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Rep. criticizes gas fee, Corbett budget, visitors bureau

April 30, 2013

State Rep....

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Apr-30-13 4:00 PM


From the Sun 11/28/12: The local service tax that collects a dollar a week from township businesses for every worker on payroll has provided most of the means for easing the property tax burden, township Manager Bill Burdett said."

From 12/4/12; "But frugal spending, efficient collection of a new tax and not counting chickens before they are hatched are the real reasons this tax reduction is possible." Looks like they got a lot of money from a tax, from workers no less. ACT 13 was only $244,000 and will go for paving along with liquid fuel tax

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Apr-30-13 3:14 PM

weldnpipe said:

"On the other hand, what benefit or reduction have you seen from the millions Pa has recieved from leases and royalties? Thats right, none."

Here is where I prove you to be a complete liar.

Loyalsock cut their property taxes in half thanks, in part, to the Act 13 monies and, in part, due to fiscal conservatism.

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Apr-30-13 2:45 PM


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Apr-30-13 1:44 PM

Hey rick and pinecr this should make you happy.

USA TODAY April 29, 2013.

Leading Dems top Corbett in Pa. for Governors race. Corbett has had low approval ratings for months over the state's economy and the handling of the Sandusky case.

47% of the voters in Pa. disapprove of his job performance.

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Apr-30-13 10:39 AM

Rick, I could not agree with you more, tax the*****out of the gas industry, maybe they will leave this state and not return

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Apr-30-13 9:53 AM

And if I remember correctly, they also have no sales tax in Ak either.

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Apr-30-13 9:41 AM

"Alaska repealed its personal income tax as the result of a strong gas severance tax"

Thats correct Carl, they also file to recieve a check for every family member, every year, instead of paying. Oil industy hasn't left there yet. On the other hand, what benefit or reduction have you seen from the millions Pa has recieved from leases and royalties? Thats right, none. Why we should even need a school tax is beyond me, when this new revenue could easily pay for education, not selling the liquor buisness for a one time profit!

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Apr-30-13 8:52 AM

Here we go again. Representative Mirabito spewing his falsehoods about the Visitors Bureau and the Chamber. I understand he got a 3 page response from the Chamber with tons of documentation. I guess he failed to mention that. He needs to be transparent and he needs to stop spreading his lies.

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Apr-30-13 8:44 AM

Remember, folks, it was these same liberals who proposed to turn I80 into a toll road so the money could go to Philly and Pitt with nothing leftover.

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Apr-30-13 7:53 AM

Tax tax, tax tax tax! Why is it every time a politician has an idea, that idea starts with picking my pocket? When is enough enough? I think it's never enough. I'm far from wealthy, but when u look at a weekly pay stub and see almost 1000$ taken out in taxes, it makes me sick! Who the h@#l am I working for? u will pay more on taxes then u would for child support on 3 kids and spousal support. Imagine that, they think they should have more of your money then your family!!

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Apr-30-13 7:36 AM

Sorry to let you down Tedeaux but we are not the same, however I do agree with him, especially the joke called Act 13. The gas industry's republican sponsored bill to help the industry not the people directly affected by the gas well in their neighborhood. Instead we might use it for infrastructure that will tear up more land and benefit the industry, or we can use it to promote NG vehicles so the industry can sell more gas, make more money and raise the price of NG so people on here can complain, or we can use it for an airport or send it to Philly where the republicans banned fracing in certain affluent suburbs. Funny how the republicans work when it comes to cooperate welfare.

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Apr-30-13 7:18 AM

Oh, God, please, no more Sarah Palin. Her 15 minutes stayed FAR too long. I say tax the h*ll out these guys, they're not going anywhere and it WILL be needed for the inevitable environmental clean up.

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Apr-30-13 7:07 AM

The reason 47% goes out of the area is because that was the compromise with legislators who have no shame to be drilled.

Democrats wanted 100% of all gas taxes to go to Harrisburg and then get distributed back out based on political power.....meaning Philly and Pitt first and everyone else second.

Mirabito is just another liberal who wants to control all the money so whatever he gives back to you is just enough to get your vote.

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Apr-30-13 6:36 AM

They are all of the same, if they spent enough time and energy concentrating on putting people back to work in this failure of an economy, as they do trying to invent new ways of taking away money, the government would see an increase in revenue from the economic activity that a prosperous economy generates.

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Apr-30-13 6:00 AM

I love it when you put these two quotes back to back......

'"I can't see increasing a tax unless we know where the money is going in the first place," he said.

"We don't know what due diligence was done, if any, before giving it out," he said.'

Same old and spend.

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Apr-30-13 5:45 AM

"We end up at the end of the day with about 47 percent going out of the area,". Sorry Rick, but that's just an inherent evil in State and Federal taxation. Also I thought that was a key component of the Democrat platform - redistribution of wealth. Nothing will ever change that except for getting rid of taxes at the State and Federal levels and controlling spending at those levels.

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Apr-30-13 5:40 AM

The linear thinking of a lib. Severance tax - impact fee, what's the difference? A tax is a tax is a tax. More taxes to spend on their pet projects. "Sarah Palin had a tax on oil and gas in Alaska," he said." That's only a part of the truth, Alaska repealed its personal income tax as the result of a strong gas severance tax. Linear thinking cannot produce a prosperous state or nation. There is much more involved than increasing or instituting new taxes. Statutory rates tell us very little about a particular tax burden. Credits, limits, deductions, and how they are imposed all have an effect on tax rates. Any comparison of statutory severance tax rates tells us little about the total tax burdens. A more accurate assessment of relative tax burdens would calculate the overall effective tax rate of all taxes. But the one core component never spoken by a politician is that the consumer pays all the taxes, one way or another.

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Apr-30-13 2:41 AM

Is it just the spin that the reporter is putting on any article where Rick Mirabito's name is mentioned or is it that Rick is the politician that never meet a tax that he didn't like? Not only does he love taxes, he wants to control how they are spent as well! Rick sounds like a one string guitar with talk of taxes. And by the way, what are the chances that our liberal representative Mirabito and our liberal commentor "Rick424" are the same person?

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Apr-30-13 2:36 AM

Mirabito, the typical liberal dumbocrat! He would prefer the tax and spend ways of "Fast Ed" Rendell.

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