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Step up, Republicans

June 23, 2013

Every county in Oklahoma voted Republican in the last election. The Republican senators voted against government assistance for New York and New Jersey after Hurricane Sandy....

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Jun-25-13 4:11 PM

Christie spent the money on groceries before he had his fat bypass

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Jun-25-13 1:43 PM

Tell me those of you who disagree why you think the government should bail out people when a natural disaster happens

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Jun-24-13 6:46 PM

GysgtUSMC, the New Jersey shore has gotten some donations and aid, but the fund set up by Gov Christie's wife, an estimated $32 million dollars, has not been released. No one knows why she is not releasing the funds and all she will say is that she is waiting to make sure whoever gets the money is legit. However, all of the people in the area the Christie's are from, Seaside Heights, Toms River, Dover Twp. etc., have all gotten money and are back in business. Bricktown, Matoloking, Ortley Beach and the other barrier island beaches Lavalette, etc., are all fenced off and you cannot access them. It's very unfair and a fine example of why politics should have no place in deciding where disaster money is distributed.

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Jun-23-13 7:19 PM

Hey Bobbie, I bet a far right source says she's far left. We have seen enough of the far right wanting an overthrow of our government for the most part. What's a little anarchy? I though you guys were anti Homeland Security now. See, I watch Fox almost every night. Who doesn't know she was married to John Heinz, Pa. republican Senator, who you would call a RINO today.

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Jun-23-13 6:52 PM

The biggest problem isn't dishing out the money it's all the money wasted getting to the time when it can get distributed. I wonder how the Indians felt when they was uprooted and shot off the land they thought was theirs? I believe no disaster money should be allotted for anything why is it my fault you build on a fault line why you build near a waterway why you chop all the trees for acres and build a house in the middle of a wide open tornado prone area why why why?

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Jun-23-13 4:12 PM

Hi Gavin.. excellent sources, mi amigo..

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Jun-23-13 3:36 PM

Theresa Heinz Kerry - $149 million through endowments she controls

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Jun-23-13 1:32 PM

"A comprehensive 2008 study revealed that participants who identified as conservatives reported giving significantly more of their average household incomes to charity than participants who identified as liberals. For progressives, society is made better by the collective action of a democratic people, expressed through their government. For conservatives, social ills ought to be relieved not by government, but by individuals acting on their own or through private charities."

Source: HuffPO

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Jun-23-13 12:29 PM

It's hot out again today Mr. Mason, perhaps you should venture to a location that has air conditioning as you are surely drinking way to much kool-aid for your mental health.

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Jun-23-13 12:27 PM

But in the last decade, it's also worth noting the Kochs have given more than $600 million in pledged or donated money to arts, education, and medical research, including (but not limited to):

New York-Presbyterian Hospital Weill Cornell: $15 million

M.D. Anderson Cancer Center: $25 million

The Hospital for Special Surgery: $26 million Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center: $30 million Prostate Cancer Foundation: $41 million

Deerfield Academy: $68 million Lincoln Center's NY State Theater: $100 million

Massachusetts Institute of Technology: $139 million

Source: HuffPO

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Jun-23-13 12:26 PM

In 2011 Mitt Romney donated 29.4% of his income to charity, Barack Obama 21.8%, Joe Biden 1.5%.

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Jun-23-13 12:00 PM

With average household incomes almost even between Democrats and Republicans why do Republicans give considerably more to charity?


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Jun-23-13 11:13 AM

To Texas - Do you agree that marriage is a financial benefit when you are within childbearing or raising years but an actual negative is a retiree? What the heck is going on with that?

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Jun-23-13 11:10 AM

Vince - I am certainly not Tea Party or Christian Conservative. I oppose abortion after 20 weeks except "special circumstances, ie: life of mother or non-viable fetus. ou should probably ask someone in the "black" community if the liberal government is preventing marriage.I stand by my comment, if you nominate Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio or Paul Ryan, you will lose. You don't believe our homeowners increase when a disaster occurs? Vince, what do you disagree with and why?

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Jun-23-13 10:57 AM

Hurricane Sandy victims must have received all the aid they needed because I watch countless commercials advertising the New Jersey beaches trying to get tourist to visit. Where did the millions in advertising come from that Governor Christie has spent doing his commercials. Couldn't this same money been used for the victims?

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Jun-23-13 10:42 AM

Republicans coming out in favor of personal responsibility? Come, come now Dan. Everyone knows Republicans think personal responsibility is only for the other guy.

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Jun-23-13 10:20 AM

17 gallons of KOOL-AID are consumed every second during the summer season!

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Jun-23-13 8:44 AM

Vince where do you get your Kool Aid that you guzzle?

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Jun-23-13 8:31 AM

"Liberals do not destroy marriages in the "black community". You need marriage to begin with."--spike2


Erik said "destroyed marriage", as in the institution of marriage, not individual marriages. I believe you agreed with that concept when you made the statement "You need marriage to begin with."

Actually abortion (many times supported by liberal and to a lesser degree conservative) has destroyed the institution of marriage. Because abortion is legal, there is a lot of pressure (from family, friends, the sperm donor, and even many of you reading this) on a single women to abort a fetus. The s e x u a l l y active men favor the abortion because it takes away any longterm responsibility from them. Because there is no responsibility, they can be free-ranging with multiple partners and no marital commitment is needed. Marriage is destroyed.

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Jun-23-13 8:19 AM

Spike - Do you get your Kool-Aid the same place that Dan gets his?

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Jun-23-13 8:01 AM

Republicans don't step up they step back. They do not give, they wait for someone else to and then complain about it.

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Jun-23-13 7:47 AM

Liberals do not oppose anything less than Gosnell. Fact. The Sandy bill was pork laden. Every bill is. Every bill was for decades. Liberals do not destroy marriages in the "black community". You need marriage to begin with. The caucasians are doing no better. Erik, you are obviously Catholic but you divorced. Is it he fault of liberals? The G.O. P. can win if they nominate a moderate candidate. You have the potential to defeat Hillary Clinton if you do so. You have the ability to swing moderate Democrats. 2016 is yours to win or yours to lose. I have no idea if Romney sent a check to Oklahoma, New York or New Jersey. I'm sure many people sent money or gave through a church or organization. All are commendable donations. Aren't massive disasters within the government purview? Certainly our insurance companies feel it is theirs. We all gave, either directly or indirectly(through increased premiums).

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Jun-23-13 7:33 AM

Zombies are real, friends. They exist. This letter is proof.

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Jun-23-13 6:52 AM

Liberals call investigations by Republicans "political witch hunts" while the same investigations by Democrats are called "proper Congressional oversight".

Liberal knows no bounds!

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Jun-23-13 6:51 AM

Every point Dan attempts to make is a twisting of facts or logic.

But, this is all liberals have.

They cannot defend a hurricane relief bill that is 50% pork, so they lambaste the fiscally responsible for wanting a better bill.

Dan points out Romney's and Koch's wealth while ignoring the Kerry's, Kennedy's and other liberal millionaires.

Liberals think anything less than a Dr. Gosnell on every corner is a limit to reproductive rights.

Liberals repeat the lie of separation of church and state while they use the power of the state to force Catholic institutions to pay for contraceptives.

Liberals proclaim marriage equality, while they have destroyed marriage among black citizens.

Liberals want to confiscate assault weapons from citizens (laughing at those who think the people have the right to oppose their gov't) while the same liberals give assault weapons to Al Qaeda in Syria for the purpose of overthrowing their gov't.

Liberals call investigations by Republican

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