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Proposed bill promotes training state residents for gas industry

August 13, 2013

More natural gas industry jobs may be more accessible to Pennsylvanians instead of out-of-state workers, if a bill by U.S. Sen. Bob Casey, D-Scranton, is approve....

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Aug-13-13 8:07 AM

And the Rich just keep getting richer.(i.e.) Ed Alberts and Son.

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Aug-13-13 8:37 AM

"And the Rich just keep getting richer" You are talking about the Employee's correct?? My Son-In-Law has worked for Ralph Alberts in Montoursville for the past 20 years started when he was a teenager. He and ALL the other employees have been treated VERY well and thanks to Ralph Alberts he and MANY others in this area have enjoyed many years of uninterrupted employment. Maybe the owners get richer, and in return so do the employees, but the owners ARE the one's who took the chance to start a small business and turn it into what it is today. JMO

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Aug-13-13 9:18 AM

If the gas industry needs workers, let them pay for the training, why do we taxpayers once again get the burden of paying for this...Call it want you might be called a grant but the money comes from the taxpayers. Gee I am happy to pay more taxes to allow the gas industry to get richer...I am sure all Pennsylvanians will have no problem with that.

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Aug-13-13 9:37 AM

So what's he doing about all the methane the industry releases into the air?????

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Aug-13-13 9:39 AM

ill believe this when i see it.

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Aug-13-13 9:41 AM

"These boards would partner with employers to share natural gas industry training costs"

I don't see a problem with this if it does in fact result in the hiring of in state workers. The industry could choose to not contribute to this effort at all and bring in out of state workers that are already trained, like what is being done now in a lot of cases. Some people complain that the industry brings no jobs to the local economy, and then when the issue is addressed to try and fix the problem, the same people complain about that. Oh and I spoke with many in the industry and many have stated that not only is there a lack of local talent that have the experience and training, but there are many that don't want to work the long hours or can't pass the drug test.

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Aug-13-13 10:07 AM

And the rich keep getting richer? Who cares? It also helps our entire community. Just about every business here has benefited from increased sales, and plenty of new businesses have started because of the boom. There is plenty of opportunity if you actually want to work. My husband was out of work for almost 2 years. When you're 50 years old, a lot of companies won't hire you, but a gas company gave him an opportunity. A year later, they hired me. That was 8 years ago. Now our kids are working in Oil and Gas too. We're earning more money than we ever dreamed we could. I know plenty of other locals that have good paying jobs in this field as well. This boom has been a blessing to our economy.

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Aug-13-13 10:14 AM

Title in article mentions gas industry so I knew right away that pinecr would have a comment. Apparently he only saw gas and stopped reading as Casey's bill is only an enhancement to the already existing Workforce Investment Act that has been around since the 1990's and has been used by many employers and employees to get the job training and skills needed to develop local workforces.

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Aug-13-13 10:18 AM

Metalhead: If you knew the story of the Ralph Alberts Company and the hardwork put in to it by Ralph, his son, and his grandson over the past 50 years, you would quickly discover that sweat, hardwork and innovation are high among the keys to success.

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Aug-13-13 10:44 AM

I have a hard time believing this particular Senator would be promoting this project. His party and Democrats in general are against any thing that isn't green energy. I'll be surprised if this bill can survive Harry Reid with prompting from the President.

Look at Casey's betrayal of the coal industry. Or maybe this is his way of trying to save face and retain votes with many of those unemployed Pennsylvanians. It's probably another ploy to use tax money for the benefit of the CYOA crowd.

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Aug-13-13 10:57 AM

Before they make any promises about job training the industry needs to clean up their act because their being investigated for Labor Law violations here in Pa. and in W. Virginia.

The industry is labeling the workers as independent contractors which allow the companies to avoid paying overtime. Audits on companies are being performed for these illegal practices.

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Aug-13-13 11:59 AM

Well pinecr if you want to move to china go do it but don't let the rest of us be in need of foreign oil and all necessities. Your comments are typical of someone with no role play in the gas industries existence here but I have no role in it either. And ps what's being done about all the methane being released at the landfill and all the co2 from your cars and all the pesticides you spray on your lawn going in the storm sewer to the river to the fish getting black spots? Any answers

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Aug-13-13 2:45 PM

mahs81, still paid for by taxpayers any way you look at it...what do you think they just print the money for this?

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Aug-13-13 2:47 PM

PAPatriot, glad you areonly interested in making money and not saving the beautiful area we live true of so many people here...sad to see that we don't need to save anything for the next generation!

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Aug-13-13 4:17 PM

pinecr: It is taxpayer money and don't you think the good folks of this area should get some benefit from it once in awhile. Good jobs to be had in the gas industry and it is here to stay regardless of your like or dislike. By the way, friend of mine from at west drive up the Pine Creek Valley for the first time in ten years and his comment was "This place is just as beautiful, if not more so, than I remember it from the last time I visited."

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Aug-13-13 4:21 PM

“at” should be “out” sorry for mistyping and any other punctuation errors – I am only human but I do know how quick people like to jump on typos and other grammatical errors on these post. I guess it is another way for them to display their far more superior intellectual capabilities. .

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Aug-13-13 4:21 PM

Short term answers that will create very real long term problems. This is a boom/bust industry that will only be here as long as they can rape and pillage at will. All of this at the expense of the real industries in PA, recreation and farming. Not to mention sustainable lumbering and many others. All of you who are in support of this criminal industry are either ignorant and need to learn or are being paid in some way or another by the industry and refuse to realize that this industry is only about short term profits. Fools!

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Aug-13-13 4:31 PM

Yeah ok judge and jury drive up north in Bradford County and peak at all the new tractors and implements in the farmers fields now that's progress

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Aug-13-13 4:33 PM

I would much rather my tax money be used to educate people then to be handed out in the form of welfare for some who choose not to try to educate or advance themselves

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Aug-13-13 6:36 PM

Excuse me Bobby Casey; if the act has been around since 1990 why didn't it help PA. people get the gas jobs back in 2004-06-08 ? Now here you are wanting more tax payer money for your "grants" that did not work 23yrs.-9yrs.or even 5yrs. ago. That's insane. Oh mahs81 take a ride for yourself up to the Pine Creek Valley and get off of Rt.44 or Rt.414 and take a dirt road to the top of any mountain around Waterville. If you don't see an industrial wasteland in the making; what is it you see ? besides $$$ money. Garben78 your 11:59am post was a big hit with the crowd A ? KEEP IT WILD !!!

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Aug-13-13 7:00 PM

Yeah ok judge and jury drive up north in Bradford County and peak at all the new tractors and implements in the farmers fields now that's progress-Garben78

So in your opinion, the amount of destruction being done to the natural beauty of Penn's Woods is worth it so a farmer can have a new tractor?

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Aug-13-13 8:31 PM

98% of these gas industry jobs are either temporary or transient. They require ridiculously long hours in a high risk environment and are not 'family friendly' jobs by any standard. These are the statistics taken from the PA Marcellus Work Needs Assessment report for the Marcellus Shale Coalition and the PA Dept. of Labor. I certainly would not want any of my kids working under those conditions and living out of a suitcase, no matter what the pay.

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Aug-13-13 9:15 PM

"They require ridiculously long hours in a high risk environment..."--CitizenSane


Sounds like the farm I grew up on.

BTW, I must be in the 2% since I have been working in the industry for 36 years. Also my brother and one of my sons, now.

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Aug-13-13 9:30 PM

"The act, an enhancement of the original Workforce Investment Act passed in the 1990s, would allow grants to go to workforce investment boards."


It don't know all the inter-workings of these boards but if it is another tools that politicians have in order to benefit themselves and their reelection efforts, it ought to be done away with. It's emphasis should be to provide training for unemployed and not aimed at benefitting an industry over another.

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Aug-13-13 9:45 PM

"..the amount of destruction being done to the natural beauty of Penn's Woods.."-- Scott36

"..industrial wasteland in the making.."--brew4u


I guess the Indians said the same about 250+- years ago when roads, farms and villages/boroughs started replacing the woods. Since then, there were the canals, railroads, power lines, malls, interstates, etc.

I do believe the gas industry ought to do their best to minimize impacts.

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