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Casey: Energy independence within reach

May 29, 2013

The country is on the verge of becoming independent of Middle Eastern oil because of newfound natural gas deposits and the hydraulic fracturing process used to collect it, according to U.S. Sen....

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May-29-13 12:32 AM

Energy independent? Not until we start drilling our own oil!

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May-29-13 5:00 AM

We are drilling our own oil, are u not paying attention to the oil drilling explosion in North Dakota? There are twice the number of rigs drilling for oil there then at the hieght of drill in pa for nat gas.

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May-29-13 5:25 AM

The purpose of drilling for gas and oil in the US is not to provide us with cheap, clean, abundant energy. It's to make money, pure and simple and we will sell it to whomever will pay the most for it, most likely the Chinese. Here in the northeast we have an even more abundant and cheaper energy source. Wood. Even though its not clean or environmentally friendly, in many cases it's free for the taking. Burning wood is the key to energy independence, not gas.

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May-29-13 6:20 AM

Casey demonstrates perfectly what most hate about politicians.

Reading the article, Casey takes no position on anything, but tries to have both sides.

I am sure he would say he is trying to be "middle of the road", but all that happens when you are in the middle of the road is that you get run over by those on the right and left.

With Casey, he is a reliable liberal vote, siding with President Obama's socializing agenda whenever his vote was needed.

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May-29-13 1:57 PM

Another example of short sighted foolishness. Energy independence will not come from fossil fuels! What is it going to take for people to realize this? It is a finite source that will run out! And in the process, parasitic companies will rape our land and kill our planet with the poisons we so covet. And as Roger said, we are not drilling to become independent anyway, it is only for profit and it will all be shipped overseas to the highest bidder. Did no one notice the export permit activity recently? isn't that a clue to anyone else? I won't even comment on anything Eric says, he is so blinded by partisan BS he wouldn't know a real personal opinion if it smacked him on his lemming lips.

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May-29-13 2:10 PM

If we want to be energy independent, why then do we EXPORT almost as much oil as we buy from foreign countries???

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May-29-13 2:12 PM

I wonder why Casey didn't talk about the article in the Scranton Times last week that revealed that oil and gas development from fracking has damaged water supplies in at least 161 Pa. homes, farms, churches and businesses according to DEP records.

The damage to peoples water supplies are being caused by well casings failures, this is something that all Pa. residents should be told but of course you will never hear about this from the industry or their politicians.

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May-29-13 3:44 PM

My brother works for the oil industry in Wyoming and this is what he told me.

If a Wall Street trader or a major oil or gas comp. can get a higher price for their oil or gas from an overseas buyer rather than an American one, the overseas buyer wins.

Just because oil and gas companies drill inside U.S. borders doesn't mean they have to sell to a U.S. buyer.

It's all about the MONEY.

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May-29-13 9:59 PM

@judgeNjury, Noone can dispute energy independence need to come from renewables but they are normally 3x the cost of fossil fuels, look up windmills. The total energy produced from a windmill farm doesnt even cover the cost of putting up the windmills, it is the government subsidies that make it profitable for buisness to erect them. Now if there is a better cheaper way than fossil fuels, im all about it, but my budget is strecthed thin enough paying for the god sized school tax. I cant afford renewables until they come down in price.

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May-29-13 11:56 PM

The more we use renewables the more the price will come down.

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Jun-10-13 12:32 PM

From the Port, you need to research the subsidies that make the oil and gas cheap. Do you know what the cost of a gallon of gas for your car would be without government subsidies to the oil industry? In the range of 10-12 dollars a gallon. Take those subsidies and give them to an industry that does not destroy our environment and has the capacity to power our world forever with a small initial investment and we could really be energy independent in a few short years. But that would cost some unelected government (read big business) too much money in lost profits. It is criminal the way they control us. You thoughts are correct, they are just a little misdirected. The real expensive energy is fossil fuels, but the brainwash us into thinking otherwise.

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