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June 20, 2013

Hopefully, both liberals and conservatives will agree on this issue. It will save taxpayer dollars....

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Jun-24-13 12:46 AM

Speculation Cheyenne? Or maybe a body of well researched facts you just can't emotionally handle?

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Jun-24-13 12:44 AM

This is for those who consider that pharmaceutical companies give out billions of dollars in meds a year. Do you think the companies do this because they have altruistic intentions? That they are good guys? They give out samples of meds to get people hooked. They do it to make money just like any other rational business. That's just the way business behaves. Can you blame them? Also, pharm. companies give out long term "scholarships" to those who are mentally ill. They earn this money back in the form of taxbreaks and gov. subsidies. Don't believe me? Do some research.

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Jun-24-13 12:38 AM

I guess I should address some of the criticism. First of all, I never meant to convey the message that "society is to blame". I wanted to show that our system pampers those on disability and welfare while not extending these benefits (like medications) to those who work hard. Thus, giving people in general less incentive to work.

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Jun-20-13 10:48 PM

This LTE would be more credible if it contained more known fact and less speculation. As is, it merely portrays society to blame for an individual's failings. It could very well be an accurate portrayal, but there are many other possibilities also.

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Jun-20-13 7:57 PM

Yes Mr. Reeder, all Republicans want is for everyone to get sick and die.

Thank you for pointing that out. Anymore trips to the outhouse this evening? If so I'll swing by this site later for some more wisdom as a result of your latest bowl movement.

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Jun-20-13 9:02 AM

The best health care in the world that is out of reach of many in this country and the GOP would like nothing more than to keep it that way.

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Jun-20-13 8:46 AM

Francine, your first post hit it out of the park. If you think the best health care in the world is screwed up now, just wait for Obama's version of "Apocalypse Now".

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Jun-20-13 8:23 AM

Pharmaceutical companies do provide some free medication. Psych meds are not provided. Some cancer drugs and those that are life-sustaining are at the top of the order. This is not a quick process either. Our local clinic does not provide medication, only prescriptions. The hospital does not give free meds beyond what you may be given while in the E.R.. A good starting point might be an MH/MR referral and a request through the agency or the psychiatrists for "free" medication. Let's not turn this into a political rant but actually discuss viable ways to make sure people with severe psych issues remain on meds. Access cards are no available to all. Remember those who have issues often reject meds and act out because they are unable to recognize the need. I am neither saying this man did or did not have a problem. This is something for the courts to address in this case.

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Jun-20-13 7:36 AM


I guess the left and right will not be agreeing.

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Jun-20-13 7:19 AM

This entire letter is based on assumptions based on one picture of the fugitive being led away after spending the night in the woods hiding from authorities. I don't think that is enough to conclude anything about his occupation, work history, work ethic or financial well being. I prefer to base my conclusions on facts, which you have presented none of. Please save your bleeding heart opinions until you actually have some facts.

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Jun-20-13 6:33 AM

Does anyone of you know this person that tried to run down the police? If you dont you probably shouldnt comment.He grew up 40 yards from my house. If you run out of your meds, then go to a clinic or a doctor or a family member to get help, running out of meds is no excuse for what this young man did. He broke the law and now he and us will pay. You shouldnt try to excuse his actions. He is very lucky he was not killed as the police did shoot at him. They probably would be blamed by you had they killed him.

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Jun-20-13 6:09 AM

"...knowing had..." NO!! Should read, "...knowing THEY had..."

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Jun-20-13 6:07 AM

Also not addressed is could the man just not have prioritized his medications very highly? I've heard welfare recipients claim they couldn't afford milk for their children as they puffed on Winstons. I've seen people with low wage jobs literally RUN to get beer, knowing had underfed, hungry kids at home. Is he one who would rather spend limited resources for something other than his medications, or was it maybe true that he had sufficient other obligations that medicine for himself was not affordable? We don't know. We do know that the major pharmaceutical companies often end their ads asking that people who can't afford their meds contact them because they may be able to help. Did he seek help?

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Jun-20-13 5:53 AM

"Pharmaceutical companies give away billions of dollars worth of medicines for those who cannot afford them." - eriklatranyi


...Yet, they WON'T allow Medicare to negotiate lower they do the VA.

Yeah...they're quite the "humanitarians".

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Jun-20-13 5:38 AM

What the author fails to reconcile is if the man tried to seek help.

Pharmaceutical companies give away billions of dollars worth of medicines for those who cannot afford them.

One only needs to ask.

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