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Blame of gas drilling for water problems often inaccurate

May 10, 2013

This is not the first time it has happened and we are betting it won’t be the last. There is methane contamination fouling up the water in a northeastern Pennsylvania well. Gas drilling is blamed....

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May-16-13 5:30 PM

Funny a guy who works for the industry but doesn't live near it. That should tell you something.

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May-16-13 12:39 PM

Excuse me, but gentlemen, I do know the gas industry and I do know what is going on. It is not perfect, but I have worked with it for 3 years. Are some complaints ligitimate...Yes, but not all and the hype is way out of control. So unless you are an expert on the subject....stop spreading non-truths!

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May-16-13 9:10 AM

Bigfan, you have no idea what is going on in the gas industry and the fracking process...just like all of the radiation now appearing in the landfills from the waste from the gas is toxic*****they use and will hurt our water supply and our air quality...DEP puts out all of this propaganda on behalf of Tommy Corbett and the gas industry and you buy it!

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May-16-13 9:08 AM

Rick, I couldn't agree with you more. Lets tell the people of Dimmock that had wonderful water wells until the gas industry started drilling that the drilling did not cause their wells to go bad...and I could tell you of so many more. DEP is a joke!

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May-15-13 9:05 AM

It sure is interesting that I live in an area not even close to gas well drilling and I have issues with methane. Hmmm...could it be just a natural thing of nature as we were told over the last 25 years? Com on people, realize that below the earth are millions of years of decay from animals, plants and so happens as a natural process and has been happening for centuries. Put a monitor on your well like the rest of have done for 25 years!

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May-13-13 7:19 AM

Any 'governmental department' is going to support the Gas Industry because they're a government revenuing industry. There is little benefit to the citizens for the gas Industry being here, except of course not having to worry about going to work anymore because of the growing # of layoffs, in the city at non-gas industry employers.

So, no, I wouldn't trust the findings either, becasue in truth, they're always going to favor the Gas Industry.

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May-11-13 1:53 PM

The PA DEP is a shadow of it's former self. It has been gutted and had it's hands tied by the Corbett Administration that is fully funded by this criminal industry. The industry says one thing, does the opposite, and then thrives on the denials. What a joke!

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May-10-13 10:16 AM

Editorial: "The well owners - no surprise - don't trust DEP's findings. We wonder if they would feel that way if the gas company had been found liable."

But - had the shoe been on the other foot - the gas well operator would have immediately accepted "liability", without argument? Don't think so. More likely there would have been at least an attempt at a DEP-brokered settlement and perhaps a DEP penalty. A part of any settlement would be the water well owners' agreement to drop (or not file) any civil lawsuit. The gas well operator would "consent", but not admit liability.

Granted, the PA DEP's finding wouldn't help a civil case. But it's not necessarily the end of the story. A court could "open" the pertinent DEP records and take testimony from other sources.

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May-10-13 9:57 AM

rick, search "Mr. Parson's Well Water". This is a documented case of drinking water contamination caused by fracturing.

Because of legal settlements with landowners these documents are sealed so no one can know the results of other cases of contamination.

It makes you wonder what the industry has to hide.

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May-10-13 7:04 AM

Funny how the problems occurred after the gas well was drilled. Like Norma Fiorentino's well blowing up, or the 12 families in the Woodlands area of Butler county, and there seems to have been a lot of problems in Bradford county with Chesapeake Energy’s Morse well pad. I could fill pages of people's woes since the gas well came to town, but of course there is no way to prove it and of course there are no politicians in sight to help those affected. Oh and good luck in court, hard to fight a multinational cooperation. I tell you what is tiresome, these gas friendly editorials.

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May-10-13 6:47 AM

"But the knee-jerk reaction to blame any water problem on the gas industry gets tiresome."


I'm sure the "BLAME OBAMA" (for everything-else) herd would be MORE-than-happy to welcome these folks to THEIR fold!!

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