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Fair share and roads

May 24, 2013

I have two things to talk about. First, someone please tell me why the YMCA can have all of the funds to build a new one and the YWCA couldn’t even get enough money to save their heated pool....

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May-28-13 6:46 AM

@RM, This is just from my experience, I think the water in the YM pool is a little cool however, I also think it's very warm in the YMCA altogether so that might be why the water feels cooler.

The YMCA has a large range of programs for people of all ages and life circumstances. The new YMCA is supposed to be expanding on that, improving their pool considerably, their classes and facilities. They have so much to offer, I'm not knocking the YW because, again, I don't go there, but I think it might be safe to say the YMCA offers a great deal more than the YWCA. The YMCA is also open to the entire city (i'm assuming the YW is as well? Idk). I think the ultimate key to this whole discussion is, it is my belief that the usage of the YMCA facilities are much greater than that of the YWCA. I think that's why we see the YMCA being given the funding to rebuild and relocate and improve.

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May-25-13 8:20 AM

We have one public pool open to service the entire city. What's the problem with one pool servicing paying members. I can appreciate warm water for arthritis but the YMCA has a superior program. The YM offers much more than just warm water.

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May-24-13 11:11 PM

I'm not sure why the WY shut its pool down or if there is any conspiracy as to why one gets more support vs. the other. I do know that as one having sever arthritis, the YW was a welcomed relief. The warmth alone of the pool was healing as well as the swimming of laps... I'm thinking of starting at the YM, but have heard the water is cool. I take issue with insurance co.'s that won't pay for water therapy. A membership is much cheaper than monthly regimen of drugs to kill the pain. When I swim/do laps I don't need one pain med. But, hey I'm only the patient. What do I know, right?

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May-24-13 1:38 PM


runners and the point remains the same.

There's no conspiracy here to be found imo.

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May-24-13 1:38 PM

I really think this is as simple as the people making the decision deciding it's not the best financial interest of the YWCA to keep the pool open.

The YMCA isn't limited to just men; Men, Women, and Children participate in activities there that include the pool, gym, child watch, raquet ball, various classes, etc.

They may not have actually gotten a lot of use out of the pool had they chosen to keep it open honestly.

As far as the River Walk, I don't see the problem with this. Isn't the new YMCA going in over near the hospital? It's not fishy, that's your connection and purpose between the River Walk and the Hosptial imo. First of all, those people who might wanna ride their bikes to work or get in an exercise via a bike before/after work, or those who want to cycle to and from the gym, it will be easier to accomplish now with a direct 'bike oriented' route.

The Bike Path is heavily used by cyclists, runners, walkers, etc. So chance my 'bike' comments to walkers and/or

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May-24-13 12:14 PM

I'm not much in the way of conspiracy theories, so I can't make the connection. Perhaps I could see it if the YW made the decision that their warm water pool wouldn't be used much if the new YM has one. Honestly, I've lived here all my life (within a 3 mile radius of Montgomery), and I've never known that There was a YW in the area. I'm still assuming that the YW and YM are separate entities with different operating boards and national organizations. And if they are, there would had to have been a collusion between the YM, YW and SHS to not repair the pool. I guess it's possible.

As far as all roads leading to SHS, there really isn't much choice since they're the only game in town.

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May-24-13 10:53 AM

Mike, I think it's part of a long range and far reaching plan to make sure that "all roads lead to Susquehanna Health". They don't want the YW to be competing with the YM, hence the closing of the warm water pool. I also think it's a little fishy that the river bike path is now planned to be extended to the hospital, ostensibly to be part of their physical therapy program. Can't wait for the first therapy biker to fall or have an accident and file a lawsuit. Who's paying for the paving and upkeep? My guess is us taxpayers.

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May-24-13 8:57 AM

I think we need to consult the 'expert' on this. Hey Sham, tell us something pithy.

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May-24-13 8:05 AM

Roger, aren't the YMCA and the YWCA two separate entities? If they are, why do you think the YWCA had no intention to repair the pool because the YMCA is building a new facility?

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May-24-13 6:39 AM

As regards the YWCA heated pool. When it was announced that the heated pool required repairs and that unless $500,000 was raised the pool would be closed, the patrons of the pool conducted fundraisers and raised the necessary money. The pool was closed anyway. Shortly after that it was announced that the YMCA would be building a new facility near the hospital. I don't think there was ever any intent to keep the pool open, money or not. Something seems a little fishy to me.

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May-24-13 6:05 AM

Garben, first of all, if you have nothing intelligent to add to the conversation, don't bother adding anything.

Mike you're right. I understand what the author is attempting to say, simply that she feels the YWCA needs funding and upgrading as well. I don't disagree but I also must say that I don't frequent YWCA, my point being that I don't know what it looks like inside. I do know that the YMCA is a TON of wasted space with winding hallways and it is very old and outdated.

As far as the Roads, have you tried CALLING PennDot about the road in question? I have called PennDot and I actually got a very cool and collected conversation with someone about the road. Shortly there after it was actually addressed.

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May-24-13 6:01 AM

Cry me a river why people out west just lost everything and we worry about a crappy road wow

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May-24-13 4:41 AM

Where does the YMCA and YWCA get their money? I assumed it was from fees and private donations. And I also assume that the YMCA and YWCA are different organizations, like the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts. If that's the case, what is this woman talking about?

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