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Taxpayers slam-dunked

September 10, 2013

Last week the county commissioners gave two non-profits $180,000 for placement, redirection, construction of utilities....

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Sep-11-13 8:55 AM

Your taxes have nothing to do with impact fee money and if you think so show us some proof heck when the boom is all over and the gas is dried up how are we going to fund all these added extras? Yes RAISE taxes I feel so sorry for our grand kids 60 years from now

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Sep-11-13 7:39 AM

You want to gripe about us landowners who've been supporting gas production making this money available and then turn the hand when it doesn't pay for your personal poop pipe replacement? Where's the money that fat pig rendell promised from the slots being used except to clean up blood off the streets of filthadelphia

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Sep-10-13 9:59 PM


First off, I hope your injury healed, & you are no longer suffering from it. I once ended up with a broken hip, it happened in New Jersey,(Morristown) Basically the same story you related, only I would have loved to have that ibuprofen. I was told to(after being x-rayed 3x)"walk it off". 3 days later my wife hauled me to a sports med. guy, & I got proper treatment. Point is, it can happen anywhere, it does not matter who is paying for it. The last I saw, the USA was ranked 38th. in overall health world wide.(I believe most if not all that were ahead of us had universal health care) Yet, it is my understanding that their health care costs are not 1/6 of their economy. I know this can be argued to death(no pun intended), but what we have in this Country, IMO, is not sustainable. It would seem that the insurance companies are the ones being kept the healthiest. Again, JMO. Hope you are having a nice night, Scott

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Sep-10-13 8:23 PM

Scott, be careful what you wish for. I personally was involved in the health care system in Canada when I was there for six months on business. I suffered a severe back injury that laid me up for 6 weeks and to say that I got adequate health care would be a stretch. The system was extremely overcrowded and I literally had to lay out in the hallway for 6 hours at the urgent care clinic before they finally would even see me and they knew I was in severe pain. Once they did see me they directed me to the hospital but did not even offer to call an ambulance. Once at the hospital it was another 5 hour wait. I had a crack in my tail bone and they basically just gave me ibuprofen and told me to stay off my feet for six weeks and check back at the clinic weekly which was another 5 to 6 hour wait each time I went. As far as how they pay for their health care, ask anyone who lives there about the high taxes on anything you purchase. You think our gas is expensive, check the prices there.

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Sep-10-13 7:30 PM

Someone has to pay for all those people that are not insured. Maybe if we had universal health care this would not be an issue.-rick424

...but then what reason would they have to fall back on in order to charge 8k for a 2 hour nap, 1-blood test, 1-injection? Makes too much sense(universal health coverage) JMO.

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Sep-10-13 2:48 PM

"The bill was just under $8,000."

Someone has to pay for all those people that are not insured. Maybe if we had universal health care this would not be an issue.

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Sep-10-13 2:33 PM

Susquehanna Health System?

I recently spent 2 hrs in the ER at Muncy Valley Hospital. I saw the physician for all of 45 seonds (separate charge from hospital bill). I had 1 blood test and 1 injection. The rest of the time, I laid there and slept. The bill was just under $8,000.

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Sep-10-13 12:01 PM

Some of these comments are too funny. The way I think is ACT 13 money should only go those affected by the gas drilling, not paving the street in front of the court house or sewer lines for the YMCA or fixing the airport, or houseing because someone did not have the foresight to think ahead. Just my opinion

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Sep-10-13 11:10 AM

As a family you cut back or do without when the money dries up. You take what you're given and spread it around and pay what you can on your bills.

HOWEVER, government doesn't see it that way. They still take 100% of their pay and benefits. Should there be any money left over, that is used to pay out to the projects or help those in need.

That would be like saying to your kids; "Mommy and Daddy get a new car and truck & fancy clothes and if anything is left over we'll spend it on you."

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Sep-10-13 10:53 AM

I don't get why the hospital gets special treatment and such grants. the many construction jobs haven't been open for others to bid and the salaries are over the top. Almost looks like the tax payers are lining other's pockets.

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Sep-10-13 9:14 AM

Francine I believe he is referencing William Kelly who is cited in the article.

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Sep-10-13 9:11 AM

Please use some of the Act13 money and pave the street in front of the courthouse, it is a disgrace! Every county commissioner and the mayor should have to drive over it everyday.

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Sep-10-13 8:02 AM

Rick Mirobito fought hard to acquire these funds, giving them to the so called non profits? How is that helping everyone in the area? I thought it was for reduction of property taxes for all??

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Sep-10-13 6:50 AM

Like our taxes, the government has a much too wide latitude on the use of Act 13 funds. I agree with Mr. Kelley and this closely resembles a pork barrel project.

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Sep-10-13 3:15 AM

Government agencies should do what families have to do when times are tough and that is to use tax money for the necessities of living and extras should be last on the list. How about a little relief on real estate taxes also, they are getting ridiculous. There surely should be a limit. Good letter by the way!

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