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Time to produce jobs

May 5, 2013

We need more jobs and economic growth in Pennsylvania, so we can’t sit on the sidelines when over 1,000 good Pennsylvania jobs could be lost to out-of state workers....

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May-05-13 2:33 AM

Are there really that many skilled workers available in central PA?

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May-05-13 6:57 AM

Yes, we have many skilled workers. Those who really want to work are probably working. The problem we have here, as has been evidenced by the natural gas industry, is that we have a labor force that is unwilling to work the hours and days that are required by many companies from outside our area. You cannot go hunting and fishing all the time, you will miss some family functions (ask those of us who are self employed if we enjoy that and you will hear that it is just part of the job) and you will work nights and weekends. Many gas industry folks I have spoken with have said they had to bring in staffing from outside the area due to the work habits of our residents. That said, I also know many who have and are doing very well with the gas industry because they understand that the job requires certain sacrifices in order to make the job work and to make that good paycheck. So, while I hope local labor is used, I can see where it may be augmented with outside workers.

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May-05-13 7:03 AM

Isn't this one of the power plants that is being proposed in the Montgomery area that is being protested by Wendy and her gang?

Anyway, most of the work will be bid out with the lowest competing bid winning, regardless of where they are located. In projects like these, the case is usually the GC (General Contractor) will be an out of state company, with many of the subcontractors falling to PA companies.

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May-05-13 7:09 AM

Nobud, my son works in the gas ind. and everything you said is true. It does require long hours, on -call status. You do make good money and get good benefits. His co. has been hiring for months, most don't want the long hours or can't pass the drug test.They have had to ship in people from other states just to maintain a crew. It's a good opportunity if you are willing to put in the time.

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May-05-13 7:39 AM

When people say things like this, it shows their ignorance in how projects are executed well. It sounds like a politician talking.

From the owner's project team to the primary contractor (from management to on-site supervision to hourly workers) to the sub-contractors (again from management to on-site supervision to hourly works), they need the ability to put the best teams on the project. Much of the work will be bid out in sub-contracts whereas some will be self-performed.

Each of these companies have developed teams, processes, procedures, and project controls to do the work efficiently and effectively. They have databases of people that they know can do particular work and will follow the company to different sites. Many Pennsylvanians will be employed; many local businesses will benefit.

US citizens ought to be able to work in any state they want. Pennsylvanians should not be restricted from working in other states.

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May-05-13 7:46 AM

The projects bring jobs to the area it also brings non-residents to work on them. Especially those who are not union and willing to work for less.

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May-05-13 7:48 AM

If you listen closely they will say they are going to bring jobs. They never say it will be permanent or that it will go to local residents.

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May-05-13 7:59 AM

Yea TTfP, it would be just like any other major construction project. Look at the names on the job trailers doing the work on the sewer plant. They are all local companies (local being PA).

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May-05-13 8:12 AM

Hiring local unemployed people and asking them to work a 24 hour call schedule in the oilfield does have it's challenges!

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May-05-13 8:39 AM

Several guys I worked with in my mill along with several others from the other mills at the company I work for left to work for the gas companies. They are all now working out of state or have quit taking a lesser paying job than what they had here. They were hired but not for the jobs in state.

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May-05-13 8:40 AM

Our President will not rest until every American who wants a job has one. He said so.........

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May-05-13 8:42 AM

Yes Chuck, many of the drillers have temporarily moved operations to Ohio and West Virginia, they however plan on coming back once lines and infrastructure are put in place.

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May-05-13 10:14 AM

That is not what the former workers were told.

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May-05-13 10:52 AM

The GC for this project will be from out of the area....there are no local GCs who have experience building power plants.

It is stupid to think one contractor is just like every other.

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May-05-13 10:53 AM

The gas industry has also moved to North Dakota where they do not have protesters demonstrating and liberals rubbing their hands together for the tax revenue.

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May-05-13 11:26 AM

Another anti government, tax, liberal rant form pinhead Eric.

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May-05-13 12:05 PM

We need not only gas co. jobs here but manufacturing jobs. So many have closed/ left the area. There's a segment of the population here who have worked these types of jobs thier whole lives. Too young to retire but old enough that college would not be worthwhile at this stage of thier lives. This whole country needs to start making things again and do it competatively.

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May-05-13 12:24 PM


Domestic, low-cost energy will produce manufacturing jobs, but we still need to address taxes, regulations and the unwillingness by some to actually work.

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May-05-13 3:15 PM

Well said, Charles..

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May-05-13 6:03 PM

The liberals on this forum do not understnd that liberals in Harrisburg will not stop drilling, just tax the*****out of it in order to line their own pockets.

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May-05-13 6:24 PM


I do agree there will be a lot from PA that fill the jobs (probably the majority) but if Moxie doesn't want to make a pledge to the government officials that ALL jobs (at least that is the way I interpreted the LTE) will be filled from PA residents, it is because they probably plan on using other contractors and/or subs to do or supervise the job.

In looking at some of the experiences and past projects that the company leadership has worked on, several of the GC's were from other states. I would suspect they would bid these companies that they have had good experiences with.

In the end, I believe that we both would think the free-market ought to be allowed to determine how it goes and keep the government from dictating.

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May-05-13 6:35 PM

TTfP, I agree. Google "Construction of Front Royal power plant sparks hiring" and read the Shenandoah Valley article about them gas power plant going in there.

The GC is from TX. People go to where the jobs are and to think that a contractor building a project needs to use only local labor is just plain ridiculous.

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May-05-13 6:41 PM

...and for Mr. Reeders information, these type of construction projects pay very well, union or not and you will not see those "undocumented workers" at these type of job sites.

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May-06-13 7:12 AM

The reason Gas Companies are going to North Dakota is farmers and ranchers cannot prevent drillers from drilling.

The rights to the minerals below these farms and ranches were separated from the rights to the land decades ago.

All of this drilling is being done without anyone's consent, so drilling companies are doing whatever they want.

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May-06-13 8:39 AM

For my information, how sweet. They are temporary jobs and I'm not the one who wrote the letter complaining that locals not getting these jobs. But as usual Mr. Ferringer you are clueless.

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