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Small crowd greets mayor’s latest proposal

July 2, 2013

Crowd control wasn’t a problem Monday night at Curtin Middle School as city leaders held a forum to discuss the merits of a proposed city landlord-tenant notification ordinance and accepted tips fro......

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Jul-02-13 5:33 AM

Sounds to me another case of collecting data on all to catch a few. This ordinance will be enforced about the same as existing ordinances as one attendee pointed out.

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Jul-02-13 5:53 AM

As a Landlord, that has to notify SW Borough of tenants occupying properties already; I find it very strange that the City wants a copy of the Lease Agreement. What do they care what a Lease states? Maybe if they'll assist Landlords with collecting back rent, money owed after judgements, damage costs, etc. then its a win win situation for all involved! That last part was not serious, we know the Govn't doesn't care if Landlords see any back rent, damage costs or money owed. As long as their tax money continues to roll in, they're happy!

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Jul-02-13 6:20 AM

Local guy, I agree. As far as I'm concerned a lease agreement is a private contract between landlord and tenant.

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Jul-02-13 6:27 AM

If any if you were at the meeting like I was you would have your answer to the leases! But obviously you weren't so you aren't that concerned about it

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Jul-02-13 6:51 AM

Obviously judging by the headline, either is anyone else. This ordinance won't be abided by or enforced.

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Jul-02-13 7:14 AM

Im all for it if it will actually work but I have my doubts. The police in wmspt. already know were there is heavy drug traffic occurring on a daily basis yet seem not to be able to do anything,or have just given up.

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Jul-02-13 7:40 AM

our landlord organization did crime mapping found out Lycoming housing was paying the rent in the houses with the most serious crimes. Shootings, stabbings , large drug busts, also 3 landlords had nine serious incidents in 3 different properties each , so 4 landlords were responsible for 90% of the serious crime in the city, this is government bull. the police & codes& mayor know who the problem landlords are. just this month one landlord had a stabbing one half of his double in the next weeks in theother half a shooting death. duh!!

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Jul-02-13 8:19 AM

To the single mother with small children living next to a rental unit: The nameless tenants and transients next door will continue their drug use, so teach your children not to handle the discarded drug paraphernalia. They will continue to hear the foulest of profanity daily. The bodies of small animals "dispatched" in the cruelest manner will continue to be strewn in the yard. The psychotic screaming of a half naked woman on a bad "trip" will repeat. The landlord... "could do nothing about it". The police and codes "could do nothing about it". Why your despair? You can do nothing about it.

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Jul-02-13 8:31 AM

will it looks like a lawsuit the taxpayers will have to eat

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Jul-02-13 9:24 AM

Again did any of you attend the meeting???????? If you did you'd understand why they are doing this and have your questions answered! You were given the chance to ask the people who are creating this ordinance question but none of showed up! So don't throw out disinformation in the public cuz you don't know the truth!

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Jul-02-13 9:27 AM

the one thing and I don't mean any offense to landlords, I'm saying this solely as a rentor, i don't know it from the other side of the coin, that I think this could help would be in giving neighbors a contact for any issues arising with a property. What I mean is, for example, i WISH I knew who the landlord was on a property next to me currently because the lawn hasn't been mowed in several weeks nor have the bushes been trimmed and the bushes in the parking lot are actually growing over into my yard. I don't want to contact Codes because I know 1/2 of the residents there and I like them, my intent isn't to get anyone in trouble, but it'd give us an option to "see what's going on". And if there's loud partying going on, etc, I'd think this is something a landlord might want to know, neighbors could provide that info.

However, that's one very small spec on that side of the coin. I agree with what a lot of people are saying in regards to the negative points.

There are a

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Jul-02-13 9:28 AM


lot of really good landlords in Williamsport.. Well, there are some put it that way, and however, like anywhere you go, there are a lot of slumlords too. But the same can be said for tenants.

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Jul-02-13 9:30 AM

Magic, I couldn't be at the meeting last night. I was out apartment hunting. I saw 4 last night....2/4 of them need to be on the bleighted housing list.

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Jul-02-13 9:34 AM

Lycoming Housing has been part of the problem for a long time.

PD Mitchell, Penn Vale, and several others that they rent out account for a major % of the cities crime. It's part of what makes Flannigan Park so dangerous.

Perhaps if there was some sort of drug screening process (don't know the legalities of that) then they'd stop renting to the criminals.

Doubt it, who do you REALLY think is paying that rent?

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Jul-02-13 10:53 AM

Why can't good contact numbers for property owners be on file? If there is a problem or a valid need to know who is residing in a structure - call the landlord. Should private homeowners need to report who is in their homes that are not on the Deed? I think this will be an appeal of an ordinance.

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Jul-02-13 5:06 PM

How many landlords report the income they generate from renting their properties?

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Jul-02-13 7:21 PM

Not many I'm sure.

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Jul-02-13 11:18 PM

Tell me something: What if I were to rent myself a two bedroom apartment? Then I register like they would have me do.

Next, I let a friend have the other room. For the sake of argument, let's say I don't charge them to stay there. This person wouldn't be on the lease, either. If having this person there isn't a violation of my agreement with the landlord, would they still need to be registered with the city? If so, under what right of jurisdiction?

What about people with domestic partners that haven't chosen to, or aren't legally allowed to marry?

Now, what if I own that house and don't charge rent to my friend? How exactly is that different?

This proposed statute is a thinly-veiled anti-poor law.

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Jul-03-13 6:25 AM

John Bower, did YOU go to the meeting? Because frankly those are questions you should be asking City Council and the Mayor and frankly, while it does have it's flaws, the only way you're going to get your answers, is by asking them.

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Jul-03-13 7:24 AM

wwhickok 327 2301 assessment office call give the street address they will give you the owners name and address where the real estate taxes are sent. in 2 minutes yu can know any property owner in lycoming county

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Jul-03-13 9:43 AM

Maybe if Campana would spend more time getting police to actually do something about the daily drug dealing going on in Timberlands crime could be reduced!They are everwhere and it's obvious they are dealing!

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Jul-03-13 10:31 AM

TY Mim

dee, you're right.

Let's be honest with ourselves, why do grown men hang out in groups, without their families (if they even have one) at local playgrounds, (not even on the basketball courts), it's not to ride down the slides..

Or on street corners or next to dumpsters.. Logic tells you that there is at least a good chance, they're dealing drugs. It's no guarantee by any means, it could very well be simply an innocent conversation amongst friends or an unfortunate homeless citizen. Heck it could even be a group of individuals scoping out the slides and equipment to see what they think their kids will like the best...or whatever..

But logic would suggest it's not hard to figure out who is fact, it's much harder to figure out who is not dealing.

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