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Condemn racism

July 24, 2013

I was astonished that George Zimmerman was found to be “not guilty” for the death of Trayvon Martin. Mr. Zimmerman blatantly pursued Trayvon Martin, profiling him as a criminal....

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Jul-24-13 1:01 AM

"Our goal is to acknowledge when racism exists and condemn racism on every level, both individually and as a society."

And if there is no evidence racism played a part in something, we're gonna say it was anyway, by god.

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Jul-24-13 3:54 AM

"Our goal is to acknowledge when racism exists and condemn racism on every level, both individually and as a society."

Sorry Ms Wolf, but the goal of letters like this is to promote hatred and divisiveness.

You should be ashamed for trying to inflame SG readers with your liberal hate-mongering.

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Jul-24-13 4:32 AM

What is evident here Melissa is your ignorance of the law....and the facts of this case. It's people like you that fuel the fires of real racism...gee thanks!

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Jul-24-13 4:45 AM

Do you honestly believe that if Eric Holder thought there was any possible race hatred going on in the Zimmerman case that he wouldn't already be back in jail on new Federal charges? Zimmerman was found innocent of all charges! Accept it and get over it before somebody gets hurt at these "no justice, no peace" rallys. You want to do your part Ms Wolf? Keep one 21 year old black drug dealer from killing another 21 year old black drug dealer right here in Williamsport! Where is your outrage here?

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Jul-24-13 4:49 AM

One thing few people seem to understand is that it's racist to look for racial reasons to explain things where no racism is evident. That itself is more evident of profiling that anything Zimmerman did.

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Jul-24-13 4:50 AM

IF there was evidence of racism in this case, Holder would have had him locked up by now. The State investigated for it and so did the FBI. NO evidence was found. Give it a rest and stop listening to the race baiters.

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Jul-24-13 5:44 AM

The only thing worse than racism, is claiming racism where none exists.

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Jul-24-13 5:56 AM

Melissa wasn't mister Zimmerman tried in a court of law? It's people like you who promote racism miss piggy

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Jul-24-13 6:04 AM

Gee, somehow I think Ms. Wolf is not getting the adoration she likely expected with this letter. Glad to see all the comments denouncing her views.

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Jul-24-13 6:11 AM

First of all, how do you KNOW that Zimmerman stalked Trayvon? He was tried in a court of law, there clearly wasn't enough evidence to convict him of murder.

The only one being racist here is the Author of this Letter. It is absolutely racist to assume a White man is being racist because solely because he was involved in an incident with someone who isn't white.

Yes, in this case the incident a death that was the result of self defense, but that doesn't change the fact.

If Trayvon was white and Zimmerman was black, no one would be righting a LTE a Day about racism.

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Jul-24-13 6:15 AM


For a moment, pretend that you want to commit a racially motivated murder, how would you do it?

Would you wait to do it while your back is on a sidewalk and you are being beaten by the person on top of you? I doubt it.

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Jul-24-13 6:22 AM


All human life is valuable, no matter the color, wealth, age, gender, etc of the individual. Young African-American males are NOT expendable. But why not condemn the hundreds of killings that are done by black-on-black? Approx 94% of the killings of black males are done by other blacks; where is the outrage here.

If you want to condemn racism, condemn the millions of abortions that are done to babies in the US every year and this is where a disproportionate number are black.

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Jul-24-13 6:35 AM

Frankly I find this statement offensive: "The message: Young African-American males are expendable."

For the record, I'm so white I make Casper the Ghost look like he has a tan.

Seriously, NO ONE is expendable. But Melissa do YOU believe that? Every HUMAN BEING is important and should be treated like that. Perhaps if more humans were treated like humans instead of like dogs we'd have less hostility in the world.

Lately if you've been paying any attention to my posts on certain topics I've been lobbying to get the Youth in this city involved in the community. I'm not just talking about the white kids folks. I'm talking about every single one of them. I want them all to succeed and I DO believe that if they don't have a positive role model now, that it is my responsibility to provide that. Why do I feel that way? Because I'm capable of doing so, and frankly, if I were to help even one kid succeed, to me, that's a success story. Sure my goal is ultimately to help

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Jul-24-13 6:37 AM

Does this song like the actions of a racist?

"Zimmerman had been one of the few to take any action to protest the 2010 beating of Sherman Ware, a black homeless man, by the son of a Sanford police officer. Zimmerman reportedly distributed fliers in the black community trying to get others involved too, and helped organize a January 8, 2011, Sanford City Hall community forum to protest the incident."

I posted this before and received no feedback from our friends on the left. How many of US would have taken the time and energy to do what he did? I'll be the first to sadly admit that I probably wouldn't. Most of us would be too "busy" with our own lives to worry about the injustices of a homeless BLACK man. Yet so many are quick to judge him, and his actions.

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Jul-24-13 6:37 AM

That should be sound not song.. I hate this auto correct.

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Jul-24-13 6:37 AM

Melissa, If you watched the trial, or at least the daily highlights of it, there would be no way you could possibly come to the conclusions you expressed in your letter. It makes me wonder where you get your information from.

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Jul-24-13 6:38 AM


many more but you know what they say.."Rome wasn't built in a day". I genuinely like good people. I don't care if you're white black or purple with pink polka dots. Good people deserve respect and I try to surround myself with people who are genuinely sincere and kind.

I don't have enough energy or time to be racist, it requires far too much hate.

This letter does nothing more than attempts to add fuel to an already highly burning fire that is hard enough to put out as it is.

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Jul-24-13 6:40 AM

Gys, I'll also sadly admit, I probably would have done the same. However, lately, I've been trying to change that attitude within myself. Instead of just talking about it, I'm trying to do something about what this city has become.

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Jul-24-13 6:54 AM

Wwhickok... I agree that more needs to be done for our kids in the community. I think that they need to invest the money into getting memorial pool open again. I know many disagree but I just read an article that they are talking about a loan for the city in which 750k is going to be used for renovations of East End pool. I know Loyalsock township has mixed feelings about "Williamsport" kids using their pool. However, why are there two pools available to kids on the east side of town and nothing on the west side? Open the pool back up, provide security and keep out the ones that are creating problems. Closing the pool is not an excuse for violence, but the majority of those that used that pool were not the problem.

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Jul-24-13 7:08 AM

"Our goal is to acknowledge when racism exists and condemn racism on every level, both individually and as a society."

Let's start with Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.

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Jul-24-13 7:20 AM

You all are something else.

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Jul-24-13 7:25 AM

I had a lot to say when I first read this letter. However, my friends have stated it all very intelligently and without hatred. Well done my friends!

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Jul-24-13 7:30 AM

Honestly Gys, I agree with you about the pool completely. I'm just not a believer that they're going to be willing to do it. As far as Loyalsock not wanting our kids, part of me doesn't have a problem with that. Why? Because I want our Kids HERE in Williamsport but I want them to succeed and have things for themselves. Like a Pool. You're right it isn't fair to those who weren't causing the problems to not have a pool or basketball nets, etc.

In fact, it's time to reward the kids that aren't the problem.

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Jul-24-13 7:42 AM

You all are something else. -Reeder

And you have issue with what? And what are your facts to counter what we say? That's the issue that a lot of us have. There are NO FACTS to support what you and many others claim with regards to racism being a part of this case. Show me facts that he is a racist and that he targeted Martin because he was black, and I'll be the first one to shut up. The fact is, the state of Florida couldn't do it, the federal government couldn't do it, and either can you. Now it's time for all of YOU to drop it.

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Jul-24-13 7:48 AM

I think the verdict of a jury and controlling laws contribute little to a conversation about racism. If Zimmerman was a racist are the jurors, the judge and defense counsel also racists? I think not. I will say it again, racism and profiling does exist on all sides of the streets. Second, outrage re: black on black crime? We don't see much outrage on white on white either. Has anyone even questioned the recent shooting where the victim and the individual shot were white? The victim was shot 8 or 12 times and all shots apparently hit the victim. No charges were filed, yet one was armed, one unarmed and they knew each other. Has anyone even questioned this matter? My point is we all are spending way too much time on a case that was decided under Florida law. The entire case, the death of a young man and the continuing spectacle is very sad.

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