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Industrial explosion

April 25, 2013

After arriving home from work decided to check the late night news and was knocked out about another explosion this time in TX. A fertilizer plant no less in a small town....

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Apr-26-13 6:31 PM


LOL. Thanks for the laugh.


I know right, go figure.


I think everyone has figured out on there own that you are a libertarian-conservative. That's cool man, it's a free country. I totally get that your money is YOUR money and that YOU earned it. We both can scream flat tax till we are blue in the face but that just isn't the way it is. So, chillax man. - But to directly answer your question, YES, I expect someone other then the kids who get the breakfast to pay for the breakfast. I'm happy if that person is me and I really wish it WASN'T you. I wish we had an Ron Paul-style opt-out social safety net so that you could keep every red cent you've every earned. But we don't have that system and until we do, you'll just have to live with the social safety net that has been negotiated over the last eighty years. The country's got a lot of problems Erik, I think paying for breakfast for kids is pretty far down the list.

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Apr-26-13 8:39 AM

Well Erik, it's not "fair" if only the kids with responsible parents get to have breakfast.

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Apr-26-13 6:50 AM


But you didn't tell us that the liberal website also said someone else should pay and serve the breakfast to the kids.

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Apr-25-13 9:42 PM

"Jerr the dolt"

Good Lord man, you have come up in the world.

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Apr-25-13 7:50 PM

And contrast THAT to babies slaughtered in and out of the womb. They eat nothing and get no grades.

Take your moral high ground and shove it.

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Apr-25-13 7:18 PM


RE: that fortliberty site.

What the heck man! LOL. Among other advice you'll find there, move overseas to avoid paying taxes & invest every dollar you have and never take it out.

Contrast THAT website to a 'liberal' site I visited today that discussed how kids that eat breakfast get much better grades those kids who don't.

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Apr-25-13 7:13 PM

Chuck you forgot to tell us how it was George Bush and Congressional Republicans fault like you do with every other problem facing the nation.

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Apr-25-13 6:18 PM

I just got done watching President Obama's eulogy at the memorial service in Texas and I have to say I have never been more proud of of him than I was today.

Kudos Mr. Obama.

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Apr-25-13 5:34 PM

Hey USA, that is straight from the fortliberty website, so no it doesn't worry me because I doubt it exists. By the way that is one strange website for sure.

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Apr-25-13 5:31 PM

The crane that was inspected by OSHA prior to its collapse , was erected by union workers.

Must have been shoddy craftsmanship!

(see, I can jump to conclusions as well)

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Apr-25-13 4:13 PM

What Obama has done, in a very creative way, is create his own secret police force which is above all American law — even the U.S. Constitution — and shield it completely from transparency. Not even the U.S. Congress has the authority to access the records of American Interpol agents working in the United States — following the secret orders of Barack Obama.

If that doesn’t worry you, you’re not paying attention.

Obama is intent on destroying the rights of Americans, one way or another!

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Apr-25-13 4:11 PM

I am not really worried about European secret police working in the United States. I can’t see German cops kicking in doors in the American suburbs, looking for traitors to the Obama regime. To best honest, I can’t take them seriously — Americans would kill them. The average American teenager is more than a match for the typical Eurocop. They are simply out of their league. As Rick said to Major Strasser in Casablanca when asked if he could imagine Germans in New York, “Well there are certain sections of New York, Major, that I wouldn’t advise you to try to invade.”

What I am worried about though is that these aren’t Europeans. Interpol agents working in America are Americans. Worse, they are Americans who are recruited and paid by the executive branch of our federal government — i.e. Barack Obama.


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Apr-25-13 4:10 PM

Interpol’s records are exempt from FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) queries and are not even vulnerable to subpoena by a court order.

Andy McCarthy asks the right questions in Why Does Interpol Need Immunity From American Law?:

Why would we elevate an international police force above American law? Why would we immunize an international police force from the limitations that constrain the FBI and other American law-enforcement agencies? Why is it suddenly necessary to have, within the Justice Department, a repository for stashing government files which, therefore, will be beyond the ability of Congress, American law-enforcement, the media, and the American people to scrutinize?


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Apr-25-13 4:10 PM

Talk about rules, regulations and laws!!! Here is some info that first came out in the Washington Post and has been picked up by a number o other news organizations.

Americans have a long history of opposition to secret police forces, but that era may now be drawing to a close.

Barack Obama recently signed an amendment to Executive Order 12425. Obama’s amendment to Executive Order 12425 gives Interpol authorization to operate in the United States and exempts them from all U.S. laws.

Interpol’s records are exempt from FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) queries and are not even vulnerable to subpoena by a court order.

Andy McCarthy asks the right questions in Why Does Interpol Need Immunity From American Law?:


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Apr-25-13 3:55 PM

China has a gov't with total control over every aspect of their citizens' lives.....but no concern for safety.

That is the utopia that liberals hope to establish here.

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Apr-25-13 12:57 PM

Chuck seems to think that an OSHA inspection guarantees absolute safety. Like that crane in NYC that collapsed just days after an inspection. If you can't be safe without OSHA, then why did it take 20 years for this explosion to happen? And why didn't they have an OSHA inspection in 20 years? Could it be that government employees are lazy or worse, crooked. It's not like there is any shortage of OSHA inspectors. After all for 12 of those last 20 years we had Democrats in charge. Big government did not prevent this and neither would bigger government. It does however, give a false sense of security at the cost of freedom.

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Apr-25-13 12:26 PM

I saw the report about this fire on WNEP News, and it's said that approximately 15 people died in the explosion. When the fire broke out prior to the explosion, nobody knew about the fire, but when the explosion went off and killed 15 people, it made the top story for news channels everywhere. As Texas is a "Right to Work" state, I would imagine there are as many "Union" workers in Texas as there are in Pennsylvania. The state of Texas is literally booming with business, and even though Texas has its problems just like everybody else, they're doing more things right than they're doing things wrong. Here's a thought, next time, should Texas threaten to leave the Union, we really shouldn't let them leave the Union, as they don't deserve to be part of the confederacy anymore. In 1865, Texas agreed to return to the Union, and when we allowed them to return to the Union in acceptance of their apology, we will not allow them to leave the Union, like we did back in 1

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Apr-25-13 9:29 AM

Sham-Wow said "..And, what "better" example, of that, than "conservatives'" search for the "truth"...right after the Benghazi-incident...right??"

Don't mean to get off-topic, but that needs rebutted. Shammy - the main reason that conservatives demanded answers about Benghazi was because the story coming from the administration (riots caused by some You-Tube video) was so obviously a lie and an attempt at a cover-up.

Now back to the current thread.

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Apr-25-13 9:06 AM

Having retired from as a Senior Engineer with a company that manufactures medium caliber ammunition for the military, I can testify that safety and risk management are the top concerns for a company that handles dangerous materials or engages in dangerous activities. Everyone understands that a mishap can cause loss of life and his or her company to close or operate at a loss for years. Insurers are harder to please than OSHA.

Investigation usually attributes the cause of accidents to human error. In cases at the company where I worked it was a worker not following well established safety procedures like not using non-sparking tools or in one case a maintenance supervisor tried to open a clogged drain where explosives were present, with a hammer and chisel.

Regulations and union rules won’t eliminate human error.

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Apr-25-13 8:33 AM

"Shammy - Typical of a leftist, pick and choose what to comment on but never reveal the full truth. The rest of the post stated "Deregulation is a good goal, we do not need thousands upon thousands of regulations, just commonsense regs and enforcement of those." So yes, I am for allowing the market to regulate itself up to a point." - CarlHiller


Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh..."up to a point"!!!

Gee...whatta hard-and-fast, "specific" commitment!!!!

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Apr-25-13 8:30 AM

"'re calling Rick Perry a LIBERAL???!!!!"--MrShaman


He is a crony politician. Donate money to the political campaign and you will get some business perks." - ToTEXASfromPA

*'re saying the Texas-economy was QUITE capable of cleaning-up (after), and reconstructing ALL that was destroyed (within the SAME time-frame as the Federal-government)...all, on their own, right??

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Apr-25-13 8:26 AM

I find it funny, private industry creates a disaster but wants the government to fix it. We are still paying for the 2010 Michigan tar sands oil spill. You created the problem, you fix it and be held accountable for the deaths that you caused.

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Apr-25-13 8:25 AM

"It would be best to investigate and get facts into what caused it before jumping to conclusions." - ToTEXASfromPA


...And, what "better" example, of that, than "conservatives'" search for the "truth"...right after the Benghazi-incident...right??

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Apr-25-13 8:20 AM

"Federal regulations are all too often opportunities to punish successful businesses and eliminate small businesses by regulating them out of existence through ever costlier regulatory demands." - WKnapp


At least, those smaller-companies that still exist...after LARGER companies (who can AFFORD to fight federal-regulations) have already bought-OUT any "smaller companies" (i.e. the competition).

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Apr-25-13 8:19 AM

Before reading the other comments, just more blather from Chuck. The Federal government has many agencies and departments that are doing basically the same thing, so there is no excuse why OSHA has to be understaffed or underfunded.

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