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Residents attend screenings for education, fun

June 20, 2013

Wednesday night, the anti-gas film “Gasland II” screened in front of an audience of 625 people. “FrackNation,” a pro-gas film which showed simultaneously, only had 17 people in attendance....

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Jun-20-13 5:16 AM

Perhaps those opposed to drilling are more passionate about their cause than those who are pro-drilling. From the responses seen on these pages, that would be the more likely answer.

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Jun-20-13 5:31 AM

Gavin, not only is the anti-domestic energy crowd more passionate, they are more violent, as described in the article.

Some people, who claim to care about the environment, have no qualms about murdering American workers who are trying to feed a family.

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Jun-20-13 7:36 AM

Did the United Arab Emirates fund Gasland II like they did Gasland 1?

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Jun-20-13 8:07 AM

No charge for Gasland. Gasland is also on HBO July 8th, if anyone missed it and would like to see the documentary.

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Jun-20-13 8:08 AM

All the pro industry people were busy working and unable to attend.

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Jun-20-13 8:33 AM

I agree Francine. If there were more people for it, like the people receiving the royalties, where were they? Then I see someone stated, they were all at work...then where were the gas companies' senior level managers, that right, NOWHERE to be found. Let's try to go to their backyards and tell them the water is not safe to drink or that in 5-10 years their spouse/siginificant other will receive symptoms of a cancer causing agent. What would you do then, say or think? Please enlighten me. That's right you CAN'T because they are not in your backyard or runining your water source. What is this world coming to?

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Jun-20-13 8:55 AM

Once again, Erik shows his foolishness for all to see. How many "American workers" have been murdered by the "anti-domestic energy" groups? You have no idea, do you? How many people have died at the hands of the fossil fuel industry? I suspect it is quite a few. And I love how you create new genres of people that in no way reflect their actual opinions, it shows your obvious partisan, and might I add paid for, loyalty for this obviously corrupt industry. Most people I know are all for domestic energy. We just don't want it to be powered by fossil fuels. Whether you choose to accept the fact, it is still a fact that sustainable energy sources are the future and they will win the day, no matter how you fight to maintain the status quo.

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Jun-20-13 8:58 AM

We can pick this apart all we want the important thing is 625 compared to 17 that speaks for itself.

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Jun-20-13 9:04 AM

So when I see the pro-lifers lining the Golden Strip with only a handful of pro-choice, does that also speak volumes?

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Jun-20-13 9:17 AM

Excellent post Gavin, Those against are more passionate. Why is that? When I first heard about this on a news story on channel 28 years ago I thought this is great! Then, I started doing some research on my own as to what was happening in Texas and Wyoming. I soon changed my mind. Apparently our politicians did not do the research I did as they are clueless to what is happening. At the time the gas industry marched in here promising this and that and just where is this and that? They promised lots of jobs but where are they? Unemployment is still high, last I heard this area was higher than the rest of the state. They said it was safe on a process they claim they have been using for decades, yet the industry itself is saying we need improvements as fines keep piling up. And what of the future, what will happen when those casings start to break down? The industry came in here, bought local politicians, set up shop, ripped off the people and now we will have to pay to fix it.

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Jun-20-13 9:36 AM

"Farces always draw more viewers than factual documentaries, see National Geographic vs MTV."

Bobbie2, if that were true there would have been far more people at Fracknation. Do you really contend that Fracknation is a real documentary and Gasland and Gasland II are farces? If so, I suspect you have no idea what those two words mean. It is very clear that Fracknation is fossil fuel industry commercial, and regardless of how they say it was funded, that vast majority of the money came from the NG industry. It is also perfectly clear that the Gasland movies are an honest and fair look into the industry and how they do business. The fact that you don't like the truth being pointed out does not change reality.

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Jun-20-13 9:41 AM

Just goes to show how dumb people are about the gas industry..if you are making money in it then so what is it destroys the environment and the air we breathe and the water we drink...why even interview someone from Texas. Their state has been destroyed by the gas industry so now they are here destroying ours.

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Jun-20-13 9:41 AM

erik....go put your head in the sand!

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Jun-20-13 9:43 AM

Bobbie2, come to my area and I will show you what is not a farce about the gas industry..

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Jun-20-13 9:44 AM

Pretty easy to sit back and spout off about how good the gas industry is when it is not affecting you and your home.

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Jun-20-13 9:47 AM

I just want to point out one more thing, this is possibly the worst reporting I have ever seen by the SG. And considering the poor reputation the SG has, that is a telling statement. To even try to claim that there is a debate is just silly. The author makes an effort to draw comparisons between the 17 attendees of one to the huge turnout at Gasland II. This is just ridiculous. And of course, the author also used the lowest possible number to describe the turnout at the CAC, the real number was closer to 900 or more according to the CAC. And the author's effort to make it seem like there was a significant pro-drilling turnout for Gasland II is bordering a lie, the percentage of pro-drilling people in attendance was possibly one or two percent, but I do not think it was that high. This was an overwhelming statement by the people of this area that there is concern about this industry specifically, and fossil fuels in general. Nice hack job by the SG, but reality prevails.

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Jun-20-13 9:48 AM

"The industry came in here, bought local politicians, set up shop, ripped off the people and now we will have to pay to fix it."

Kind of reminds me of the strip mines and the resulting acid mine drainage we are trying to clean up now.

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Jun-20-13 11:38 AM

"We can pick this apart all we want the important thing is 625 compared to 17 that speaks for itself."

Yes 625 people are either crazy and believe the Josh Fox propaganda or they wanted to see a good comedy about what he will try to pass off as the truth and how many will believe it.

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Jun-20-13 11:55 AM

IMHO the closing article sentence sums it up- the truth lies somewhere in the middle.

I haven't seen Gasland II yet but saw the original. I truly wanted to like it but it failed to convincingly support the "facts" presented. A much better film could have been made with a little more attention to the scientific process. Instead it became just more propaganda. Hopefully Gasland II does a better job.

That said, I still believe gas can be developed responsibly with proper oversight. Though sustainable resources might seem the answer we aren't there yet. Even the solar industry has its pollution problems particularly with the disposal of heavy metals which is neither effectively or responsibly being dealt with. Why is there no outrage on that front?

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Jun-20-13 12:08 PM

Whoa...did no one notice that this article is subtly tilted to the frackers? SEVENTEEN people get all that attention? And mentioned first? And even the ones in attendance at the Gasland movie were mostly cherry-picked to be FOR fracking. SG - this was supposed to be a news article not an editorial.

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Jun-20-13 12:10 PM

WHOA - PT. II - I also noticed that the ONLY reason the pro-frackers had for their position was all about the $$$$$$$. They have little to NO concern about the legacy of death and destruction their greed is leaving for their children and grandchildren. What a disgrace they are to humanity and to their very own flesh and blood!

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Jun-20-13 12:49 PM

Hey boobie a link please or are you just making stuff up again, I found some pro drilling site that said UAE founded josh but no where else. I did find the movie "promised land" was funded by them. Also nothing on Putin. So if it is not too much bother a link please

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Jun-20-13 12:51 PM

saggy boobie - Seriously? You're comparing a solar company to coal companies that came into our area and killed rivers, creeks, and streams? You're an ignorant, worthless POS.

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Jun-20-13 12:56 PM

judgeandjury and shirly, i could not agree more with your comments about the SG on the writing of this article (and so many others on this subject). but this one was so painfully ridiculous.

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Jun-20-13 1:22 PM

"AMD from historic coal mining has rendered more than 2,400 miles of Pennsylvania’s streams and waterways unusable and contaminated untold numbers of household drinking water wells. While the state spends about $19 million annually on abandoned mine reclamation, this modest effort is dwarfed by the magnitude of the environmental problem, which some estimate will cost $50 billion to fix." PA Energy Alliance

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