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Parents question safety of elementary school

September 10, 2013

JERSEY SHORE — After an incident last week at Jersey Shore Elementary School, which caused members of the the school’s staff skin and respiration irritation, the public called upon the Jersey Shore......

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Sep-13-13 9:59 AM

AnniegetURgun: Im not arguing with anyone, i just am trying to make people see others side of it to. I believe you may be reading more into my comment then there is. 1.If you know who i am thats fine. Please tell everyone who i am. If you dont know, I am Donnie Gordner. I am a Medic with HHC 55 BSTB, PA ARNG. I dont know who firemedicNipp is. Now why dont you tell me who YOU are so i know who im talking to me. 2. I never said my child is a lone mover? And I dont think I am special, Please tell me how I am pirating of your district, and how Me and my fellow soldiers have made a mockery of Jersey Shore? Id like to understand this so If i Am wrong i may make adjustments? I dont believe i have made any statements in this thread that even mention my Military Status?

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Sep-12-13 7:47 PM

#1, do you not think anyone knows who you are firemedicNipp., and #2who are you to say that your child is a lone mover? You are some kind of person believing you are special all amongst your being. I want what is the best for my children, stop your pirating of our district. You and your fellow soldiers have made a mockery of Jersey Shore.

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Sep-12-13 11:31 AM

Luey22: Just what IS a "Lights and Sirens" Kinda Person? Help Me understand your Comment.

AnniegetURgun: You are corect, I do Not look for blame when i respond to an emergency. After all is said and done, That is for the Police to figure out. That said though, If your child was taken from a school that didnt have construction going on and placed in one that did because the School board decided to close it, Wouldnt you fault the School board for that unwise decision? I dont Blame them for the Incident, That blame is on the Roofer/ contractor that did it. I do however Blame the School board for placing those kids in that school, that they themselves called a construction zone.

Worried: I agree the Comment of the Board Not caring may have been a little Extreme, However Not everyone keeps a cool head when faced with Problems, and speak in the Heat of the moment. As for the Kids, Not everyone has a significant other to stay home with their kids. How else can they attend?

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Sep-10-13 10:04 PM

The school board took a very undeserved beating at the meeting. The board is an unpaid position, and to suggest that that do not care about the children is uncalled for. Leave your tears and children at home and act like adults and show some respect and manners.

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Sep-10-13 8:58 PM

I do not think that it is ever to late to make conscience decisions when peoples health is questionable. Also, I do not think that anyone can lump sum the board and all administrators in a category of blame. As grown adults, with children watching and learning all of our manorisms, we all should seriously take a look at how we treat one another. Regardless of the circumstances, at least some type of dignity and respect should prevail. You want to be professional, act it. Bottom line, I was so appalled by the condescending speakers last night and those interjecting while others were speaking. It was very embarrassing. Two young women had their children present while this type of behavior was occurring. This is not acceptable. The district has a lot to consider about what is best for our children and faculty, let them with a clear head do their jobs. It is never to late, so give it a rest with the Valley banter. Old is old, move on.

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Sep-10-13 8:01 PM

ValleyDad987, what exactly and who exactly are you talking about? I feel as though I might be conversing with yet another lights n sirens type of person? 10-4

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Sep-10-13 6:10 PM

No photo ID cards? Every person on that site is required by law to go through a background check. If they did not have that certificate, they should not be on site period.

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Sep-10-13 6:03 PM

Blame game Luey- I start by blaming YOU since you were a proponent of this mess from the start. You gave the people in charge the vote of confidence that this would work.

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Sep-10-13 4:36 PM

Seems as though it would've made sense to close the JSE for this year and bus the kids to the surrounding 3 elementary schools while the construction work was being done. I guess it's too late for that?.....or is it?

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Sep-10-13 4:20 PM

In todays society their always needs to be an apex to blame. Firemedic, when you go to an accident do you take "a sharpened" finger? No, that is not your job. You do nothing but what you have been trained to do. If the ship is sinking, who put the holes in the vessel? "Who's in charge> they're in charge> no, they're in charge...." fact find the answer

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Sep-10-13 3:38 PM

No the blame they take is for deciding to bring kids in to a construction zone. The Blame for the Saftey issue falls on the Project manager and the Contractors.

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Sep-10-13 3:27 PM

So the blame is the school boards because they are getting paid to be on the construction site at all times? If that is the logic of some posers here, I suggest you go to the next school board meeting and tell them they need to quit their jobs.

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Sep-10-13 3:05 PM

So pinecr if this is a "Valley Thing" Why did a school board member who is a Boro Resident take her own kid out of the school? Did you take note to the Multiple Boro residence that stood side by side with the "Valley" Parents? as for the Windows, I was there every day Last week and the Multiple windows were open every day because The AC does NOT work in the building. Im from "The Valley" and i was NOT opposed to the school closing, BUT it would have been a good idea to wait until construction was over and Maybe even be a good idea to Close JSE until its complete. It is not acceptable, and i do NOT blame the Staff. I blame the Contractor and the School board for poor decisions and lack of Supervision of those who are doing the work.

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Sep-10-13 2:37 PM

Meant to write that the parents at the meeting were from various areas and there were JSE parents there.

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Sep-10-13 2:35 PM

PineCR You have NO idea what you are talking about..ZERO Parents I saw last night were parents from JSE children, from various areas. The only concern is and was about the students. Forklifts putting material on the roof where people are walking, workers without clearances. Your post is just plain non-sense.

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Sep-10-13 2:08 PM

People are making a mountain out of a mole hill....the dust entered open windows in a room where only staff was and the windows were to be shut and someone opened them. The workers were not to be working on the area where they were working until the close of school. Unfortunately the workers did not follow orders. You will have the parents from the valley crying over every little thing because they do not want their children there. They wanted Nippenose to remain open and at last the school board did what they needed to do and closed the school.

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Sep-10-13 11:48 AM

Let's close all the schools and jam all the kids in there and then work on the building. Before that though, they issue issues them gas masks and hard hats! I wonder how many people who voted for this has children that are in the school now?

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Sep-10-13 11:25 AM

No No students came in contact with the fiberglass Insulation. That doesnt mean they didnt breath it in. I urge you to go by that school and see and hear for yourself. I agree with the parents that were at the meeting last night, It is an issue that needs adddressed. It was called a construction zone by one of the Board members, Now you tell me how many construction zones you have been in that allowed kids there?

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Sep-10-13 10:42 AM

I noticed the article made no mention of students being affected. ..hundreds of students and none affected?

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Sep-10-13 9:30 AM

Who is in charge of what appears to be a sinking battleship in that district? Did anyone listen to their scanners yesterday morning? Good grief.... Drama on WBRE and then arrested on school grounds? That district needs armed guards just like Williamsport and Lock Haven.

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Sep-10-13 6:49 AM

Another firestorm in this district....will it EVER end?.....slam.....bang....boom!!!!!

Who's in charge>they're in charge>no, they're in charge>sharpen up those pointing fingers!!!!!

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