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2 films pit gas pros, cons on same night, in same town, block

June 16, 2013

It’s hard to imagine a time when the line between area pro- and anti-gas drilling folks will be drawn clearer than next Wednesday, when the films “Gasland Part II” and “Fracknation” will be shown at......

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Jun-19-13 9:40 PM


I hope the wedding goes well, everything is smooth, any travelers have safe journey, and parents can relax and enjoy. My best wishes for the bride and groom; may God bless them for many, many years to come.

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Jun-19-13 7:51 PM

OK if some of the articles say it happened then they are right.

If some of the articles say that it didn't happen they are right.

Texas I'm tired of this ok, my youngest daughter is getting married on Saturday and I really have more important things to do than this, your right and I am wrong, have a good evening.

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Jun-19-13 7:01 PM


"U.S. EPA yesterday ended the latest chapter in the turbulent drilling dispute in Dimock, Pa., finding that contaminant levels in its water show no health threat and no connection to hydraulic fracturing chemicals." Mike Soraghan, E&E reporter, EnergyWire: Thursday, July 26, 2012

Cabot determined that it would cost less money to pay the residents off than being drug through the courts. The land owners realized that they had no case to pursue so they settled.

There was no frack fluid nor acid nor drilling fluid nor cement water in the fresh water at Dimock.

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Jun-19-13 6:58 PM

BornHere, you keep insisting there was drilling contamination and that is what some articles say. But there are many other articles that say the following: "several residents who allege natural gas drilling contamination harmed their health and property". NOTE THE WORD ALLEGE.

Now look at what the EPA said about the Dimock incidents:

"PITTSBURGH — The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency said Wednesday it has completed tests on drinking water in the northeastern Pennsylvania village of Dimock and has determined it is safe to drink, despite the claims of some residents who say it has been polluted by gas drilling. The EPA said in a statement that it doesn’t plan further tests, and that there’s no need to provide residents with alternative supplies of drinking water." Kevin Begos, AP, Jul 25, 2012, Pressconnects

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Jun-19-13 12:52 PM

I never said anything about the EPA's findings over Dimock's water, so how could I lie about it?

I posted here about Cabot paying off the families for drilling contamination in August 2012. Which is all over the internet so how could I be lying about that?

My lunch time is over I have to go back to work.

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Jun-19-13 10:44 AM

And so are yours!!

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Jun-19-13 7:27 AM

Nice Bobbie, I'm a liar and spike is stupid, you just never let up.

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Jun-18-13 7:41 PM

Bobbie, just because that is what you think I am proposing that does not give you the right to ridicule me by saying that I am upgrading to a tipi.

Do I call you names, make fun of you, degrade you, no I do not. To bad you can not show me the same respect.

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Jun-18-13 7:09 PM

Bobbie - still waiting to meet you for that conversation. For those of you who were on a previous thread - Bobbie punked! It's harder to say the things he slings, hurls and vomits at others in person. he is lacking the intestinal fortitude to speak directly with anyone. Most would consider Starbucks, at the hospital, quite safe, neutral and civilized.

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Jun-18-13 3:34 PM

O love how folks can quote studies done by government orgs that directly conflict with the studies by the same orgs previously. Bobbie2, doesn't it concern you that the EPA found evidence of contamination, and then when they released the results the gas industry had a fit and started pumping money into the system, then all of a sudden they changed their mind about those studies and said they were wrong? Doesn't that strike you as just a little odd? And don't you find it strange that there is "no proof" of water contamination, until RTK requests are actually honored and then again, all of a sudden there are over one hundred that are not covered by non-disclosure agreements? This does not include the likely thousands that the industry has paid their way out of and forced non-disclosure agreements. I suspect you don't find any of that questionable do you? That would take some actual critical thought and real insight. It is far easier to just go along with what they tell

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Jun-17-13 11:49 PM

The Volt is interesting but Ford has some great vehicles in this line. The Leaf is a good car also. Just started my research. Your sarcasm is painfully obvious but thanks for asking. Oh I want to see how much the government will give me, after all they are free to give money to big oil and gas.

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Jun-17-13 9:22 PM


With that short commute, have you bought that electric car yet? What are you looking at, a Tesla or Segway? Or if you want to help your fellow Americans, maybe you will buy a Volt to help GM out.

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Jun-17-13 9:07 PM

I would like to thank judgeandjury for her insightful comments. She made my day! Only question I have is why didn't you grab the tail of Hale Bopp like the rest of your group? Did they run out of running suits and new sneakers before you got to the store?

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Jun-17-13 8:28 PM

That is just wrong Bobbie. It's ignorant and mean. There was/is no call for that type of behavior here.

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Jun-17-13 8:23 PM

It does not surprise me Bobbie that you would make a racist comment like that towards me, does it make you feel better? I think you enjoy hurting people.

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Jun-17-13 7:57 PM

You never disappoint me Texas. Never.

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Jun-17-13 7:27 PM

Come Texas, that came out of someone else's back yard, we didn't have to see it. That's different.

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Jun-17-13 7:22 PM

"the day I turned 16 years old and could drive in PA. I was up there and every other dirt road in the area I could find."--Brew4U


I assume that you were using gasoline or diesel for fuel. If so, whose well did the oil come from to make the fuel? Or did you push it up the hills and then coast down?

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Jun-17-13 5:45 PM

Thank you to Bornhere, jeff2, Judgeandjury, Wardcitzen, and wwhickok for telling it like it is in Williamsport,PA. Bobbie2, the day I turned 16 years old and could drive in PA. I was up there and every other dirt road in the area I could find. I was up there the week of June 1st-8th 2013. How about you Bobbie2 ? Or is your ranting and raging out of crstlmeth/gas...?

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Jun-17-13 2:09 PM

Wasteland? Hardly.

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Jun-17-13 1:36 PM

Just look what they did to Pine creek, the whole area is a wasteland the money hungry scum bags !!!!!

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Jun-17-13 9:28 AM

Yes they can, thus resulting in the up tick in carbon based fuel exploration in the US.

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Jun-17-13 9:23 AM

Just because they are not drilling on your land doesn't mean that you haven't signed a lease with the gas companies. They can drill horizontally for two miles.

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Jun-17-13 8:28 AM

The article that I quoted can also be found in the Times Tribune August 15, 2012. "Cabot, Dimock families near settlement on gas drilling contamination".

I was not twisting anything, this information is out there for all to see, it's if you choose to see it.

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Jun-17-13 6:46 AM

Here's the only thing I have to say on this topic; If you think that gas drilling is 100% safe and not at all harmful to the environment you're really naive.

If you believe that it's not harmful to the economy, perhaps you should check the Williamsport, PA rent prices.

It's Cons, right now, significantly outweigh the Pros.

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