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Citizens weigh in on fixing Route 220

June 26, 2013

LINDEN — The Route 220 corridor — a six-mile roadway that stretches from just west of Route 287 in Piatt Township to the West Fourth Street interchange in Woodward Township — has a dangerous......

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Jun-26-13 6:12 AM

"The high-speed corridor connects Interstates 80 and 180, and many drivers continue to travel highway speeds through the connection, according to Chris Neidig, PennDOT project manager."


How 'bout we let local-cops get-in (on the action)...and, help-out the State-cops...BU$TING irresponsible-drivers??

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Jun-26-13 7:05 AM

Most of the accidents on that stretch are at the intersections where people try and cross. Some have been speed related but more often it's accessing and exiting the highway at fault. If you make it 45 MPH it will only make it that much harder to get on the highways and get off. side "local" roads or a new highway are the only valid options.

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Jun-26-13 8:53 AM

More police is just a bandaid on a chainsaw wound. The road needs more lanes to accommodate more cars. This would alleviate the right hand lane for all the local traffic turns and mergers. You can't stuff 6 lanes worth of traffic into 4 lanes and expect it will magically work itself out. The road was built a long time ago with ALOT less traffic in mind. Business route 15 was like this before they added the highway around it.

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Jun-26-13 9:03 AM

... if you put a traffic light where people don't expect one ...


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Jun-26-13 11:18 AM

You know...I can't tell you how often I'm driving either direction on 220 and someone goes flying passed me about 90-100 MPH. Those are always the people that never get pulled over it seems. Having said that "more cops" is absolutely that, just a bandaid.

There DOES need to be a red light there and the people saying "it'll make it too dangerous" are full of crap. Up near Sheetz in Linden is two of the worst crossing sections on the Highway there is (going into Harvest Moon and going into Sheetz), not to mention those coming out of sheetz have to merge into traffic from a dead stop...yeah that's fun.

C'mon, the only way you make that corridor safer is to force people to stop their vehicles and allow people to cross the intersections aka PUT IN A RED LIGHT.

You're overcomplicating the process of improving the safety of that specific cooridor.

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Jun-26-13 12:24 PM

This section of road needs to have merge lanes both directions and eliminate the straight across intersections by use of jersey barriers to create one way traffic. The addition of traffic lights would create a version of 15 S in Shamokin****on steroids as it is much longer. Additional lights would turn a commute from Lock Haven , Jersey Shore to Williamsport and point east or vice versa a 45-60 minute endurance test. Areas such access to Linden could be solved by making access only from the N/E bound lane and the main road in Linden only one way with discharge near Queneshaque road. The cross overs at Pine Run and Queneshaque roads needs to be eliminated completely with all traffic directed to the S/W using the turn-around lanes for traffic going towards Williamsport. Pine Run is already directed this way but a lot of people continue to try to shoot across towards Sheetz. Also - there is NOT a red light near every Sheetz in PA... Just saying you should travel more....

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Jun-26-13 1:24 PM

45mph with double penalties, through traffic keep left.

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Jun-26-13 4:11 PM

Fines are already doubled aren't they? I doubt taking the speed limit down another 10 mph helps. The engineer said that would only make things worse, and I think he is right. Also, making thru-traffic use one lane? 95% of traffic on that road is effectively you've made that 4 lane highway into 2.

I like the idea of using jug handles. I could see that working.

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Jun-26-13 9:28 PM

Tunnel for the thru traffic.

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Jun-27-13 6:59 AM

A tunnel really? That seems like an unnecessary addition that would undoubtedly cost the taxpayers millions. Normally tunnels are used when travelling under a body of water or through a mountain.

I DON'T see the harm in adding a 3rd lane except...think about that area, where are you going to find the space for it without cutting into existing business parking lots? Maybe I'm misunderstanding or envisioning something which is entirely possible.

I'm not pretending to have the answer however either, as for lowering the speed limit, do you really think those who currently speed are going to care what you do with the speed limit? Yes that entire section of the highway from the 287 Intersection to somewhere around the 4th Street Exit I believe is a "Fines Doubled" Corridor, problem is the police do not ticket enough people. Sit out there for a week and handle out 5,000 tickets to everyone that is speeding, prove you're going to enforce it. The majority may slow down;

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Jun-27-13 7:00 AM


I say may because even that may just be a temporary solution, because as soon as the police stop massively enforcing it, everything will more than likely go right back to the way it was.

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