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Racism talk

August 4, 2013

When a human being kills or offends another human being and there is no evidence at all whatso ever that the actions were a result of racism, why can’t we just assume it had nothing to do with......

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Aug-05-13 6:44 AM

Capricorn, I agree with you completely.

In fact, I agree with most of you on most of your comments.

Reeder, clearly you didn't actually read or didn't comprehend the letter.

Let me put it in "ignorant" terms for you;

I didn't say there is no racism, I posed the question as to why when something bad happens, why is it it's always about racism. Why can't it just be that a bad person did something bad.

We're, as a society, too quick to blame all of our problems on racism or all of the events that take place on racism.

I didn't say it doesn't exist and certainly wasn't trying to imply that, in fact, I thought several things I said supported the fact I genuinely believe that the unfortunate reality is, racism very much exists.

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Aug-05-13 5:28 AM

Race cards are like dollar bills. Print off a couple million and they don't buy much.

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Aug-04-13 11:46 PM


"The minority community is just as fractured as the white community"

Just a not the white community, particularly the white male, minority?

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Aug-04-13 11:42 PM


I see you haven't touched base with your reading comprehension lately. You hate truth, in many respects.

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Aug-04-13 11:40 PM


While working together seems "fuzzy", the leader of the free world who should be taking strides to do just that, is feeding the lions, along with other "black leaders" in our society. Leaders don't seek to divide, rather cohesiveness. And, the black community has no leaders...or at least any the black community wants to recognize.

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Aug-04-13 11:34 PM


perhaps you should look in the mirror and have a conversation with yourself about your own inner fears and or attitudes about specific groups of people. Because, regardless of how perfect we think we are as humans or how we think we are privy and immune to "that type of attitude" we fool ourselves. Racism is now alive and well again in this country. As Wes rightly pointed out in his letter, accept someone for who they are. As long as we keep reading/buying/responding to the media's hype (an excellent selling tool I might add) to this topic, the divide gets larger. Black people need to quit using their skin color as a disability. And, for white people to stroke their narcissist personality in the guise of "tolerance" is even more pathetic. We are created and loved by one God, who loves each and every person. He only sees either sin or righteousness when He looks at you. Take a stand against sin, not a stand against each other!

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Aug-04-13 11:18 PM

This has to stop. Nice letter, Wes. Bottom line, we live in a "reverse" discrimination era, no small thanks to the media frenzy of "racial profiling" sensationalism. This entire saga is being fueled by racist "so-called" social engineers (whatever that means) and a president who speaks up when he should shut up. This trial was handled by the state, it belongs to the state of FL, not the federal level, period. But, sure was a moment of dazzling with brilliance...yet again. When we just got focused on one of the many scandals that surround this admin, another smoke screen provides a get-away. Even if this was (which it isn't) a race issue, any president with any WISDOM wouldn't have agitated the situation. His comments fanned the flames. The irony is, those who protest too much, generally are the racists, in the purest form of the word. The next time you're inclined to label someone racist,

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Aug-04-13 6:11 PM

Sideliner, I'll admit I do that to Shaman every time mainly because he never post anything relevant and always follows up with some ridiculous YouTube video.

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Aug-04-13 5:42 PM

Spike posts: " I know this is a unique concept but maybe leaders should work together."

I find it telling that this post got 5 Disagrees on "leaders should work together." Just goes to prove a point I made on another thread that so many here just pick a side and disagree with the other side even when a valid point is made. They will disagree with a particular poster regardless of the content. How are we, as a country of individuals, going to come together as a group to solve problems with this kind of "us vs them" mentality?

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Aug-04-13 9:30 AM

A very good letter, Wesley.

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Aug-04-13 9:18 AM

Spike, i get your point. To be honest, right now there are no "leaders" I can get behind, and I'm well over 30.There are IMO, no truly honorable leaders that I have seen that are truly dedicated to the good of this country.Corruption abounds and all are self-serving.I don't know, maybe it's always been like this but not as visible.I know one thing, we need to find that kind of person that ALL can get behind if this country is to ever get back on track.

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Aug-04-13 8:51 AM

Tgramm - name one that has seriously tried. The "black community" sounds all inclusive. The minority community is just as fractured as the white community. Name a white leader any kid between 16 and 30 gives a rat's behind about. people in the age group aren't paying any attention to what "leaders" say. Using a "successful" black "leader" is about as effective as using a white leader.

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Aug-04-13 8:40 AM

Texas, I agree, I know and have known several upstanding people of all races. These are not the folks making all the noise or trying to get in the headlines. Unfortunately, many use thier race as an excuse to not do anything productive with thier lives screaming opression and racism.The likes of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton etc. are thier chosen leaders. These men have no real intrest in motivating thier followers to improve thier lives,they just want the financial support for themselves.

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Aug-04-13 8:24 AM

Gee Wesley you spent the whole letter saying there is no racism then end it with racism exists.

You concentrated a lot on black on black crime and then ignored how much white on white crime there is. Is it because the black on black crime is the unacceptable anomaly?

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Aug-04-13 8:17 AM

"the black community"


I know individuals in this people group that think for themselves; they are educated, hard working, successful, God-fearing, have well-mannered children, friends and would not consider themselves part of a mob looking for a leader, black or white to follow. They take responsibility for themselves and do the best they can.

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Aug-04-13 7:25 AM

Spike, name 1 white "leader" the black community will listen to.

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Aug-04-13 7:17 AM

Spike, these are the same black leaders that cry racism towards their race. But when confronted with the real problems of the black community, they grow silent. The fact is, facing the real issues will not make national news and bring them the attention they seek.

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Aug-04-13 7:01 AM

When did we stop being one? Isn't saying the "black leaders" should make the heavy lift proof we are still racially divided? I know this is a unique concept but maybe leaders should work together.

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Aug-04-13 6:50 AM

Wes, racism is big business. Without out it many people would be out of a job.

I believe reverse racism is by far more widespread but no one is allowed to talk about it.

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Aug-04-13 6:31 AM

I believe the race baiters such as Jackson, Sharpton and the rest need to keep racism talk at the forefront of our media so that they remain "relevant" and to pad their pockets. This is a money making venture for them, they have no interest in helping to make it go away. They have no interest in addressing the problems in the black community. The problems in the black community are similar to those in other racial demographics, but they seem to get more press. This helps keep the racial tensions alive and well yet does nothing to start to correct the problems.

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Aug-04-13 6:05 AM

"why can't we just assume it had nothing to do with racism? "

Because that's the left's bread & butter. They, Obama and his ilk, want to keep us divided. They need a victim class, and in most cases that falls to the once oppressed minority.

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Aug-04-13 6:04 AM

Capricorn, the reason black leaders don't bring up all the black on black murders/violence is they would have to admit it is a problem WITHIN thier race. They only want to fight for issues where they can blame whites and call it racism.

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Aug-04-13 5:47 AM

The people that claim to be the ones that are fighting against racism are actually the ones that are keeping it at a high level. They know, and we all understand on some level, that the constant cries of racism and the constant calls for protests whenever they see the opportunity does nothing to lessen racism.

Liberals need racism. Liberals need minority votes. By lying to minorities by telling them that Liberals are going to solve racism, they guarantee their votes. Too bad more do not see this.

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Aug-04-13 3:53 AM

Mr. Hickok, while I agree with much of your letter, I still can't stop wondering why the administration and black leadership aren't addressing the problem of young black men killing each other at an alarming rate. Yes, whites kill whites, but when you have a very small percentage of the population committing over 50% of the murders, and they are mostly murdering each other, I would think the AG, black leaders and activists would want to try and solve this growing epidemic.

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