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Teenager who saved life humble about heroics

July 6, 2013

“It was as if someone was pushing me into the water. I saw her. Her hands were up in the air and she was screaming for help. I didn’t even think about it....

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Jul-08-13 8:52 AM

Or perhaps you could argue that not all things happen because of "acts of goodness/God", and that God put someone in position to make sure Helen didn't drown.

Listen, far be it from me to sit here and preach the word of God to you, I'm not going to do that because I'm the last person is "qualified" to do so. I get what you're saying Joe, and while I have a problem with some of the comments in here, I don't have a problem with yours.

Your overall point however, I do agree with, she was brave, it's that simple.

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Jul-08-13 8:30 AM

Wait...wait...wait...god helps Nickolette but was willing to let Helen drown? That's weird. Too much god in this article. It's enough to say Nickolette is brave. No need for the paranormal.

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Jul-08-13 7:07 AM

Sure there could have been 4 deaths, but that's the risk of saving a life sometimes. These individuals risked their life to save another. God held their hand the whole way.

This is the type of attitude that keeps our city in such hellish times. The whole "there's too much risk so why bother" attitude.

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Jul-08-13 7:06 AM

@nobud & CitizenX

Seriously? "I"m not trying to take away from..." Yes you are. You are because if you weren't you wouldn't have said it. You attempted to change the focus on the negative.

I hate to use this comparison, but I'm going to.

Every day a soldier puts their life on the line, risking their lives for our freedom. The positive is, sometimes those soliders come home alive and healthy. The negative is, sometimes they don't. So because there is an extreme risk, they shouldn't even enlist, I mean seriously, what are they thinking?

Sound about right Nobud? Yes, it's an extreme comparison and not really the same thing, but the point I'm trying to make is relative.

CitizenX, just stop while you're behind. I'd like to offer that there is varying levels and opinions of humble. Sure, perhaps she did give in to the publicity a little bit. But she also gave credit for her heroics to God. That to me, is humble, even if it's only humble in faith.

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Jul-08-13 7:00 AM

You risked your own life to save someone elses.

If that is not the definition of a hero, I don't know what is.

Ms. Nickolette Breauchy, I can certainly appreciate your humbleness, but the rest of us know that you ARE a hero. You put someone elses well being above your own and didn't hesitate to do so. You are, by all definition, a hero. My best guess, God thinks so too.

Everyone involved in this situation committed acts of heroism, because of that, a life was saved.

@ CitizenX, no one agrees with you (i just accidently hit agree), that's a really pathetic thing to say. To me, all she did was explain to those asking what happened, how. But she doesn't think of herself as a hero.

Yes, she is smiling in the picture, perhaps she IS proud of herself. Here's the thing.. SHE SHOULD BE!

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Jul-06-13 4:49 PM

wow. some people must really have a crappy life, and nothing better to do than turn such a wonderful story, which its nice to finally get GOOD stories, into all this bickering and bashing. nothing on this comment section should be bad, bashing, arguing. the only postings should be blessing this wonderful heroic young lady... nothing more.. THANK YOU YOUNG LADY FOR DOING SUCH A WONDERFUL SELFLESS THING..

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Jul-06-13 4:20 PM

Woolrich Jul-06-13

"Some of these responses are absolutely sickening and I'm embarrassed for your lack of character. Your parents and your school system failed you miserably."

woolrich, while I think name calling is not only going a bit far but also going much further than to simply correct the usage of a word, I think you are being a bit harsh. You, of course have no way of knowing anything about mamas family life or education. She may just be repeating the 'phrase d'jour' since it has become not only common, but socially acceptable in certain classes/circles to call people "haters" when they disagree with your point of view or when you don't understand what is being presented. Although I did bother to clarify for her, I hold no grudge and you really should ease up on her.

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Jul-06-13 2:13 PM

( This Is Both A Very Happy And Yet A Very Sad Unfortunate Loss Here To Their Families , Love Ones , Friends , Community. This Young Girl Is A Blessing With A Heart Of Compassion , And To Those That Lives Were Taken We Pray For. Amen.

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Jul-06-13 1:31 PM

Some of these responses are absolutely sickening and I'm embarrassed for your lack of character. Your parents and your school system failed you miserably.

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Jul-06-13 1:29 PM

While it this young lady's actions are admirable in one respect, I hate to rain on her parade, but this could have very easily been a four person drowning instead of a two person drowning. Most times an untrained water rescuer will drown because they either are not fit enough to help a victim or the victim in their panic will drown the rescuer. I am not taking anything away from the good this lady did, but I hope people realize there are steps to take for water rescue that help ensure the rescuer and the victim make it safely to shore.

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Jul-06-13 1:29 PM

This young lady has character, courage and conviction. She is a true hero and should be treated as so.

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Jul-06-13 12:04 PM

again, ran out of space with no indication....

Agreeing to publicity, even when as well deserved as in this case, is not being humble. I am certainly not saying she SHOULD have shied away from the accolades, I'm just saying that agreeing to them is not being humble, so that word was used incorrectly. Not a judgment of the person, simply pointing out an error in the use of the language.

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Jul-06-13 12:01 PM

mama I'm far from a 'hater'. As I stated VERY CLEARLY in my previous post, she is a very brave young woman and certainly has every right to be proud of herself. It was a terribly scary and dangerous thing she did, especially at such a young age, and she deserves all the accolades she gets, including being on the front page of the newspaper. I hope she gets some kind of certificate or memento of her bravery. I am just saying that 'humble' is not an accurate word to use in this instance. Not even that she has any reason that she SHOULD be humble, just that the word is inaccurate in this instance. There are many other adjectives that could have been appropriately used. Just stating a fact of the English language.

(And PS--you have no idea if she knew she was going to be on the front page or not, but quite obviously was going to have her picture and story in the newspaper. Refusing the request for a photo and a story would have been "humble". Agreeing to publicity, even

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Jul-06-13 10:52 AM

citizenx you are ridiculous.. 1 she doesnt choose to be on the front page. 2 she said exactly what happened. im sure the paper wanted details.. and she gave a response of exactly what happened. haters like you need to get a life

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Jul-06-13 9:45 AM

( Yes , What Great Samaritans We Have Here. Thank Our Lord We Have Them When Others Are In Need Of Help. Society Thanks You For Your Heroic Acts Of Strength And Kindness. : )

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Jul-06-13 7:47 AM

Great job by a very brave young woman. She should be very proud and rightly so, but please don't headline with the word "humble" when she is posing for a front page picture and providing a detailed description of her heroics.

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Jul-06-13 7:23 AM

She took an awful chance. Great job to all 4. Well done.

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Jul-06-13 4:23 AM

What an awesome young woman.Faith and fortitude will get her far. Her parents have done a great job raising her.

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Jul-06-13 2:55 AM

Beautiful.....a teenager crediting GOD for helping her. Bless her!

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