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Local law enforcement stepping up heroin battle

July 13, 2013

Big city crime-related problems are getting worse in the area and, in addition to law enforcement being asked to step up its efforts, a three-prong plan of attack was announced Friday by Lycoming......

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Jul-14-13 6:12 PM

This is all the gas companies fault. They brought the junk up from Tx with them. There was zero drugs or crimes until those gas holes showed up!!


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Jul-14-13 1:42 PM

South Williamsport needs to shut down that hole in the wall DRUG HOUSE down up on the PIKE! If that was a American owner it would of been shut down years ago!

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Jul-14-13 12:27 PM

spike2 - I agree with treatment, but how are we going to keep the people who are handed suboxone from selling it? Devin Stacey from Howard died in March and suboxone and xanax were found in his system. He bought it on the street.

And you bring up a good point about "who will pay?" Jail or rehab, someone has to pick up the bill.

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Jul-14-13 8:11 AM

Randy - who is paying for these massive jails?My guess is the numbers would easily reach 2000 if Lycoming County were to lock up every dealer and user. The approach has to be financially viable yet workable. i still think clinic management(methadone), treatment and rehab (WBDAAC) and incarceration for "real" dealers (state sentences). We can't continue to clog our local prison. Those who are new users should have treatment (ie: rehab) as an option and for users where treatment has failed, legal maintenance through methadone and suboxone. we would do better to treat addiction as the disease it is. get the people back in employment and send major dealers and distributors to state.

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Jul-13-13 11:50 PM

This is a drug that destroys people and destroys lives.Use it just once and you have an chemical addiction problem,from there its all down hill!Addicts will bed,borrow,steal,and in extreme cases kill to get what they need in order to "get their next FIX". This is a drug that can turn the best person into a monster.A lot of users end up committing petty crimes to feed the expenses of their "habit". The bottom line is the level of addiction the drug itself causes is what drives users to becoming criminals. I'm all for taking down dealers; the problem is when one falls another will step up.I think the proper approach is to go after everyone who had anything to do with this drug and make them accountable in the courts...from kingpin to user. Enforce stiff penalties or in the case of addicts force mandatory long term rehabilitation treatment along with incarceration or probation. Current laws are not suited to sealing with the hideous monster this drug is.Time to face

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Jul-13-13 12:02 PM

What are YOUR thoughts about the correlation between the Increase in Gang Activity in Williamsport and the Increase in violent street crime and drug activity. - Where do you think the authorities should focus their resources? Arrest the druggie on the corner (week after week after week), Utilize months of law enforcement and clog the courts with THUG murderers for months on end, or - Declare War on the Gangs.. - ?? Would declaring war on the gang, cause retribution from the entire club? So, what do we do? How do you put out a fire if you're not allowed to fight the flame?

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Jul-13-13 11:38 AM

Dear Sun Gazette, It is time for you to remove the word "h e r o i n" from your list of words banned in these forums. Thank you.

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Jul-13-13 10:02 AM

i'll believe it when i see it, ****** has been out of control in our city for awhile i have called the police several times and by the time the police arrive the car or cars are gone, not only due they sell drugs from their homes what alot of drug dealer's do in my neighborhood is meet in separate cars they'll go down a side street stop the buyer gets out goes up to the other car gets his drugs and then takes off by the time the cops arrive there gone, IF YOUR NOT FROM MY NEIGHBORHOOD AND YOUR SITTING IN A CAR BY MY HOUSE YOUR ONLY HERE FOR ONE THING AND THAT'S MOST LIKELY DRUGS!!!!!

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Jul-13-13 8:12 AM

I would hope he would add clinics to address maintenance of addicts(who are legitimate county residents}. Incarcerate the dealers and suppliers. treat or maintain those whose crime is against themselves(possession, personal use).

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Jul-13-13 7:55 AM

We need a war on addiction. Reduce the dependency on these drugs and the demand will lessen, putting many of these dealers out of business. Less dependency, less crime.

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Jul-13-13 6:12 AM

Well put, Francine. The ongoing War on Drugs is the costliest and least effective battle this nation has ever fought. It is a chest-beating, feel good tactic that gets law enforcement and judicial officials elected but does little to reduce the problem. It is the only war (aside from the Civil War) that has been declared on our own people.

Society does not want to hear the truth about it. What other policy continues to get increased funding after decades of proven ineffectiveness? I'm all for the "Let's try harder" approach, but more effort on bad policy will get you more failure.

Intelligent and open discussion re decriminalization and regulation must take place or look for more of the same. We'll just be able to watch it (not stop it) on video now. Until the money factor is eliminated there will always be suppliers to those who want to use, and bet your bottom dollar that legislation and enforcement has not and never will decrease demand for ******. Plain and simple.

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