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August 4, 2013

Sun-Gazette's editorials, 7 Jan. "2011:" Citizens must become organized to help the police curb the violence, shootings and drug dealers from operating in the city....

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Aug-04-13 6:29 PM

Capricorn, do you think that addicts are able to support the criminal enterprise that supports the illegal drug market?

There’s little doubt that much of our drug related crime is committed by addicts desperate for a fix, but I doubt if that’s more than a small part of the market. I’d love to see the results of a study on that.

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Aug-04-13 11:57 AM

Phil I agree, however, I don't think the recreational users are the ones robbing and stealing to get the money for their drugs. I feel if we can make dent in the addiction problem, it will also result in less crime and allow these folks to be productive citizens.

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Aug-04-13 10:14 AM

There are two ways to eliminate the criminality associated with drugs: decriminalize their sale and usage or dry up the drug market. Drug addiction should be treated like any other disease. The drug market goes well beyond addicts and I would guess that the most money is made selling to “recreational” users. Drying up the market would require a zero tolerance for any kind of non-medical drug use.

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Aug-04-13 9:33 AM

And what guarantee do we have that legalizing any drug won't make matters worse? Bill, you've pickled your brain on bong juice if you think this would be an easy sell!

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Aug-04-13 8:53 AM

Criminal activity violates constitutional and individual rights also.

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Aug-04-13 8:52 AM

All we did was criminalize drugs, we did not deter crime by doing that.

If you have crime in society and a society that wants crime punished, it will not matter what format of government you have, it will be a policing state.

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Aug-04-13 7:36 AM

cayman - where did this happen? Just a few locations, please. capricorn, I agree. It's the only disease we treat with incarceration. I do not agree with complete legalization but medically maintained treatment of long term addictions is a really good idea. When severe addicts are maintained they can be productive. The first incorrect assumption is to believe all those who become addicted (and yes pain medications count) have no skills, no goals and no desire to work. Part of the problem is understanding the severity of addiction. most seem unable to do so until it is within a family or a friend.

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Aug-04-13 4:18 AM

Erratum: Author's name is John Whitehead...

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Aug-04-13 4:15 AM

Personally I have a huge problem with legalizing the much harder drugs that are infesting our neighborhoods and destroying people's lives. If they choose to decriminalize marijuana, I don't have a problem with that for personal use, because I don't believe the research supports that marijuana leads to violence or addiction. But to treat the harder drugs in the same manner, in my opinion, would be a huge mistake. I believe the problem lies with how they chose to fight this war on drugs. Countless money was spent throwing users in jail and very little money was spent treating the disease of addiction. Lessen the demand and the supply will suffer.

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Aug-04-13 3:51 AM aware and alert to this silent but ever increasing threat to our lives, liberty and the Constitution. This is happening in police departments, large and small, all across our country. The really disturbing thing is our military is supplying these "law enforcement" entities with the weapons that are used on us. I told you it's scary!!

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Aug-04-13 3:39 AM

Anyone who fears for the life and future of our country should read the book by John Whitead entitled "A Government of Wolves". Talk about the fine hairs on the back of your neck standing erect by scary stories! This totally has to do with the fact that America is slowly, but surely, becoming a police state where the "no knock" forced entry has become commonplace..where the police break down your door at O-dark thirty without benefit of a warrant..where you are awakened from a deep state of sleep, feeling confused and, thinking a burglar is in your house, you reach for the weapon in your bedside drawer. Out of nowhere, a dozen heavily armed masked policemen appear... dressed in full body armor...and seeing your weapon and fearing for their lives fire 30 rounds into your body. Later, as it sometimes happens, they discover they have invaded the wrong house and wasted the wrong person. This is NOT fiction, people. It's happening in America at an alarming rate! Please

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