find ways to waste money really???

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Apr-04-13 11:04 PM

love the comment from art.. hello have you driven on the streets?? nothings really been fixed but theres more cruisers? and WE as you so frequently use DO NOT see any of that money.. your taxes go up, those sales of police cars dont help your taxes OR the crappy streets. YOU really should think before YOU write because i believe more of us are NOT on your agreeance.

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Jul-10-13 3:54 PM

biobabycj -- The street repair comment I made was sarcasm. Clearly it -- and my common sense explanation from that post -- was lost on you and your "agree/disagree" scorecard mentality.

(Oh, and those red squiggly lines that appear under the words you type mean the word is spelled wrong or doesn't exist, such as your use of the word "agreeance." The definition of "agreeance" -- The word stupid people use instead of "agreement.")

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