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Area man OK with PA gun laws, has trouble finding some ammunition

May 6, 2013

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May-07-13 9:45 AM

"Let me tell you how liberals see the Second Amendment." - eriklatranyi


This is the result of some kind of door-to-door survey you'd done??

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May-06-13 7:48 PM

Well, the interviewee has a few dim bulbs in his chandalier, but at least they're all lit.

Pennsylvania's Uniform Firearms Act is pretty reasonable. Philthadelphia's big-city statist mindset is a real pain in the ass, but I guess that's to be expected.

Interesting is the fact that PA has long had a requirement to transfer handguns through an FFL licensee. When I lived in Williamsport (which was all of my formative years and then some), I found the two-day waiting period for handgun purchases more of a stitch than the FFL requirement.

That said, I understand this guy's priorities. Being a Jersey Shore bumpkin, an afternoon out on the mountain busting tin cans is just the cat's ass. Not so much for Philly's urban dwellers - their need to bust caps doesn't involve tin cans and .22's, rather street monsters and .45's, and Philly's leftist mindset has always been to obstruct their ability to fulfill that need.

He's got one thing dead in the X-ring, though. The Second Amendment i

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May-06-13 7:32 PM

Let me tell you how liberals see the Second Amendment.

First, you have a right to a single-shot firearm, disassembled and locked in a safe inside your home.

Second, if you wish to obtain a concealed carry permit, weonly have to look to our largest cities like New York, Chicago and Los need to be "politically connected" to get a carry permit...and even then, it is no guarantee.

You see, liberals want a world where the supporters of the established gov't get the perks of the constitution, while those who desire a return to limited gov't are deprivied their constitutional rights.

This is how it has been done in socialist countries for over a hundred years.....and Democrats want to bring th8s to the United States.

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May-06-13 1:11 PM

"The ammo shortage is the proof that no American wants to be defenseless." - Woolrich


...And, will fall for whatever sales-and-marketing scam that tells them they ARE "defenseless"...if they're NOT hoarding ammo.

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May-06-13 12:26 PM

Hillary 2016!!

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May-06-13 8:24 AM

I think Mr. Orion Bovard makes some good points about the constitution & firearms but mispoke on the 3-5 day waiting period. He must not have purchased a gun in quite sometime because there in not a 3-5 day waiting period. That is what the Nic system is for an instant background check to see if you are prevented from owning firearms. The system is a National system that is supposed to be free but pa charges extra to do its on check on top of the national check. Which is one of the things that pa does that should be changed.

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May-06-13 7:57 AM

The only good thing Obama has done becoming President was to raise awareness of our second amendment rights by trying to chalange the constitution. Imagine a President that is arrogant enough to think he is above the founding fathers by challanging the very documents of freedom that this country was founded upon?????? He has scared so many non gun owners into gun ownership to take advantage of a freedom they have been neglecting. The ammo shortage is the proof that no American wants to be defenseless.

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May-06-13 6:46 AM



She just doesn't provide defense for US consulates. See Benghazi." - ToTEXASfromPA


....aka B.S.!!!!!


See: Benghazi Review Panel Member: Fox-Promoted GOP Claims Against Clinton

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May-06-13 6:32 AM

I take issue with two things mentioned. Nowhere in the Second Amendment does it say "More than anything else, for recreational purposes" and Pa does not require a permit to carry a weapon. A concealed carry permit is required to carry a firearm concealed on ones body or to transport it in an automobile. Pa has an "open carry law" where anyone of age can carry a handgun openly virtually anywhere without a permit.

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May-06-13 6:01 AM



She just doesn't provide defense for US consulates. See Benghazi.

Those are nice and loving people in Libya that would never hurt US citizens, especially a member of the Obama administration! They luv Barack!

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May-06-13 4:58 AM

"I don't like the fact at all that I can't target shoot anymore. I can't find the ammunition. A lot of stores just don't sell .22-caliber ammunition anymore. It just sells so quickly. I guess people are afraid they won't be able to get it (so they stock up)," Bovard said.

"You really seemed to notice it after a lot of talk about the president's wish to ban assault weapons," he added."


In other words..."AL GORE IS GONNA TAKE YOUR GUNS 'N AMMO!!" & "JOHN KERRY IS GONNA TAKE YOUR GUNS 'N AMMO!!" & "BARACK OBAMA IS GONNA TAKE YOUR GUNS 'N AMMO!!" (all) worked-out, better-than-expected.

At least the weapons/ammo businesses can take comfort in the fact, there won't be significant time/money wasted (on sales-and-marketing efforts), for "HILLARY CLINTON IS GONNA TAKE YOUR GUNS 'N AMMO!!"

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