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$2 for this?

August 8, 2013

My cell phone bill monthly includes a $2-plus charge to pay for the Obama cell phone program....

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Aug-08-13 5:27 AM

Abe Lincoln is famously quoted as stating that 41% of the statistics found on the internet are made up.

I wonder how well this letter will stand up to fact checking.

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Aug-08-13 5:44 AM

Jerry, instead of "wondering" maybe you should have "fact checked" it.

Why do liberals always want someone else to do their legwork?

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Aug-08-13 5:51 AM

Haha. Good one. A happy morning to you as well.

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Aug-08-13 5:52 AM

But Catherine, don't you know it's racist to ask for verification proving eligibility? That's the argument the voter ID opponents are using. Same probably applies to the Obamaphone scam.

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Aug-08-13 6:34 AM

This "Obama Phone" was available for years. Source: my mom is on this program with her house phone (verizon landline) and has been for the past 10 years. Also, drug dealers aren't going to go through the application process to receive one of these phones. Much easier to go to a drug store (no pun intended!) and buy a Tracphone. Or three.

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Aug-08-13 6:41 AM

Program gone wild!! Abuse abounds!

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Aug-08-13 6:42 AM

Jillian Kay Melchior is the name of the reporter who obtained 3 free cell phones, and she made no attempt to lie or hide her income. She did it to make a point about this program: it started with good intentions and has ballooned to a huge entitlement fraught with fraud and abuse.

Carlo$ $lim, one of the riche$t men in the world, has a controlling interest in Tracfone. Every time someone gets a phone through Lifeline, he nets $10.00. See Huffington Post, 10/10/12.

According to FCC dot gov, "universal service charges": The Universal Service Fund (USF) provides support to promote access to telecommunications services at reasonable rates for those living in rural and high-cost areas, income-eligible consumers, rural health care facilities, and schools and libraries.

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Aug-08-13 6:52 AM

I agree cavefelon, this is just one more example of a government social program that started out with good intentions, but because of the way it was managed, it ballooned into just another abused and overly funded cash cow. When will those on the left realize that these social "safety nets" are doing more harm than good, not only to this country, but to those that remain in the trench of government dependence? And you wonder why many are hesitant to allow the government to manage their healthcare.

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Aug-08-13 8:01 AM

"Why do liberals always want someone else to do their legwork?"

The right doesn't do legwork, they just make it up as they go.

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Aug-08-13 8:03 AM

For the whiners there is an easy solution, don't buy or use a cell phone. You don't pay the charge and therefore you are no longer funding the program.

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Aug-08-13 8:11 AM

"For the whiners there is an easy solution, don't buy or use a cell phone. You don't pay the charge and therefore you are no longer funding the program."

Wow, you're right Reeder, that is the solution. Because we don't agree to a mandatory service tax being used to another government program that is being abused and is out of control, then we should just not use cell phones. Why didn't we all think of that? Here's a better solution, how about they just manage the program more responsibly?

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Aug-08-13 8:33 AM

The Lifeline program started under Reagan with land lines. GWB expanded the program to include cell phones with the purpose of giving low income access to emergency and employment seeking services.

As a manager in a call center for years, many of our employees used those phones to get the job. A cousin of mine, housebound with COPD, had been on the program practically since inception and up until the 911 call that took her to the hospital where she later died.

Admittedly, there is abuse and poor oversight. I agree with Capricorn that better management rather than a gutting of the program is in order.

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Aug-08-13 8:39 AM

Time to scrap the program and start all over. It'll never happen though.

Chuck's comments show that he woke up with his head up his butt again.

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Aug-08-13 9:24 AM

Can any of our liberal friends say that this is outrageous? You would think that we could all agree that with trillion dollar deficits that this kind of waste would be universally decried. It shouldn't matter if you agree or disagree with the principle of the program, it is being extremely poorly run. The money that is wasted here could better be used to reduce the deficit or on some other program. As for Jerry, news outlets all over the country have reported on the problems with this program, but he wonders if it's true. Another blind ideologue.

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Aug-08-13 9:39 AM

Enigma - No more outrageous then today's article about the local "republican" government wanting to spend 3-million to help US Airways upgrade our local airport. Or the $100,000+ our Mayor spent on the Ice Hockey debacle. Let’s see some of our local conservatives be "upset" with all the "corporate" welfare that goes on in Williamsport for a change…

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Aug-08-13 9:52 AM

BobGlass, You couldn't do it could you? You can't say that this waste of money is outrageous, because it has been connected with Obama. Would it help if I said it didn't start under Obama. Could you say that it is outrageous now, or can only Republicans do outrageous things. Be careful though, because all of these wastes you have cited have Democrat support too. Another blind ideologue.

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Aug-08-13 10:02 AM

E - I just find it amusing that "conservatives" only care about the deficit and wasteful spending when a Democrat is presidents. Remember Chaney’s old "deficits don't matter" line. I also find it amusing that "conservatives" always attach "Obama" to anything they done not like - especially things that offices under previous administrations (Obama’s deficit / Obama’s war / Obama’s cell phone). You can blame Obama all you want but that does not change the fact that the current administration was not the source / starting point for these items.

Oh well – Never wrestle with a pig because you'll only get muddy and the pig enjoys it. Well I have to get some work done. You can have the last word :)

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Aug-08-13 10:05 AM

what a joke, Obama started this program so the poor could look for work...ha ha, that is so funny. He started this program to provide cell phones to those too lazy to work and to be paid for by you and I..same thing over and over again...he is a president that needs to provide as much as possible for the welfare class so he (in the last election) and his croanies in the next election) will be voted for by those same people. Let start a revolution of our own, the working class against the government and those too lazy to work.

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Aug-08-13 10:18 AM

Bob, as an Independent I was just as critical towards Bush when it came to wasteful spending. As far as some of these things not being started by Obama, you are correct, but he ran on the platform of change and I have seen him put no effort into curtailing massive spending. He continues, and in many cases increases the amount of spending in government.

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Aug-08-13 10:23 AM

Must be a bunch of Atheist out there because everytime I open my paper, yet another non-believer violates the sacred golden rule: “Thou shall not say any negative word about our Savior – Barrack H. Obama or his administration” So many to convert, so little time.

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Aug-08-13 10:28 AM

You people better start diggin'... for Ronald Reagan that is. He's the President that started the Lifeline program. Go to the website and check it out. We all know this paper does not want the facts out there, especially when a Republican is to blame, but facts are facts none the less and we must not continually allow the Republican party to look stupid! After all, you freed the slaves through Abraham Lincoln and we thank you for that!

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Aug-08-13 10:35 AM

For the Republicans making their baseless claims as usual and again looking like Bobby Jhindals "stuipid party" The Lifeline program was started in 1985. No Democrat anywhere near that date! Now, is there waste, of course just like the War in Iraq!!! Unlike Iraq, with the Lifeline program lives are being saved not senselessly wasted!!!

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Aug-08-13 10:39 AM

"what a joke, Obama started this program so the poor could look for work..."


Premier, I await your outrage of pinecr's debunked statement. I'm sure you will hold him to the same level of fact checking as you do me. Go ahead, let him have it.

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Aug-08-13 10:49 AM

BobGlass, You are a liar! Real Conservatives complained about the level of spending under Bush. You probably missed that because you were too busy listening to liberal Bush haters. You are the one who can't criticize his own party, even in the face of undeniable corruption. Did you know that every 'Obama phone' makes money for a big Obama contributor? Do you care? That was the subject of the letter and you still have yet to give an opinion on it. I can only assume that is because you can't defend it, but you won't even admit that this is a problem. It seems to me that you are the pig in your metaphor.

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Aug-08-13 11:05 AM

Silverfeather, The program was started under Reagan. It underwent some major changes under Obama. I'm all for killing the whole program, are you with me? After all it was started by a 'stupid Republican'. You see unlike most Democrats, I understand that people in my party can do dumb things and when they do, I am right there saying so. If you read these posts regularly, you would know that I am no fan of how the Republicans in Williamsport are running things. Are you ready to stand up and say that this cell phone program is being poorly run under this President?

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