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Who are they?

April 12, 2013

As I write this, a college professor is doing a promotional video telling Americans that their kids don’t really belong to them. And she’s serious. And, yes, she is a college professor....

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Apr-13-13 5:58 AM

Sorry spike, your reading comprehension seems to be about nil. "They are not a possession." Where did I ever state that. This is what I wrote - "Kids do belong to their parents, not in a material sense, in a spiritual sense." Because of your lack of understanding you cannot fathom that. Whether you like it or not, whether the rest of you loons like it or not, until the child reaches adulthood I am responsible for that child, is that a possession in the material sense, not at all. Is it in a spiritual - absolutely.

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Apr-12-13 7:09 PM

Chuck, Do you ever read the stuff you write? Most of it is even more twisted and stupid than the stuff coming out of the DNC.

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Apr-12-13 6:04 PM

Yeah, MHP meant adults when she said kids.


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Apr-12-13 3:28 PM

Carl, that's ridiculous. My kids are both in their late thirties. I am their mother. They do not belong to me. They are not a possession. How many years is someone a belonging to their parent? Kids belong WITH you when young. They are not property.

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Apr-12-13 1:39 PM

Sorry but you cannot twist what Melissa Harris Perry said. “We have to break through our kind of private idea that kids belong to their parents”. Kids do belong to their parents, not in a material sense, in a spiritual sense. You can not twist what she said to mean anything other than what the words state. She and the rest can come up with all sorts of excuses and meandering nonsense, it still means what she said.

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Apr-12-13 12:52 PM

Holy friggin' moley...this guy is off his rocker huh?

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Apr-12-13 11:32 AM

Gregory Weigle continues to do such magnificent work - i can't imagine the IQ it takes to interpret exactly what the future holds from one thirty-second promotional cable ad. We should all be so lucky to be that gifted - oh, who am i kidding - he's always an idiotic conspiracy theorist.

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Apr-12-13 10:59 AM

Total BS Chuck

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Apr-12-13 10:15 AM


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Apr-12-13 10:02 AM

Then why is it in the deficit debate the right likes to say we have an obligation to our children and grandchildren. Very collectivist of the right isn't it. In the abortion fight the right says they are fighting for the right of the child not the mother, a parent. Very collectivist of you.

The right can not nor is it willing to commit to anything or anyone.

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Apr-12-13 9:59 AM

Bobbie is still throwing feces from her cage. Untrainable that is why she is in a cage.

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Apr-12-13 9:32 AM

Excellent letter. The truth of what is going on in this country today. Sadly we have nitwits like Reeder and friends who continue to spew garbage on their posts in their support of this regime. How sad,but this is what our country voted back into office for another 4 (or more) years. Soon the US will be unrecognizable.

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Apr-12-13 9:06 AM

Children belong" to their parents. The word "belong" changes meaning as the grow older. Children become their own person. This is word play. A parent is always a parent but your progeny is not a mini you.

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Apr-12-13 8:28 AM

"As I watched "the Hunger Games" again..." What a perfect self revelatory statement of stupidity and hypocrisy. I am sure the irony is lost on the writer.

FYI - Children do not "belong" to their parents, nor do they belong to a collective.

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Apr-12-13 8:23 AM

The right seems very comfortable in their straight jackets as they listen to likes of La Pierre and Beck and Limbaugh.

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Apr-12-13 8:20 AM

It is more than obvious that Mr. Weigle listens to Glenn Beck who happen to twist what Melissa Harris Perry said. Beck is a shameless charltan who deserves no audience.

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Apr-12-13 7:49 AM

Google "Shin Dong-hyuk" for the textbook example kids not belonging to their parents, but rather belonging to the collective.

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Apr-12-13 7:43 AM

Large centralized governments have only brought about death, poverty, and enslavement. Please show me where it has worked. In some ways, it depends on how you define "worked". One of the reasons Rome defeated the Greek city states is that Rome was a large, centralized government and the Greeks chose a decentralized form of government. Also, I would like to know what the author considers examples of small, decentralized governments that have "worked". That would help focus this discussion.

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Apr-12-13 7:40 AM

Progressives have always believed that the gov't should create superior citizens by using technology.

The earliest progressive support for abortion was based on the belief that blacks were inferior and slowing the population growth was a benefit for society.

The same progressive thinking was the underlying principle for the Aryan race and Doctor Mengele's disgusting experiments on humans.

Today, progressives have greater technology at their disposal, including genetic mapping.

Is this where they are going again?

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Apr-12-13 6:35 AM

I believe that people are more important than profits.

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Apr-12-13 6:21 AM

"The more freebees you accept, the more the government will control you."


Worth restating. Now who's your daddy?

Do you look forward to your Social Security check, Medicaid, Medicare, unemployment benefits, getting your children feed at school by SNAP, government to create legislation to favor your business, etc.? And you say "I deserve these because I paid into the system."

Then you are dependent upon the government. Instead you could have put that portion of money away to cover these scenarios when they happen.

This desensitization will lead to us thinking children do belong to the state instead of them belonging to God and He has entrusted us with raising them.

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Apr-12-13 6:04 AM

All totalitarian governments throughout history have first claimed ownership of children. When government is not obliged to respect the rights of the natural family, it has no obligation to respect property rights at all. All human beings have an inherent, fundamental claim, preexisting to government to their own progeny. These communists know that once they have redefined marriage without regard to the natural ties that bind children to their parents, and parents to their children, according to the "laws of nature", there is no claim of property those who control government cannot eventually undo. This campaign to deny the natural rights of family sets the stage for totalitarianism, and the end of economic freedom.

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Apr-12-13 5:28 AM

MSDNC's "Lean Forward" campaign automatically brings images of that person seated in the day room of a mental institution, in a straight jacket, leaning forward with that dazed look watching the tv oblivious of the reality that surrounds them..

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Apr-12-13 4:07 AM

You forgot to mention that the Nazis took a very similiar stance on the education of children in Germany during Adolph Hilter's time in power. Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts, absolutely. We are just about done here.

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