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Petitions against drilling in forest delivered

August 23, 2013

HARRISBURG — The Loyalsock Coalition, a group dedicated to protecting Loyalsock State Forest, hand-delivered more than 12,000 signatures to Gov. Tom Corbett’s capitol office Thursday....

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Aug-23-13 9:02 PM

i get a charge out of the one or two jerks that DISAGREE all the time. you have to have a case of O.D.D. seriously you do NOT see the govt doing what they please as they please and as long as they get the profit they dont care what you want?? not all politicians are shady, but most... OPEN UP YOUR EYES you disagree button hitters.

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Aug-23-13 8:41 PM

"Loyalsock State Forest is home to some of Pennsylvania's most beautiful and treasured natural resources," Vitali said. "Gov. Corbett should do everything in his power to minimize its degradation." "minimize its degradation"? Seriously? What is an acceptable level of "degradation"? To many people, myself included, the acceptable level is ZERO.

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Aug-23-13 8:37 PM

I’ve no doubt that Anadarko values our state lands, but not in the same way that the people who live in PA do. If they did, they would leave it in it’s natural state where it it’s value will continue to increase the longer it is left undisturbed. Anadarko’s intention to keep surface disruption to a minimum and ‘best management practices’ means they’re going to do what is cost-effective for them, not necessarily what is best. That 2% disruption would equal 500+/- acres, and would be spread out in a checker-board pattern throughout the park, which would create un-natural edging, disruption of the natural canopy, and allow invasive species to encroach upon this area forever altering the ecology of the Loyalsock Forest and threatening the indigenous plants and wildlife. The bottom line here, is that we the people of PA do not want our state lands carved up and drilled into oblivion, and we're not going to stand idly by and let it happen.

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Aug-23-13 12:18 PM

In Wyoming a group called "Trust for Public Land" are buying-out oil and gas leases to preserve forest and mountains and public areas.

That way the industry can get reimbursed and the lands are protected from any drilling for future generations by the State.

The Loyalsock Coalition need to contact this organization to see if they can help save the Loyalsock State Forest, because the local politicians do not care what people want when their pockets are being lined by the industry.

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Aug-23-13 11:48 AM

I know it has to do with laws, But what I do not understand is how subsurface owners hold more power than surface owners. Unless I completely misunderstand this, those that hold mineral rights do not, and have not paid property taxes in any way.

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Aug-23-13 10:52 AM

Let's remember, we can thank Gov. Rendell for all of this as he is the one on allowed the leasing of Loyalsock State Forest. If he did not lease it, we would only be talking about the few 1000's acres that the subsurface rights are owned and not the entire 25,000 acre track of land. Fast forward to now, Anadarko has tried to exercise thier rights for well over a year. As there are no signed agreements in place with Anadarko for any activity in the Loyalsock State Forest at this time that anyone is aware of, I fully believe that DCNR is upholding their mission of conserving and sustaining Pennsylvania’s natural resources for ours and our childrens use and enjoyment. While other may disagree, I would say they have been and are still using the necessary due diligence to determine how best to protect this asset Although I am not a lawyer, I do not think simply saying you can not is not plausible thanks to the signed lease agreement proffered by Gov. Rendell.

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Aug-23-13 9:28 AM

The coalition must post the e-mail addresses and phone numbers of the places where the public can make their complaints. Not everyone, that wants to, can sign a petition or attend a meeting. It cannot be a one time posting either, and it should appear in many places, like Radio, PSA's on TV, and daily publications. You won't get the public involved unless you saturate them with these options. If nothing else, hand out flyers at every event, fairs, games, etc, across the state.

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Aug-23-13 9:21 AM

An alternative solution is for the state to seize the subsurface rights by eminent domain.

The average joe on the street does not understand that the fight is to stop drilling in state parks for the profit of private parties.

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Aug-23-13 9:14 AM

The solution is for the state to swap mineral rights elsewhere in exchange for these.

Some may still oppose that, but that would be a fair solution.

....if all parties are interested in a solution.

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Aug-23-13 8:53 AM

I also attended the meeting which was pretty much a joke itself. DCNR and the Governor both have an agenda and that agenda is giving the gas industry anything they want. It truly is a sad day to be a Pennsylvanian.

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Aug-23-13 8:52 AM

its sad to say this but our govt, both local and washington do not care what we the people want. as long as they get money in their pockets and they get THEIR own way, the officials do not care what we want. its sad that some elected officials do care and do want things heard from the citizens, but quickly they are out their jobs or not ever heard, just like we the people. my husband believes in order for this all to change we need to overturn our shady govt and have a revolution. i believe this is the only way we are going to fix our shady govt. get them all out of there. start from scratch.

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Aug-23-13 8:33 AM

I was at that meeting too. Honestly, it seems that we are not going to get any headway with this cause. They see the $ in their eyes, and our joke of a governor, unfortunately, does not care what these 12,000 citizens think. Such a sad day to be a Pennsylvanian.

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Aug-23-13 7:00 AM

"Environmental organizations later learned through an open records request that DCNR did not record comments made at that hearing in Williamsport."


I attended that meeting. I'm not surprised the DCNR didn't record anything.

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