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Montgomery opens Craig Weaver's softball job

August 14, 2013

It was standing-room only during the Mont­gom­ery School Board’s meeting Tuesday evenin....

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Aug-19-13 10:59 PM

This thread has become ridiculous. As an avid fan of area HS sports, I must repeat how sad it is for all Montgomery athletes to once again have to live through such drama as they have the past 2 years. Shame on the adults with power(or not) for not handling this internally to spare these poor girls and their coach this type of immature behavior. Obviously, their role models will have to be found elsewhere.

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Aug-19-13 7:30 PM

Finally, we agree on something! Amen!

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Aug-19-13 7:26 PM

Whatever, I'm not lying or twisting anything. Weaver supporters have done that enough. I know the facts...get yours straight and don't believe everything you "hear." I'm just sick of "adults" acting like kids when it comes to this situation. Those kids don't deserve this. I'm done lowering myself to your're not worth it.

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Aug-19-13 7:04 PM

Perfect example of how you twist things! I have never said anything to attack the girls. Funny how you avoid being a parent or coach! As I said earlier, twisting situations and lying get you nowhere!

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Aug-19-13 6:39 PM

Yes, you are attacking teenage girls...real classy and mature as well! I'm sorry, I missed the reason you're hiding behind your screen name...

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Aug-19-13 6:06 PM

Yeah, a coach and parent, real classy! And again, As I said, hiding to attack a coach! I am not attacking, I am simply standing up for a great coach and teacher. You might want to do a little research because your information isn't accurate either.

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Aug-19-13 5:00 PM

I'm affiliated with the school and can't use my real name or else I would, what's your excuse?? I'm upset because I do know these girls and they don't deserve any of this....they didn't do anything wrong! They have people like you who know no actual facts of the situation and are labeling them based on incorrect information. Simple as until you know your facts, your right, we have nothing to discuss. You're not worth my time or effort.

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Aug-19-13 4:42 PM

Just curious why you are at the practices if you don't have a daughter involved and you don't coach??? I know that girls are standing up for coach Weaver! I do have my facts straight, try again. Never said I know it all but I like to stick to the facts. Isn't funny how you are getting so upset about this, usually that doesn't happen when your telling the truth. Your interest in this without a daughter on the team is interesting, facts are you probably do, and it would one of two! It's a shame you would hide behind a screen name to attack the coach. Did you go to him and express your concerns first? If not, we really don't have much to talk about because that would make you a coward.

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Aug-19-13 3:30 PM

Observer 1103...Yes, I have personally been at practice where this has occurred. I have given my statement to the "powers- that- be. I don't have a "darling little daughter" on the team...thank God, because I don't think I could deal with obnoxious know-it-alls such as yourself. Get it right, I didn't say that the other girls were upset at girls who came forward. I said they are afraid of the repercussions because of what the other kids are experiencing. The kids have not spoken up in defense of him at all. If anything, I pity your children. Apparently, you've taught them that even verbal abuse is acceptable. How sad!

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Aug-18-13 10:16 PM

Oh, and what does that tell you if the other girls are upset with the 2 that are causing the problems??? Hmmm, I would said the other girls don't feel the same way. Doesn't take a genius to figure that one out. Good for the other girls for standing up for what they believe and supporting their coach! I commend them.

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Aug-18-13 10:07 PM

So you are saying that you were at these practices and heard and saw all of this??? Or would this be what your darling little daughter came home and said? I bet if we pulled the team in the majority would say he hasnt singled any one out calling them those names. Facts are not everyone agrees with how any one coach does things. Do your daughter a favor and tell her she just needs to work harder because that is what real life is going to be like. Are you going to follow her the rest of her life and try to get everyone she comes in contact with and disagrees with fired? Good luck!

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Aug-18-13 6:37 PM

Just to add, many of the the kids who don't like the way he treats the kid he coaches are afraid to come forward simply because they know how the other kids are dealing with the repurcussions of coming forward! Somehow, Weaver is being portrayed as the "victim", not the kids who were being nothing short of being verbally abused! I can tell you if a teacher treated the kids like that something would have been done a long time ago!

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Aug-18-13 6:33 PM

Observer 1103..The bat was not "tossed" at the end of a drill. It was thrown into the infield during batting practice because he was angry. He came within a foot of hitting a girl. Yes, he has singled girls out and sworn at them and called them names. Stupid, ethopian, beached whale just to name a few. Many of his supporters can say he has never treated anyone like this because they never attended one pracetice which is where is did everything. Maybe, just maybe people need to start waking up a little!

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Aug-16-13 5:20 PM

Plank2... As is the case in many situations like this I am sure the instances you are talking about are being taken out of context. I don't know about the throwing of of bat you talk about, but I assume it was tossed to the side at the end of a drill and we say he throws bats. I know coach Weaver well enough to know he would not single a player out and swear at them. If he has please enlighten us in one of these cases you say you witnessed. You talk about where are his supporters? Well where were all of these players that are against him? I don't see to many, if typically it is players that aren't great athletes that didn't get something they wanted. But that's right, that is the coaches fault. What a society we live in!

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Aug-16-13 2:34 PM

What really should happen is have the current athletes vote if he should be capable to coach tennis, basketball, and softball. I could guarantee most of his current athletes would vote for him to stay and have amazing results. Why would you want a whole new coach and system to learn your senior year? It would put the whole team behind in any of the sports. And for the bat being thrown? Who the*****hasnt thrown a bat when they are mad? I am he didn't throw it AT the athletes either.

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Aug-16-13 1:32 PM

Current players were in attendance at the meeting and some had prepared statements however after witnessing the shenanigans by adults that was allowed to occur by the board is it any wonder that they chose not to speak? Their silence does NOT mean they aren't supportive of their coach. In fact, after hearing from other Weaver coached alumni, they have a greater respect and appreciation for the man and coach he is. Even Mr. Persing admitted at the meeting that he is a good coach but that didn't get printed. It is a shame that this situation is dividing a team, classmates, coaching staff, school board members and even a community (AGAIN). I can only imagine the upheaval that the naming of the new head wrestling coach for the district will cause!!! Stay tuned.

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Aug-16-13 12:12 PM

Observer 1103...just because Coach Weaver "put Montgomery on the map" doesn't mean he treated the kids well. I DO KNOW for a fact that he has thrown bats during practice and has sworn at the kids and even his "all-stars" can attest to that. Like another commenter said, how many current players were there and spoke up at the board meeting the other night...maybe you need to your facts straight!

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Aug-16-13 12:17 AM

I can defiantly say that Coach was a lot tougher on the girls in the past. I really think as a whole team the girls in the past wanted success more. As of today only a select few really care about the sport. Athletes today think they deserve everything instead of actually earning. Someone who has earned something is Craig. The heart, desire, dedication, and strive he puts into the programs are phenomenal. If you have a problem with his tactics just go to him! He always listens and would work something out. I know for a fact that he expects great things out of the 2 complainers because he has told me himself. This situation needs to die down and so the girls can focus on their sports and senior year.

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Aug-16-13 12:09 AM

There were several current players at the board meeting. Just because none of them didn't speak, doesn't mean they didn't have his support. I really feel bad for the senior girls this year because of all of this unessacary drama. I can guarantee Coach Weaver will coach all three sports. He will continue teaching and supporting the lady raiders and success will happen in all 3 sports!

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Aug-15-13 10:51 PM

I'm curious how many of his CURRENT players came out to support him & speak on his behalf?? If the girls really felt strongly about helping to save his position...wouldn't they all band together and speak up??

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Aug-15-13 10:10 PM

I can hardly wait for "Red Raider" night next Tuesday to see what kind of support the people of Montgomery give to the "kids" participating in sports this year in Montgomery. Hopefully they will remember what the night is for and leave all their petty differences at home. Or maybe the school should just cancel it

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Aug-15-13 9:28 PM

oh, and OnlyMyOpinion, you and your research are what is wrong with our kids today. Look at the way society is going and it isn't hard to see that apparently the way things are being done today is causing more issues than ever! Spare me with your research garbage!

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Aug-15-13 9:21 PM

And, Plank2, I am not sure what you are talking about with second hand information and going off on rants full of lies??? There are a lot of supporters for coach Weaver that would say the same thing about what you are posting. Anyone that truely knows him knows he does not swear at his players. I would like to know which situations you are talking about. From what I have seen coach Weaver helped put Montgomery's name on the map for many years. Let's just say if we lined the players he has coached there would be more in support of him than not. So please, let's get your facts straight.

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Aug-15-13 9:08 PM

I am a little confused as to how the board room was filled with numerous supporters for coach Weaver and only 3 that were against him and they open his job? That doesn't make much sense to me. These few girls want to say he bullies them, I have seen him coach and have been around his programs a lot and can assure you this is not the case. If we want to talk about a bully, those in attendance would agree that Mr. Persing's actions were very loud, fiery and obnoxious. When he should have been directing the board, he decided yelling at other adults and girls that came to support coach Weaver would be more effective. That sounds like a "Bully" to me. I could go on about Mr. Persing's coaching tactics that would make one question why what he says means anything, but that is for another day. He is going to have enough problems getting the football team where it needs to be.

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Aug-15-13 5:35 PM

FYI...they did meet and have a private meeting...he was not blindsided at a board meeting

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