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Those seven passages: The Bible and homosexuality

May 20, 2013

By TIM MANNELLO There may well be some incontrovertible arguments that prove the immorality of homosexuality....

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Sep-06-13 11:58 AM

Let us remember that, according to scriptures, we are not to judge others. That is left to God alone. We are to love all as we love ourselves. Also remember, it is possible to pull anything out of the scriptures in context to make it sound like anything you want.

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Jul-20-13 7:00 AM

Just let people do what they want and who cares what jesus thinks I sure as heck don't mind your own business and it'll be a better world point your nose some where else preferably up your as@

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Jul-03-13 11:10 AM

It frightens me immensely to see intelligent people believing in a god. What is worse is they feel they have the right to judge others based on the alleged beliefs and writings of this fake god. If you choose to be an idiot and a simpleton and believe in a god that is fine. But do not push your beliefs and moral codes on us intelligent, kind and honest realists. Mind your own business and none of this will be an issue. You have absolutely no right to push your awful, bigoted and hateful beliefs on anyone else. In my opinion you should not be allowed to raise children either. This kind of torturous brainwashing is an extreme form of child abuse. And you wonder where mental illness comes from. It comes from your absurd fairy tales!

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Jun-16-13 6:04 AM

Small thinking minds trying to decipher and take literally allegorical text written and rewritten by man, as the word of god and impose their bigoted "mirrored" views on others...How horrible it must be for the haters to see their glass houses being shattered by truth and reason...

Luckily for them no one is casting stones at their perceived imperfections and closed minded ignorance. Judge not, lest ye be judged. Christ's message was of love and acceptance, not hatred and condemnation.

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May-29-13 8:55 PM

sorry Timmy,Romans 1:24 tells us sex between two menor two women is vile, degrading and unnatural.God did not creat normal humans to*****after the same sex.Please don't give the argument that they need to act on their disires. maybe I should just act how ever I please what ever it may be ,does that mean you must go along with it even if it disgusts you? of course not. so keep your ***** lifestyle away from me.

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May-23-13 3:33 PM

Taken right out of the handbook on ways to attempt to deny that Christianity calls homosexuality a sin.

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May-22-13 6:32 PM

Mr. Mannello, Your article presupposes God, His laws and His commandments. Homosexuality is a sin, indeed, it is an abomination before God. It is no wonder Jesus did not provide a carte blanche' for sin in the NT. Sin is sin, and it hasn't adapted to culture. Man cannot make the Scriptures adapt to culture. Culture, mankind has to adapt to Scriptures. The Bible is a mirror. Your attempt to diminish its truth is a ride on the fence of "compromise." Otherwise called, moral relativism. God is the same yesterday, today and forever. That, is an absolute truth.

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