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Not invincible

May 19, 2013

This concerns the complaints made against Rep-D Rick Mirabito, by the Visitors Bureau and the Williamsport/Lycoming Chamber of Commerce in a recent editoria....

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May-19-13 1:47 AM

Voicing an opinion is one thing, but Mirabito is sticking his nose into the running of local business.

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May-19-13 5:37 AM

Weldon C. Cohick Jr-"Should we be able to load our grocery carts with booze instead of groceries? Should a family drive into a Dairy Queen for milkshakes for the children and a beer or a mixed drink for Mom and Dad?"

Yes we should. We live in a free society. I'm amazed that I can go to any grocery store in SC and pick up a 6 pack or case of beer or wine/wine coolers. I can go to NY and pick up a 6 pack in any convenience store. But, save for a few Weis Markets and Wegmans, if I want a 6 pack I have make a special trip to a bar to get it or a 'distributor' for a case. If you want wine or distilled spirits a trip to the 'State Store' is needed. PA having these antiquated laws on the selling of alcohol doesn't give us a safety advantage over all the other states, so it's time we come out of the dark ages.

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May-19-13 6:07 AM

You can in fact, go to some grocery stores in PA and fill you cart with beer right now. You pay for it at a separate register. You can also go to a lot of restuarants, sit down and have a mixex drink or beer with your meal and have your kids served a milk shake. So? Why is this a problem for you Weldon? As far as Rick Mirabito is concerned, this is a man that never met a tax he didn't like and he wants to control of the tax spending as well!

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May-19-13 7:06 AM

"Other leading oil and gas producing states charge a severance tax fee on how much gas is produced." Other states also have lower or no corporate tax, but may charge property taxes or personal taxes. Comparing taxation of gas among drilling states is extremely complex because no 2 are exactly alike. While I oppose all forms of tax that are involuntary, corporations do get benefits that lower their taxes compared to an individual (which should be changed due to the Citizen United ruling that proclaimed corporations are people). Corporations do not pay taxes, any tax increase is always passed on to the consumer. oil and gas drillers have paid more than $1.7 billion in corporate state taxes since 2007. Just looking at the impact fee revenue doesn't tell the whole story. This is simply another scheme to raise taxes.

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May-19-13 7:16 AM

"We are losing money with this deal and everyone knows it." No people who can think, understand we are not losing money we have gained additional tax revenues. You cannot lose what you never had.

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May-19-13 8:12 AM

You need look no further than HB357.

Bring on the primary challenge.

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May-19-13 4:21 PM

Carl, The State Stores do, in fact, make money on the sale of liquor. The question is; will the taxes generated from the private sales of liquor and wine replace the profit of the State Stores? I think we should get rid of the State Stores and replace the antiquated sales laws, but that IS a legitimate question that is raised by those who want to keep the State Stores in operation.

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May-20-13 6:01 AM

Mike, My comment was on the issue of gas taxes not the state liquor sales. PA Liquor stores are not losing money. Actually the State liquor stores are quite lucrative for state government. The PA Liquor Control Board posted increased sales for the 2011-12 fiscal year, reaching nearly $2.1 billion, more than 5 percent over the prior year, generating over $490 million in profit and tax revenue for the state treasury which has helped finance other state services. While I am for privatization, facts are facts. Pa citizens need to look a bit deeper into privatization, there is more to the story on both sides of the issue. While privatization may lead to lower liquor costs in the short term, for the state to keep the same revenue from liquor stores they will most assuredly raise liquor taxes, raising liquor prices to where they are currently or higher, costing those who drink more. As they say, The devil is always in the details.

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May-20-13 7:17 PM

@Francine Did you decide if you were going to layoff your employees?

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May-21-13 6:48 AM

freedom of choice in this matter. Mirabito is suggesting taking that freedom away.

If you have the right to kill unborn babies as a way of birth control, you should certainly be allowed to drink yourself to death while you're at it.

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May-21-13 9:26 AM

Beer is available in many places. If Sheetz puts in beers, there are other gas stations. Not only will I stop patronizing their business, but untold hundreds of people I know will follow suit in protest, period.

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May-21-13 11:46 AM

RMiller, here's the problem with what you just said.

If Sheetz starts to carry beer you and HUNDREDS of others will stop giving them your business. That's alright because those "hundreds" of people won't put a dent in their profitability. Because those HUNDREDS of people will be replaced by Hundreds more who will go there because of their marketing decisions and more so, I'm sure Sheetz gets Thousands, if not Millions of customers. Hundreds..isn't going to do a darn thing in protest no matter how much you want to believe it wil.

This isn't a Christianity issue but it sounds like you want it to be. Not everything in this Country should be based on a friggin' religion and it sounds more and more in every LTE like a certain group of people think it should be. Welcome to the Melting Pot known as the United States of America, regardless of what you believe this country was founded on, it's not the same country it once was. The sooner you get used to it, the better off you'

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May-21-13 4:11 PM

wwhickok said:

"This isn't a Christianity issue..."

Christianity promotes healthy drinking. After all, Jesus turned water into wine for a party!

Some merely wish to twist the truth.

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May-22-13 8:22 AM


One, eric is spot on with the assertion of twisting the Scriptures.

Two, setting aside the Biblical mandate of refraining from strong drink, what about stats? Drinking driving, alcoholism, families destroyed by its existence, highway fatalities and lives impacted by losing a loved or more, the cost to taxpayers because it has been labeled a "disease" as opposed to a neglect of self responsibility?

The law stats it is legal. Does that mean it is moral? Do you not believe that there are persons, who are not professing Christians that don't consume alcohol?


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May-22-13 8:28 AM

"the law "states"...not "stats" duh!

There is an absolute truth in the dangers of alcohol, period. That being said, one should consider the given the fact that beer can be obtained in other establishments and outlets, would it not be wise to decrease its availability to the open market by one notch? In this case, a business that serves people driving from 16 years and upwards? The argument to reduce the extra availability on the open market should not be dismissed as a religious thing, rather a "wise" thing.

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May-22-13 4:18 PM

I will be happy to buy beer from Sheetz, just so we are clear.

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