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Enforce diesel law

June 14, 2013

There is a Dieseling Law I’m told by The American Lung Association in Pennsylvania. Any diesel vehicles dare only idle 10 minutes at a time unless someone is guarding something, like a Brink’s Truck....

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Jul-01-13 2:01 PM

I had a post in this string that gave the exact wording of the "Diesel Act", and it was removed.. hmmmm.. wonder why?

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Jun-15-13 7:52 AM

Yes Stephanie and your cheap perfume makes me cough so shall we send you to another country

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Jun-14-13 4:03 PM

To that we agree, have a great evening.

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Jun-14-13 3:41 PM

No Rick, not at all. What I'm saying is that if there is a law on the books then call the state police and let them handle it. I'm sure if they get enough calls or enough citations are issued, the problem can be resolved. It's not a problem generic to this area. But until pressure is placed to enforce the law, it does no good. This goes for a lot of other laws that are not enforced.

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Jun-14-13 3:25 PM

GysgtUSMC, sorry but that is a lot different. I lived near military bases and it is to be expected. A diesel truck sitting outside your bedroom window idling is not, nor should it be. So basically you are saying it is OK for those few sacrificial lambs to suffer so others can enjoy life.

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Jun-14-13 3:15 PM

"If you have a particular problem then report it" Yea, that works in this area when it involves the gas industry. Falls on death ears most of the time.

"pardon our noise, it's the sound of freedom." What a dumb comment. What about the rights and freedoms of those that have to put up with it?

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Jun-14-13 2:46 PM

Like we used to tell those who complained about the jets outside the air station, pardon our noise, it's the sound of freedom.

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Jun-14-13 2:43 PM

There are literally millions of trucks and other diesel vehicles on the road everyday. And I'm sure most do not stay within the guidelines of whatever idling laws there may be in each state. To zero in on the gas industry as a main contributor is just nonsense. If you have a particular problem then report it. It's easy to sit there and complain about a problem while you are comfortable in you home which mostly everything used to build it and furnish it and the groceries in your frig and cupboards were all transported by these nasty diesel trucks at one time or another. If you see a violation, report it. Period.

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Jun-14-13 1:09 PM

FormerEastEnder said:

" Laws must be obeyed by all."

Unless you cross our border and engage in identity theft.....then the lawbreakers are given a free pass.

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Jun-14-13 11:03 AM

Much better letter from our pal Steph. If she has lung problems then she would be effected by these fumes. It's suggested by her letter that the trees were being trimmed, which happens how often? Myself, I've never heard of the law, but if they didn't idle, how would the trees survive with no CO2 to convert to oxygen? I mean, that's why we pay an Emissions tax while living in the midlde of a forest, right?

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Jun-14-13 10:53 AM

Diesel exhaust exposure can cause a wide range of health effects from mild irritations to Cancer.

Evidence is mounting that diesel exhaust exposure can have a serious effect on the immune system. CDC April 2013

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Jun-14-13 10:00 AM

well erik....once again we hear from the peanut gallery...people in Waterville are outraged that diesel trucks line up in front of homes at 6 in the morning until they are allowed to enter****Run Road...causing diesel smells to enter the homes. They are sick and tired of it and it should not be allowed.

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Jun-14-13 7:45 AM

Most trucks today use a chemical battery to keep the cab heated/cooled while the engine is off.

You may have seen the stickers on the side of those trucks "Clean Idle Technology" typically from Eaton.

Since the number of vehicles idling is significantly reduced, I think this is not a problem that deserves much attention.

Just another hysterical liberal creating a problem where none exists.

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Jun-14-13 7:43 AM

Tell that to the gas industry as they line up for water or left to idle for hours and there seems to be no apparent reason other than they were BSing.

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Jun-14-13 7:40 AM

Thanks Mike for posting the law. My question is, where is the enforcement?

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Jun-14-13 3:48 AM

It's Act 124 of 2008, and it says no engine idling over 5 minutes for commercial diesel vehicles over 10,000 lbs, regardless of weather conditions. Reefer units on trucks/trailers are exempt because they are needed to keep the perishable cargo cold or frozen. It provides fines for the operator of the vehicle or the owner of the establishment where the truck loads, unloads or parks.

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Jun-14-13 3:31 AM

...and they just keep coming...

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