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Ridiculous statement

July 17, 2013

I was appalled at an article in regards to Memorial Park Pool. The woman stated "If Memorial pool isn't reopened, crime will spike in that neighborhood of the city"....

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Jul-17-13 1:08 AM

Could that woman's statement about crime spiking if Memorial Pool isn't re-opened be an thinly veiled threat or even an extension of "No Justice, No Peace"?

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Jul-17-13 2:31 AM

You beat me to it, Cayman. What is it with people? "I want something from the govt, so if you don't give it to me, I'll cause trouble." Pathetic. Just pathetic.

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Jul-17-13 4:44 AM

It is no secret that when youth have less positive activities during their free time, youth crime goes up.

And what exactly does this letter writer think happens to a park when people stop going because of a lack of legitimate activities to participate in?

Get a clue.

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Jul-17-13 5:15 AM

Just had a idea how about we open the pool since its closing is the reason for crime and then once it's open if any crime happens their we get to have this lady pay for all the up keep

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Jul-17-13 5:29 AM

I agree that the closing of the pool in that area is absolutely no excuse for crime. However, to be fair the letter write fails to include what else Ms. Griffin stated in this same article: "It hurt my heart because every few days we're hearing about crime," she said. "Something has to be done to stop this. I'm willing to go out into the community and let these young people know we are not going to be afraid or tolerate this. They are going to be on the run, not us. It can be done and it will be done."

She may be mistaken as to the cause of the crime, but at least she has the courage to get involved and stand up to those creating the problem. If others in that area had the same attitude, maybe things would improve.

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Jul-17-13 6:05 AM

Go swim in the river.

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Jul-17-13 6:05 AM

a couple of questions. Where are the parents of these youth that are commiting crimes? Why were they never taught right from wrong? How does boredom = crime? Many small communities don't have pools or parks and yet they don't have crime spiking during the summer.Stickball anyone?

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Jul-17-13 6:10 AM

"Bad behavior is in no way rewarded. Swimming has no bearing on crime and ignorance." - Lee Summerson


That's what the folks (around the the Country Club) say, huh??

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Jul-17-13 6:12 AM


Good idea but someone stole the ball because there was no pool.

Actually with so many adult organized sports nowadays, I don't know if you threw a bat and ball out on the field that the youth would know enough how to choose captains and then let them pick teams and determine who would play at what position. It would have to be done for them!!!!

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Jul-17-13 6:17 AM

First of all I am glad to hear I am not the only one that was offended by the comment she made that came off sounding like a threat. Truth is, more than likely on her part it was a personal belief/excuse. However if she really was making a threat then she is part of the problem. I respect the fact she is willing to help, but people really have to stop making excuses for criminals.

It ALL starts with good parenting. You don't need to be the 'cool parent' you need to be the good parent.

It won't be long before I am no longer a resident of Williamsport but I still plan to get involved in the effort to clean up the city in which I was born.

The question is, are the rest of you going to join with us and do something or just sit on the Sun Gazette and talk about it?

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Jul-17-13 6:28 AM

I agree that proper parenting is paramount to instill good values, responsibility and respect. However, one only needs to read the paper to realize that a good percentage of the criminals and drug dealers in that area are beyond the parenting age, many of which are not even from that area. Until they solve the drug problem, crime in that area and many other areas of the city will continue to be on the rise.

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Jul-17-13 7:11 AM

Johndis,"It is no secret that when youth have less positive activities during their free time, youth crime goes up."

Actually, that is only a theory. There is no data to back it up. The very idea that kids say, "I can't swim so I guess I'll go kill somebody" is preposterous. I have no doubt that having more activities will keep some kids out of mischief, but crime is not committed out of boredom, crime comes from moral decay. People commit crime, not because the don't have a pool to go to, they commit crime because they are criminals. It's an attitude that my wants and needs trump everything.

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Jul-17-13 7:45 AM

As a child, I swam in creeks, rivers. I didn't have a piece of electronic in my hand, on our floor, or on the wall. We just had our imaginations.

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Jul-17-13 7:46 AM

Why is there not a Boys/ Girls Club in Williamsport? With all the empty Bldgs. all over town couldn't/ wouldn't someone donate the use of one to the city? Maybe the city could offer a break on the prop. taxes for use? Support it by donations, staff it with volunteers (parents) charge a monthly fee (reasonable) Maybe get Habitat or the college Carpentry/design students to retro-fit it? It would take community effort, but it could be done.

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Jul-17-13 7:52 AM

Well, the first two replies hit the nail on the head! Kind of like a recent case in the media, you don't like the outcome; you riot and cause problems. It only seems to happen in certain areas, lets look at the history books. I'm beating a dead horse here, but it all falls on the parents at home. That pool is just a drop off point for the parents to pay cheap babysitting fees and forget about their kids for the day!

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Jul-17-13 8:00 AM

"That's what the folks (around the the Country Club) say, huh??"

Now That is funny. I don't often use the agree but for this I will make an exception.

As for the letter?, it is as ridiculous as the letter being referenced.

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Jul-17-13 8:02 AM

I see it is time for the old folks to come out and say "when I was young".

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Jul-17-13 8:58 AM

I can't speak for anyone but me but I am just beyond 30 years old so I am not THAT old and yes, when I was a kid these problems were not nearly as significant in Williamsport, but they did exist. In my entire life, I've never been to the Memorial Park Pool. Not once. I've been to the park itself plenty of times but never to the pool, I had my issues as a child but I, with the help of others, turned thugs around. My parents were terrible role models and I began my teenage years following in their footsteps. It took a while but I got things worked out in my life.

What I here, from people like Rick, and others is a lot of excuses as to why things are so bad and not a peep about what they can do to help make I better. Yes it all starts with responsible parenting but at the same time it requires taking action within your community. I've offered my email address twice now to people in case you want to get ahold of me for some things we are working on, some things ill soon be meeting with

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Jul-17-13 9:01 AM


the Mayor about. An idea that is more so than "some things". I've had 2 people contact me, only one about what I'm trying to do. Of all th complaining I see ONE of you appear willing to take action when given the potential of opportunity.

Seriously? That is what I find ridiculous. I see a lot of people saying we need community involvement and very few actually doing what they need to in order to get involved.

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Jul-17-13 9:01 AM

Rick: 'I see it is time for the old folks to come out and say "when I was young".'

You first Rick.

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Jul-17-13 9:03 AM

If you're serious about getting involved contact me. How will I know you're serious? You'll take the time to figure out what articles and/or LTE's I posted my email address on (hint: they're related to these issues) and use it.

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Jul-17-13 9:08 AM

WWhickok... I appreciate what you are saying, but it's up to the people in that community to get involved and make things better. I live no where near that area but I do live in a neighborhood where we all help each other and stay alert and look out for each other, and we all are in agreement that we don't look the other way and report problems that do come up. You can't expect others to go in neighborhoods they don't live and tell them what they should or shouldn't be doing. If everyone in neighborhoods across the city would work together, things could change. It's up to the folks in that community to make the change. We all can't do it for them.

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Jul-17-13 9:15 AM

Gys, you're 100% correct. I agree with you and by no means am I suggesting you or I should "interfere" with another community. At the same time, I think there are steps that can be taken through the citizens for the entire city.

Neighborhood Watch Groups being more "out there" to people about there existence for individuals that want to be involved would be one good step.

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Jul-17-13 9:25 AM

Hate to be a bummer but it's all about litigation. What happens if something goes wrong and a child gets hurt in one of these activities? The same reason that some people won't help someone who's hurt. You put yourself in a position to get sued. That's the cryin' shame of today's society.

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Jul-17-13 9:26 AM

John while I agree with you nothing should stop you from doing what's right. Nothing.

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