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One purpose

April 7, 2013

Assault rifles have but one purpose: they are designed exclusively to commit mass murder. Hunters have no use for them, because it is against the law to slaughter a herd of deer....

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Apr-07-13 3:15 AM


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Apr-07-13 3:30 AM

If you don't want to own an assault rifle, don't buy one, but don't try to take away my right to own one. I own a Bushmaster rifle that I bought during the period when the previous assault rifle ban was in place. By the current legislation proposed, it would now be included in the ban. Stop trying to sell your load of horse manure as air freshener will you!

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Apr-07-13 3:44 AM

"Assault rifles have but one purpose: they are designed exclusively to commit mass murder."

Um, no.

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Apr-07-13 4:06 AM

Why do you mention the first phrase of the 2nd amendment, then forget to mention the second phrase which states "the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed"? This subject has already been discussed ad nauseum and the purpose of the 2nd amendment has nothing to do with hunting. Assault rifles are select fire weapons and are already tightly controlled by the National Firearms Act of 1936. You need to get over it and educate yourself a little about firearms because you clearly don't know enough about them to be commenting on them. Semi-automatic sporting rifles (if that's what you are referring to) are here to stay and, despite your hysterical rhetoric, do have legitimate sporting applications.

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Apr-07-13 6:43 AM

Another Liberal know-nothing reading talking points off Liberal websites emerges........

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Apr-07-13 6:55 AM

Mr. Beard is as uneducated as most of our elected officials debating this issue.

It should strike fear into every citizens' heart that our elected officials are so uneducated on the subjects they wish to legislate.

Mr. Beard lives in fear....fear of his fellow citizens.

Mr. Beard is the same type of person that reported a family to authorities because they posted a picture on Facebook of their son holding a rifle.

But I am sure Mr. Beard has no problems with the police and elected officials using the same assault weapons he wishes to confiscate from his neighbors.

Remember, Diane Feinstein and Mayor Bloomberg have armed security around them at all times. But they wish to tell the black grandmother living in the inner city to give up her firearms. They wish to tell the abused wife with a protection from abuse order to surrender her weapons.

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Apr-07-13 7:35 AM

One can only notice that the previous ban did nothing to Curb violence. The truth is we have enough laws just people have to obey them. You ban these so called "assault" weapons what's next we ban gas used to burn schools full of innocent kids we ban rocks and sticks? What is it you don't like about freedom?

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Apr-07-13 7:39 AM

Since our military are the only ones who are armed with "assault weapons" what is he saying?

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Apr-07-13 7:51 AM

The Clinton ban did not stop the sale of semi-automatic firearms.

Firearm manufacturers removed the bayonet lugs and flash hiders and continued to sell a higher price.

It was another example of how stupid liberals and liberal politicians really are.

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Apr-07-13 7:51 AM

Robert Beard, you are an idiot!!! I don't even know where to start, to bash your letter. I think every statement you wrote is absolutely false. I own an AR-15, I truly enjoy this gun. I don't hunt with it, like others; but I do target shoot with it. I shoot paper targets or tin cans for fun. I don't do it for some sick desire to commit mass murder, like you say. I do it to improve my ability to handle this gun responsibly and to train others the proper way to handle and respect it. Heck, I've introduced young family members to the joy of target practice and responsible gun handling too. So much that they're parents want to own a gun just like it. Mr. Beard, you keep your one way views to yourself from now on; the responsible gun owners would prefer it that way. There are more responsible gun owners than not out there in the world. Criminals will find a way to get guns and always do. No law will stop a criminal from anything they set their twisted minds too!

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Apr-07-13 8:07 AM

These ignorant liberals all act like there are no regulations of firearms in place.

Listen to their rhetoric.

Not one liberal addresses the poor enforcement and support of existing law.

If the existing laws were taken seriously by gov't, the VA Tech and Aurora Colorado shooters would have been denied their purchases of firearms.

But that is not discussed in this so-called debate.

When gov't fails, liberals change the subject and call for more gov't.

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Apr-07-13 8:10 AM

Mr. Beard is as ignorant of guns as Diana DeGette

Gun control advocate and Democratic Congresswoman Diana DeGette is being ridiculed for saying this about high-capacity magazines: "These are ammunition, they're bullets, so the people who have those now, they're going to shoot them, so if you ban them in the future, the number of these high-capacity magazines is going to decrease dramatically over time because the bullets will have been shot and there won't be any more available," DeGette said to The Denver Post. Only problem: magazines can be reloaded. The congresswoman's office then released a statement saying DeGette: "Simply misspoke in referring to 'magazines' when she should have referred to 'clips,' which cannot be reused because they don't have a feeding mechanism." But, actually clips in most guns can be reused as well.

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Apr-07-13 8:11 AM

That is right, Premier.

The people writing the legislation are morons and do not understand the subject.

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Apr-07-13 8:18 AM

Did everyone see the articles this morning that the DHS has an ammunition shortage?

It seems that after buying billions of rounds of ammunition, the DHS sends out a memo that it has a shortage of ammunition.

Liberal liars cannot keep their lies straight anymore!

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Apr-07-13 8:23 AM

Cook County, IL (Chicago) imposed a $25 tax on firearms purchases to help defray the cost of gun violence. It applies to the suburbs, but not the city of Chicago.

So once again, law abiding people who purchase guns legally are footing the bill for the victims of the thug and gang culture that runs rampant there.

We need criminal control, not more gun control.

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Apr-07-13 8:27 AM

For being having been a prof at Bucknell from 1965-2000 and having a Phd in Linguistics from the University of Michigan, the guy is not very bright. He has no understanding of the Constitution, Bill of Rights or the issue, just mouths the communist party line.

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Apr-07-13 8:28 AM

Good Letter!

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Apr-07-13 8:29 AM

The Liberal mind has many faults but the lack of common sense is by far the greatest thing that seperates them from the general population.

They just seem to be in such a hurry to change things so they can have that "feel good" attitude.

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Apr-07-13 9:01 AM

Actually, Mr Hiller, Bob is very intelligent and a he is great person, I am sure he knows more about the constitution than any of the "experts" on here. As I see it the Connecticut gun bill should be the model for all of the US.

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Apr-07-13 10:02 AM

The Supreme Court has ruled that the right to bear arms is an individual right, not tied to a well regulated militia. I don't understand that ruling, but it is clear. We all have to abide by it until the Court changes its opinion. The Court has also said that some weapons are dangerous and unusual and not protected by the 2nd Amendment. Sawed off shotguns were cited by the Court as an example of a weapon that is dangerous and unusual. It would be very helpful if the Court would provide more guidance as to what is dangerous and unusual and thereby focus this debate and we could create more light than heat when discussing this issue.

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Apr-07-13 1:13 PM

If, God forbid, a well regulated militia were ever called upon to defend this great country that their weapons will be "dangerous and unusual".

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Apr-07-13 1:16 PM

Aside from not knowing anything about firearms or the Constitution, the writer knows nothing about human nature. He assumes that all laws are obeyed, and that requiring background checks and registration will solve the problem. I wonder how he explains the huge numbers of people in prison. If passing laws magically causes bad behavior to stop, then the world should be a perfect place. The sad fact is that passing gun laws has no affect on criminals and only serves to put law abiding citizens at a disadvantage. Citizens who want more gun laws are just stupid, while politicians who want more gun laws are either stupid or have evil intentions.

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Apr-07-13 4:26 PM

I love how the "experts" on here know this guy, you have no clue, so stop speculating.

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Apr-07-13 5:13 PM

Rick,"I love how the "experts" on here know this guy, you have no clue, so stop speculating."

I know what he wrote and it says a lot about him, none of it good. In his letter he told us he knows nothing about guns, he doesn't care about the Constitution, and that he is not a fan of logic or reason. Other than that, I know nothing about him. He may be a great guy to hang out with, but his ideas are dangerous to our freedom. You apparently know him and agree with his bad ideas. That would just make you as wrong as he is. Congratulations.

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Apr-07-13 5:23 PM


"As I see it the Connecticut gun bill should be the model for all of the US."


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