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Increase in gas production bigger than expected

August 16, 2013

PITTSBURGH (AP) — Marcellus Shale natural gas production is rising even faster this year than energy experts had predicted, and that’s having a national impact on energy....

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Aug-16-13 5:43 AM

And where does all that NG go? Offshore. And how much has our NG costs gone down? If we are swimming in NG in PA, why do still pay so much for it?

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Aug-16-13 6:25 AM

I was just going to comment about that. I live very close to natural gas wells, and yet I have to use oil and electricity for heat, while others, off shore and in large cities benefit from the cheaper gas. I had hoped we would get natural gas lines, but read in the paper it was "too expensive" to run the lines.

Gee, thanks so much.

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Aug-16-13 6:29 AM

John and Cave, it is called a free market, the gas goes to where the money is, if that is offshore, then offshore it goes. That is how a free market works. What type of market do you want? If you had a product and needed to sell it, where would you do that?

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Aug-16-13 6:39 AM

You want it for free? Typical of your type

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Aug-16-13 6:43 AM

"I had hoped we would get natural gas lines, but read in the paper it was "too expensive" to run the lines."--CaveFelem


That is because they want to use monies for renovating an airport because it will look pretty; what a waste.

The taxpayers and voters ought to rattle the cages of the local politicians and people allocating Act 13 monies and have a portion of it diverted to paying for these local utility distribution systems.

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Aug-16-13 6:50 AM

First, we are still exporting very little. The Baltimore LNG terminal is not up to speed and the Philadelphia terminal is still in the design stage.

Second, we should export as we have an abundance. After importing from Japan, China and terrorist nations for years, you would think people would be excited about something that would reverse that trend.

But, the anti-domestic energy crowd has now decided to paint exporting as a bad thing.

Then, I will start to paint the anti-domestic energy crowd as supporting foreign jobs over hardworking Americans.

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Aug-16-13 6:52 AM


I cannot get natural gas to my house either.....for the same reason.

Rather than complain or look to gov't, I see this as an opportunity for an entrepreneur to devise an alternative means of delivery.

Millions are waiting to be made, right here in our backyard.

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Aug-16-13 8:40 AM

Actually, natural gas is about 25% cheaper than it was just 3 years ago. Look at your bill. And, the article says the gas is being used here and in the northeast. Why do people just assume that because there is drilling here they should be hooked up for free? Sheesh! It is an infrastructure problem and does need to be addressed, but will take quite a while to solve.

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Aug-16-13 8:59 AM

Most of it is going to be sold to China and elsewhere and the people of PA will be rewarded with terrible roads, loud traffic, and property values declining at a rapid pace...gee aren't we the lucky ones!

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Aug-16-13 9:29 AM

Most of the gas that is not being used for the northeast is being stored in underground caverns to be used at a later time. Very little, if any, are going overseas at this time. Eventually some of the gas will be shipped overseas and the US will make money in exporting fees instead of paying importing fees.

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Aug-16-13 9:32 AM

Even more gas would be going to major cities if people would stop protesting new pipeline installation. There are already pipes in the ground, some of them have been there since the 1920's that need to be removed/replaced because they do not have corrosion protection; therefore, could be dangerous. The majority of the people protesting have no idea as to what they are talking about.

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Aug-16-13 1:36 PM

Wow it's finally nice to see positive feedback regarding natural gas. I would like to see what the NIMBYs would do if all drilling stopped today and the devastating effect it would have on our economy.

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Aug-16-13 5:51 PM

Devalued land pinecr? I'd like to buy some cheap. It must be awfully lonely up on that cloud your on.

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Aug-18-13 9:46 AM

I thought Act 13 was found to be ilegal?

People don't want "hooked up for FREE", they want to be able to get the gas.

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Aug-19-13 6:57 AM

Wow, the industry stooges are out and about. I love how this industry comes in and promises energy independence and jobs. We have higher unemployment now than before this "savior" of an industry arrived. And independence? Silliness. That was just pretty words to convince fools like Erik to jump on board. There is nothing going on here except pillaging for profit. We are being forced to accept a destructive industry so a very few can benefit financially. This is not about America. it is about profit, that will be sent overseas along with the gas. I especially like the statement by BilltownB about not knowing what we are talking about. I think, if you opened up that tiny little mind of yours, you would realize that those of us protesting have a far greater knowledge than most. A knowledge that is not limited to the worry over our individual pocketbooks but over real and proven concerns over the direction of our planet. The bigger the boom the bigger the inevitable b

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Aug-19-13 5:14 PM

Thank you Judgeandjury; out of 15 comments so far, you've said it the best. The "Gas lamas" could care less what kind of environments they leave their children or grand children, they want the money and they want it now ! Call 800-ANADARKO now to purchase your piece of Pennsylvania. KEEP IT WILD ! rock knackers...

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Aug-19-13 6:44 PM

I believe our fore fathers and yours alike should've been more concerned about Mother Earth and she wouldn't be near as toxic as she is today

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Aug-19-13 6:45 PM

And ps we've had super fund cleanup sites long before natural gas came to play

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