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Attitude concerns

September 8, 2013

After reading the article (Gun-toting, foul-mouthed chief won’t back down) Aug. 30, 2013 I became very concerned about the reporter’s attitude and not so much about the chief....

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Sep-08-13 6:58 PM

Erik, If you want to support a guy with a badge doing things of this nature and claim that it is all liberals fault, that he is being taken to task for it, you need to take a serious look at your principles.

Most of the neo-con. persuasion on these boards want to take some to task for bringing up the race issue too often--IMO, this could be argued.-Fair enough. BUT on the flip side of the coin, to just scream "LIBERAL" & blame it for all of the ills of the world, is in effect the same thing.

BTW, A cute little list could also be compiled for the other side of the isle.

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Sep-08-13 6:22 PM


I would love to have a society where we hold police officers and other elected/appointed officials to a high standard.

Unfortunately, thanks to liberals, we now overlook racists (Byrd), womanizers (Clinton), murderers (Kennedy), and outright liars (Marion Barry, Elliot Spitzer, Anthony Weiner).

But liberals just love when we hold our side to a super-high standard and throw them out.....because it silences us.

The only offense this chief made was not being politically correct. Liberals relish the idea of eliminating a pro-gun police officer while conservatives stupidly hold their high standards and silence a voice against the liberal machine.

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Sep-08-13 6:18 PM

There must be videos that I haven't seen. I thought I saw them all as they circulated the net before it hit the news. All the posturing about his language is pathetic. When the same language is ok in any movie with a rating of PG-13, or just about any pop-radio song, then why is it so bad just because the guy is a cop? I may not agree with the language he used in his rant but I certainly support his right to say what's on his mind about an issue. And, in the videos I watched, he was firing into a earthen bank. Pretty certain a lone hiker wouldn't be in harm's way at all. If there are video's where he fired at pictures of people for targets, I'd like someone to post a link. I simply cannot find any.

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Sep-08-13 3:51 PM

I also am a gun owner(Too many my wife says), and heartened to see second amendment advocates(as I am)condemn this nut case. Stop and think for a second how much power you are giving someone when you pin that badge on him. He should not be put in that type of authority position. It is nice though to see second amen. rights people hold this guy responsible, It is a person close to his demeanor(IMO) one ted nugent who I directly responsible for me ending a decades long membership with the NRA.

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Sep-08-13 9:44 AM

Carl and enigma, well said and I totally agree with both your posts. This guy is a loose cannon and an accident waiting to happen, if I dare use two cliches back to back. He is not the kind of guy I would want promoting my cause, no matter what cause that is.

What scares me even more is that he has so many blind followers, in particular this LTE author who didn't even bother to research that which he defends. All he knows is that this guy advocates gun rights. Nothing else matters. The advocate can say or do anything, even reduce the safety of those he is to protect and serve, all in the name of 2nd amendment rights. That is truly frightening.

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Sep-08-13 9:20 AM

CMReeder - Get a grip!

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Sep-08-13 9:18 AM

I don't disagree with you, eriklatranyi. The simple fact of the matter is this Chief had a responsibility to set an example as a law enforcement officer, he broke the law and in the process did gun rights no favor. I do not know if you watched his videos but you should if they are still up. I did not see anything but an individual who had gone off the deep end. Thankfully he did not go into a mall or a school and open fire. But this is the type of personality that could do that. I stand by my statements. This is way different than gay activism, this guy could have killed an unsuspecting hiker, biker or child playing in the woods. That is not what gun rights are about.

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Sep-08-13 8:42 AM

Enigma, I whole heartily agree and it's incidents like this that give the anti-gun crowd fodder for their cause.

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Sep-08-13 8:40 AM

Didn't watch the vidoes but still wrote a letter to the editor huh?

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Sep-08-13 7:53 AM

This is one of the biggest problems in the internet age. People post things online that come back to bite them, where before, they might rant and rave and act like a nut, but no one saw it and they certainly didn't record it!

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Sep-08-13 7:46 AM

Well George, I have seen the video, or at least as much of it as I could stand, and it was horrible. A public servant acting in that capacity should never use that kind of language. It is also highly inappropriate to use pictures of politicians (or any other specific individual) as targets. Should he be fired for it? That's up to his boss, which just happens to be the borough. This is not a free speech issue, because the chief has exchanged the government/citizen relationship for a employer/employee relationship. Whether you agree with his stand on gun control or not, he should have found a better way to express it.

P.S. I wouldn't want a guy with this attitude on the police force, let alone running it.

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Sep-08-13 7:40 AM

Mr Shaman you can get your medicine over the counter its called D O U C H E

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Sep-08-13 7:38 AM

Well I saw the videos and you truly hit the nail on the head Mr Locket it's definitely a reporter who is 100 percent anti everything who as a typical Activist won't let it go. I believe you've also nailed it on the language which has become common tongue in conversation.

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Sep-08-13 7:38 AM

Sham,"You Glenn Beck fans need to "ask your doctor" about Thorazine."

Why, It doesn't seem to have worked for you?

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Sep-08-13 7:28 AM

He did not see the videos and he is going to pass judgement anyways. He hates Obama so it is okay. That is exactly how the right behaves and thinks.

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Sep-08-13 6:14 AM


While I agree the message was crude, I have to wonder what would happen if the Chief was promoting gay marriage instead in a profanity-laced video?

There is clearly an element of political correctness going on here.

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Sep-08-13 6:11 AM

Sorry George - You are on the wrong side of the tracks with this one. I support the right to own and carry 120%, but I have watched those youtube videos numerous times and this nutcase is a loose cannon. He does absolutely nothing to promote the values of owning and carrying. He is getting what he deserves.

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Sep-08-13 5:27 AM

And you need to ask your doctor about testosterone.

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Sep-08-13 5:18 AM

"The reporter states that Officer Kessler ranted obscenely about the Second Amendment and liberals while spraying machine-gun fire with borough-owned weapons on video. So what?

I do not personally know Chief Kessler, but from what I read from this phantom-reporter's article I am a hundred percent for the chief.

I would like to inform the reporter of his article that there is a huge percentage of the public that feels the same way as Chief Kessler feels about this administration. I'll bet you find this statement "menacing" also." - George Lockett


You Glenn Beck fans need to "ask your doctor" about Thorazine.

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