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Remember O.J.

July 23, 2013

All the people that are protesting the “Not Guilty” verdict handed down to George Zimmerman must remember that O.J. Simpson got the same verdict....

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Jul-23-13 3:41 AM

You're a racist. :)

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Jul-23-13 5:27 AM

Oh, but that doesn't count. OJ was black and killed white folks!

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Jul-23-13 5:48 AM

Oh how morons forget what happened last week or year or decade eventually they will forget all this too

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Jul-23-13 5:53 AM

True story - In the mid 90's I was working in a factory in Binghamton NY that employed a fairly equal number of Blacks, Whites, and Southeast Asians - mostly from Vietnam. When the OJ verdict came in our plant manager turned the radio up as it was read. When OJ was declared not guilty all the black people cheered, all the white people gasped, and all the Asians simply went back to work (because they did not know what was happening). I will never forget that day. It showed me how big the cultural divide is in this country. How could two groups of people hear the same evidence and come to two vastly different conclusions. The exact same thing is happening with the Zimmerman case. I know that Obama has only made it worse by butting into a local case in Florida that he had no business singling out.

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Jul-23-13 6:14 AM

Vince, I agree. I posted a story yesterday about a WHITE man that recently died from injuries he sustained when he was beaten by six BLACK teenagers as he was walking home from the store. The six were all 13 and 14 yrs old and they told police they did it because they were bored. Now the only reason I found this story is because I stumbled upon it. I didn't hear one reply from liberals when I asked where mainstream media was and why haven't they been all over this story. Liberal media and liberals have the mindset that racism only goes one way. Only whitey can be the racists. If you listen to Sharpton and Jackson and other "activist" you can hear their deep seeded racism in everything they say. Can you imagine if white "activist" stood up and preached for the white man. Oh that's right, the Klan did just that and most of us show our disgust towards them because we knew they were doing nothing to help race relations.

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Jul-23-13 6:15 AM

Please don't write letters like this anymore and go sit somewhere and reflect on what I am about to tell you.

Justice is not a t it-for-tat system where you try to balance things out. You will never be balanced because one side will always see things differently.

Justice is blind to the person(s) whether they be rich or poor, male or female, young or old, black or white or brown or red or yellow, libertarian or democrat or republican, or short or tall.

Go Google/Bing pictures of the statues of Lady of Justice with scales, a sword, and a blindfold. That represents justice.

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Jul-23-13 6:38 AM

"All the people that are protesting the "Not Guilty" verdict handed down to George Zimmerman must remember that O.J. Simpson got the same verdict." - Ann Iseley


It's still called Jury Nullification...and, has DEEP, DEEP White "roots", in the history o' The Old South.

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Jul-23-13 6:44 AM

"Only whitey can be the racists." - GysgtUSMC


...Or, at the very least, does a better job of advertising it!



Musarium: Without Sanctuary

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Jul-23-13 7:18 AM

Shaman unlike OJ, this case was NOT jury nullification. The majority of legal experts (not the liberal tv pundits) were not surprised with the outcome. This case had no business even going to trial. Did you know that a grand jury was convened to hear this case to determine if charges should be filed, and the special prosecutor that was brought in dismissed the grand jury and decided not to present them the case? Why do you think this was done? According to legal experts, it was because she knew she didn't have the evidence for them to return an indictment. If you had actually watch the case with an open mind, you would have seen it was loaded with reasonable doubt. Jury nullification? No I would call it prosecutorial misconduct for even bringing the case to trial.

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Jul-23-13 7:37 AM

If anything, the Zimmerman case lays bare the depth President Obama's true racist beliefs. Everyday in this country there are countless murders that occur at hands of one black person killing another black person. These are the people that our community organizing president should actually have the most influence on in trying to stem the tide of violence in America. This is the place he could have the deepest impact with his appeal. Instead, he would rather further divide the people of this country with his petty race baiting ways rather than actually say lives with his influence. Yes, I might be a racist, but the man in the Oval office is a racist as well.

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Jul-23-13 7:55 AM

No surprises here for sure. Maybe the Sun should delete these for the good. In fact I think they should after reading the first comment.

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Jul-23-13 8:04 AM

Rick... I may be mistaken but I think nobud was making a joke. Might be why he put a smiley face on it. Relax

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Jul-23-13 8:21 AM

USA: 'Oh, but that doesn't count. OJ was black and killed white folks!'


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Jul-23-13 8:29 AM

But see that's just it Texas, that's the point everyone is attempting to make. Justice IS Blind. We don't look at a person's skin color and say "yep they're guilty". We look at the evidence, listen to the story, and try to form an opinion based on the facts we know.

I'm not saying there isn't PLENTY of people out there that are disgustingly racist and stereotypical, we all know better.

If you don't know what the Lady of Justice Statue looks like, it's Bronze. It's not white or black marble (representing a race for example), it was created genuinely in it's era. There are no 'hidden mockeries' beneath its creation.

Justice is meant reign down upon those truly guilty. Does the Justice system fail at times? Yes, It did during the OJ Trial and we all darn well know it!! No one was calling for racism against the two white individuals in that trial. But of course, naturally, Sharpton and Jackson are taking advantage of this opportunity to call racism against someone

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Jul-23-13 8:30 AM


who was involved in the death of an African American.

It's a disgrace to use every issue as a platform for racism.

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Jul-23-13 8:57 AM

I get it, it is about retailiation for the OJ verdict.

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Jul-23-13 9:06 AM

I get it, it is about retailiation for the OJ verdict.

Reeder if that's all you got out of wwhickok's comment, that's sad.

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Jul-23-13 9:26 AM

Gunny, you got it, Rick misses it! :) Chuckles, I believe there is a bed for you on the 5th floor at DPH, or you could take a drive to Danville because I really think you have truly flipped your lid. Retaliation for the OJ verdict? Wow, smdh....

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Jul-23-13 9:42 AM

For those too simple minded to understand and I won't mention any names Reeder but you know who you are.. The OJ Simpson Trial was an example of a 'murder case' that involved a white individual and black individual. One case did not result in a cry of racism. One did.

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Jul-23-13 9:42 AM

Yeah it is right next to yours but my is closest to the window.

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Jul-23-13 9:46 AM

Not once did I mention the words retaliation or revenge, nor was I suggesting that True Justice is served by 'getting back at the blacks' or whites or asians, or hispanics, or the aliens on the undiscovered planets out there in the universe.

Retaliation is a tool of the ignorant. The POINT is that this wasn't about race at all. This was about right and wrong. Was Zimmerman completely right? Probably not. Was Martin completely wrong? Probably not. Was there enough reasonable doubt to suggest Zimmerman was defending himself? Well the Not Guilty verdict would suggest there was.

I wasn't there, I don't know what happened and I'm sure I'll never really know.

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Jul-23-13 9:46 AM

You really need to learn how to not mention names.

By the way you mentioning the OJ trail along with the Zimmerman trail and having people compare and telling people to look at the races in the case. But it isn't about race, right?!

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Jul-23-13 9:56 AM

The administration, political activists, liberal media and liberals in general made this about race. No one else.

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Jul-23-13 10:08 AM

There is a problem here. OJ was acquitted. Accept the verdict and stop saying I know he was guilty. A jury decided. We accept verdicts or we don't. Minorities are profiled. We all know it. people are naturally distrustful of those who look different than them. This happens on all sides of the color wheel. the OJ case is long over, the Martin case will fade more quickly. OJ was a "star". juries rendered verdicts. This is our system. Instead of questioning why certain cases receive mass attention, question why we make TV drama in any court case. Reporting is fine. The saturation is ridiculous.

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Jul-23-13 10:34 AM

This has nothing to do with OJ's trial. Zimmerman got off because he was defending himself...gee we don't hear anything about the fact that the deceased was on drugs and there was an eye witness (black by the way) that saw the deceased beating the crap out of Zimmerman...this is just what Obama needed to turn this into a racial issue...he needs to keep his two cents (about all he is worth) out of it.

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