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Accountability demanded by protesters

April 23, 2013

Earth Day — a day to remember the importance of clean air, land and water — became a day of protest Monday in Williamspor....

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Apr-24-13 6:54 PM

Crimeindasuites1 should be investigated immediately!!!!!!! Its OK I have already dropped a call to the FBI?

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Apr-24-13 6:50 PM

Bill Ayers planted a bomb in a police station and tried to kill police officers! He's no different then the terrorist's in Boston!!!!!!!!!!! MORON!!!!!!!!!

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Apr-24-13 8:56 AM

Thanks Crimesindasuites for the supportive comment. Bobbie2--lies about Riverdale? Ha! Like WHAT? Perhaps you think you can make generic accusations--anonymously no less--without having to put any substance to them. LIke the child who flails his fists in the air. WHAT lies? What precisely?

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Apr-24-13 7:52 AM

First of all if these people wanted to do something productive for earth day they should have planted trees, picked up garbage or held down a steady job not waste their time protesting. Second if you have a problem with the drilling regulations go to the politicians that wrote them. This is the equivalent of protesting at the police station because the speed limit is too low.

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Apr-24-13 1:37 AM

And how come nobody complained when all the crap was dumped in the river for the last hundred years, good luck eating anything fish out of there. I'd rather drink frac fluid than swim in that river.

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Apr-24-13 1:32 AM

You can always tell the ones are not getting any money and feel cheated, there the ones complaining the loudest. The roads up north have never been in better shape as they are today, bought and paid for by the gas compaanies using them. I'm tired of spending what I use to spend on a weeks worth of groceries to fill my gas tank in my car. I am so thankful to have CLEAN BURNING NATURAL GAS in my house, instead of paying over 4 bucks a gallon for heating oil. This industry has brought so many jobs to this area, and has given so many other options for work besides walmart and a fast food joint, I for one am thankful that they are here and hope they stay. I know you'll never make everybody happy, and there will always be those people that if they found a rainbow in there yard, they would complain that somebody left a pot of gold there.

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Apr-23-13 5:44 PM

If fracturing is so safe, why can't the industry be held to the same standards as everyone else?

Fracturing is exempted from the Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act and Safe Drinking Water Act.

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Apr-23-13 4:59 PM

Alternative energy sources create massive amounts of pollution.

There is no free lunch.

Energy must come from somewhere.

Hydraulic fracturing is safe. There are no problems except with surface spills....and even then, it is less harmful than a sewage spill or fuel spill.

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Apr-23-13 1:35 PM

I meant to hit 'agree' on Wendy Lynn Lee's comment. Bill Ayers is a respected educator. Bernardine Dohrn helped more children get justice in Chicago through the legal office she worked at that then people posting defamatory insinuations against Ms. Lee will ever help. If you don't LIKE earth day--don't go. Why does this newspaper cover the fracking issue like it's a 'he said' 'she said' debate? Contaminated water is contaminated water.

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Apr-23-13 1:27 PM

Bobbie2: "What's the difference between Wendy Lee, Bill Ayers, Bernadine Dohrn or Kathie Boudin?" "Was whack job Wendy Lee there handing out tinfoil hats?"

My response: "Mr. anonymous Bobbie2, absolutely I was there. And I have the guts to stand on my principles in a public forum. Let me know when you've grown out of childish name-calling, ludicrous comparison, and when you're up for a debate on the facts. But beware. If this is the best you can come up with, I have already won."

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Apr-23-13 10:36 AM

Oh boy, @Katlymc, are you REALLY that naive? Do you not know about the plant that blew up in Texass? The dangerous one right in the middle of a town that pretty much doesn't exist any more? Texass does not HAVE any zoning regulations. They only care about the $$$$$ and when that's gone (or exploded away) the jobs will be gone, too. I certainly hope your hubby survives this wonderful job.

Oh, and btw, we don't need a spelling lesson...we use "frackers" and "fracking" deliberately. It's pretty close to what we really mean.

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Apr-23-13 10:31 AM

First of all, let me say thank you to the SG for even allowing comments on an article like this. We all know what side THEY are on. Next, while this is a volatile emotional issue and I don't know all the science behind it, I can say there is a lot of collateral damage due to these frackers.

The roads in the area are becoming a horror story from all the truckage related to these frackers. The prices in SOME of the grocery stores used by these frackers have been deliberately increased to take advantage of this new clientele. And, while I could go on and on about the ecological damage, many here have already noted the problems. It's a frackin' mess!

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Apr-23-13 10:31 AM

Being a fracers wife, it's frac not frack. We moved down to Texas for him to work. They don't protest down here. They drill for oil right next to the highways! If it was that dangerous my husband and other workers would not be doin because of the harmful chemicals. They have company's that help clean up. Most of the people that have protest have pads on their land and are making good money off of it. The frac boom in pa has created a lot of jobs.

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Apr-23-13 9:26 AM


You would love to silence me.

Typical request of a weak-minded liberal.

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Apr-23-13 9:25 AM


That is correct. All of that radium and barium comes from natural sources underground.

But "facts" are irrelevant to the close-minded. No different than those liberals who believed blacks had inferior minds.

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Apr-23-13 8:58 AM

Born Here, exactly right. The gas industry has been fighting not having to tell all because they know that what they use is not good for the environment and especially our water supply. They are just so happy to have a puppet like Tommy Corbett in office so they can get away with polluting PA and then we will all hear, hey it wasn't our fault that you can't drink the water or breathe the air.

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Apr-23-13 8:56 AM

omg, erik....just stop with your stupid remarks. We all know are the gas industry cheerleader but honestly we don't want to hear anymore!

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Apr-23-13 8:55 AM

Feb. 2013

Waste water from fracking is 3,609 times more radioactive than the Federal limit for drinking water standards and 300 times more radioactive than the Nuclear Regulatory Commission for nuclear plant discharges.

USGS and Penn State University studies show that waste water from fracking contains high levels of Radium and Barium.

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Apr-23-13 8:00 AM

I agree, Erik. Everyone wants cheaper energy and cleaner energy, just what NG provides, yet they don't want to do what it takes to extract it. The facts are that solar and wind are not viable alternatives yet in most of the country. Also, wind kills thousands of birds every year, but I guess that faction of the eviro whackos will have to fight it out with those who want wind. And, what about the massive arrays of solar panels in the desert? I would bet there is some critter there who is being disrupted by these panels, but I guess that is ok. Hmm, many double standards.

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Apr-23-13 7:16 AM

We're all for domestic energy production. Clean and safe production. All Erik cares about is pimpin' for the gas companys. Not thinking long term at all.

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Apr-23-13 7:14 AM

"...making the earth cleaner..." LOL. Guess I probably shouldn't chuckle given the fact that you're probably serious. You and Jeffy are VERY shortsighted individuals.

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Apr-23-13 7:05 AM

Lynne Whelden claimed there are some radioactive elements in hydraulic fracturing fluid.

Like someone who finds out that hamburger is made from cows, Lynne, thinks she has made a major "find", but has only discovered that millions of products have some form of radioactivity.

The levels and type of radioactivity are important, not simply its presence.

It indicates that either Lynn is an uneducated fool or she wishes to create hysteria by using the chilling term "radioactive".

The truth is that there are no dangerous radioactive ingredients of hydraulic fracturing fluid. If there were, workers would need protection.

The truth is that much more harmful radioactive materials are found naturally in the ground, but are disposed in the process.

In effect, the gas industry is making the earth cleaner by removing radon, uranium and other products from deep within the planet.

Lynn should be thanking them.

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Apr-23-13 6:58 AM

Even if the industry revealed the detailed ingredients (general ingredients are known) of their fracturing fluid, these people would not stop.

This is an unhappy group that opposes any domestic energy that is extracted by American workers.

They prefer their solar panels be made in China and subsidized with billions of taxpayer dollars while seniors get no increases in their cost of living adjustments.

These people have no clue about energy production and would prefer it stays "over there", in the hands of terrorist states.

These are deniers of reality and opponents of progress.

No amount of disclosure will ever satisfy them.

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Apr-23-13 5:29 AM

These protesters should of started protesting when the gas companies started coming in and leasing land back 4 or 5 years ago.

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